This schoolyear had been a very busy year. Aside from translating, studying, I also worked part-time. There wasn’t even time to breathe. But, I made it to the second year. Although, I have two subjects I failed in. After I got the notice that I made it, I didn’t feel the happiness I expected to feel. I didn’t feel much. I was like, “Okay, I made it. Need to work harder next year.”

This year, I tried to better myself in things I lacked. I followed a therapy for my depression. I was really depressed at that time, since it had been so many times that I didn’t made it. I met a very friendly psychologist, who helped me a lot. She taught me how to plan and how to be more organized. After the therapy ended, I followed a course for presentation. I am really bad at presentation. I get so nervous, that I would get black-outs sometimes. I don’t know if that course helped or not, since I didn’t have any presentations last year. During the course, we also had presentations. I presented okay. I don’t know if it was because everyone who followed that course had a problem with presentation (which gave me the courage) or that the teacher was really encouraging, but I performed better than in my usual classes. The teacher made a recording of everyone’s presentation, but I still couldn’t bring myself to go watch mine fully. After ten seconds, I would stop. I couldn’t bear to see myself on camera. It’s a weird feeling, watching yourself.

Before I got the notice that I made it, I already kind of expected it. So, I bought a ticket to China in advance. I needed this break so much, otherwise I think I would’ve really gone crazy. I needed time away from all the stressful things. I visited families in China that I haven’t seen for five years. The last time I saw them was when I graduated high school. At that time, my father gave me that trip as a present. I went with friends that time and it was amazing. One of the most wonderful trips in my life.

Now, I saw them again. I felt a bit ashamed, between the last five years and this year, I haven’t walked far. Although, I got reprimanded by the elders a bit, fortunately most of them were encouraging. I thought that would be the hardest thing, but then, they began to ask about my love life. What an awkward situation that was. I’m nearly twenty-four this year, so, in their eyes, I’m already an old woman. Now, they began to worry that maybe I would be a leftover woman, since I don’t even have a boyfriend at the moment. I tried explaining to them that in the Western world, marrying in the thirties are completely normal. However, it was like chicken trying to talk to ducks. They didn’t hear anything I said. In the end, we ended with; next time I go to China, I need to bring my boyfriend.

This time, I went with my parents and little brother. It’s been nine years, since we went to China together. Last time, was really boring. This time…was the same. I think, I should never go on a long trip with my parents again. One to two weeks at most. Long trips are for people my own age. As I said, it wasn’t a very fun trip, but it still had it fun moments. I went to visit many places and ate many things. I fell completely in love with the hot spring. I wanted to move there and live there forever. Unfortunately, they don’t have such hot springs in the Netherlands.

I returned in August. After my return, I didn’t do much other than watch tv all day and went out eating with friends. I watched Detective Samoyeds and I am watching The King’s woman. Both are good dramas that I recommend.

Of course, school will begin again. Mine will start the next week. My expectations are to pass this year and also get those two subjects which I failed in. I feel a bit nervous, worried and excited at the same time. It will be another year of hard work. If I have time, I would want to also follow a course in English pronunciation. It’s never late to better yourself.

As for the translations, I will try to finish DWGMSFF and begin a new project. Still eighty chapters to go. As for Yuren, I won’t be translating it anymore. First, because Qidian owns it and second because the chapters are long. I’m a bit tired of translating projects with long chapters. I apologize to all the readers of Yuren.

So, this was my little rant. I hope the best for everyone. Good luck with your school or work or whatever you do.