“It’s the god’s will and the emperor’s command that Su country’s second princess goes to the enemy’s country Nan dynasty to destroy crown prince Qin Lian.”

“Destroy crown prince, how to destroy?” Su Xi asked blankly.

“Second princess, you look good and you’re also not bad at the zither, chest, calligraphy and painting. You can use your beauty…”

Su Xi successfully married to Nan dynasty’s crown prince Qin Lian. Originally, she thought she could pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger, how could she know that the black belly Qin Lian was like a cunning fox. Suppression and resistance, to play tricks or to be played tricks on…in the spring of the East palace, every day the drama of pretending to be a pig and be eaten by a fox was played.

Su Xi, ah, Su Xi, this time you can’t escape. Just wait to come beg for mercy while crying!

However, a pawn is just a pawn. There will always be a day that the pawn will be abandoned.

“Qin Lian, if one day I leave you, what will you do?”

Qin Lian answered calmly: “The whole world is mine, where can you go? If you go away, then arrest you, bring you back here and intensified bullying you.”

The mainland was split into different countries with Su country and Nan dynasty being the strongest. Nan dynasty and Su country’s crown prince were equally famous and cunning. The two countries were equally strong. The story is about Su country’s second princess Su Xi who went to form a marriage alliance with Nan dynasty’s crown prince Qin Lian. Su Xi had the mission to kill the crown prince. When she pretended to be dumb as a pig to eat the tiger, Qin Lian outsmarted her in every way. She knew that she came to kill him; he knew that she came to kill him. However, they still fell in love. Would their love be able to survive everything?

Snippets from the book (not chronologically)
After I was born the fortune teller, without my consent, said that after I get the hairpin ceremony (turn 15) I would face a big danger. If I can pass that, I will be worry-free my whole life. If I can’t pass it, I can only pray to Buddha. And this trial is probably called Qin Lian.

Big brother Su Qi: “This is Nan dynasty’s crown prince Qin Lian. A half year ago, he came to Su country. Su Xi, is it that you saw him? The poison in your body is done by him? You fell in love with him?”

Su Xi: “He’s Qin Lian? Why is he so different from the painting?”

Big sister Su Ze: “Su Xi, you must know that talking about love in the imperial family is a luxury.”

Su Xi: “But you love him so much. With such feelings in your heart, to go marry someone you don’t know; won’t you be sad?”

Big sister Su Ze: “Sad? There’s nothing to be sad about. You know, I know, emperor father also knows. No matter what, I won’t be marrying him. So, what’s the use of being sad? In this world, there’s nothing more honest than profit and nothing more useless than love.”

Su Xi: “Sir Yun, what do you want me to do? Marriage alliance or honey trap?”

Yun Yu: “Princess is the number one beauty of my country. Nan dynasty’s crown prince is talented in both literacy and martial arts. If the two if you could make a happy thing, it will certainly be a fairytale.”

Emperor: “Whose idea was this? Yun Yu’s?”

Su Xi: “As Su country’s princess, to make some efforts for Su country is this daughter’s duty.”

Emperor: “Su Xi, tell me truthfully, the reason you want to go to Nan dynasty, is it because of the nonsense of Yun Yu or is it because you want to?”

Su Xi: “Asking emperor father to support.”

Emperor: “I can’t support you. Originally, there’s no possibility between you and Qin Lian.”

Su Xi: “Daughter also never thought to be able to have some possibility with Qin Lian. This subject daughter only wants to ask him one question.”

I often guessed about those princesses who were sent for marriage alliances, when they were marrying far away and when their veil was lifted by their husband, what kind of mentality did they had?
And those beauties with the responsibility of a country, when they bowed to the other country’s emperor, what kind of mentality did they had? I think, that although I’m not the luckiest one, but I’m probably also not the unluckiest one.

Su Xi: “Those people exaggerated that Nan dynasty’s crown princess is the number one beauty who existed only in heaven and not in the world and was a source of calamity and to damage a country and cause the suffering of people. She didn’t do anything good.”

Qin Lian: “Oh…and then?”

Su Xi: “But when I was in Su country, the evaluation about me was very good. Although, it couldn’t be compared to big brother and big sister, but in the end, I didn’t have any bad evaluation, ah. Who would think that after arriving at Nan dynasty, so many people would badmouth about me? Obviously, we didn’t know each other, but they said it like I was really the Daji of now.”

Qin Lian: “If you’re Daji, then who is emperor Zhou?”

  • Daji was the most favorite consort of the last emperor of Shang dynasty, emperor Zhou.

Su Xi: “Ah Ji, do you really not like third prince?”

Ah Ji: “Princess, do you really not like Qin Lian? That day when it rained, princess knelt on the ground and cried, what was it for? This slave thinks that when we started our journey at Su country, what crown prince (of Su) told you was very reasonable.”

Su Xi: “Your highness the crown prince, will you marry that Zhao Youyi?”

Qin Lian: “Do you think I should?”

Zhao Youyi: “Your majesty, this little girl wants to ask the emperor to decree marriage for Youyi. The wish of Youyi from young was to marry big brother Qin, not caring about high or low status. Asking the emperor to support.”

Ah Ji: “Princess, don’t you want to know how Qin Lian reacted?”

Su Xi: “No matter how Qin Lian reacted, in the end, he will need to marry Zhao Youyi. In the emperor’s decree, it will be one month later when his highness needs to marry Zhao Youyi.”

Qin Lian: “I will piggy-back you to there, alright?”

Su Xi: “Ah?”

Qin Lian: “Yesternight, you talked so much in your dreams that you want me to piggy-back you and walk three times around the country. You said it more than ten times. I felt like I couldn’t fulfil that task, so I didn’t wake you up. But, although I couldn’t walk three times around the country, but piggy-back you to Forever Peace hall is still possible.”

Qin Lian: “Yesterday, you said to marry Ah Ji to Qin Chu was your only wish, but you didn’t say about yourself.”

Su Xi: “I don’t want you to marry Zhao Youyi.”

Ah Ji: “Why would princess make me marry at this time? When princess came to Nan dynasty, you only brought me. If I go to Du palace…”

Su Xi: “Then, take it as if you marry there to spy on Qin Chu for me.”

Ah Ji: “Princess…”

Su Xi sighed: “Why do you want me to tell the truth? Since emperor father let me come, I didn’t think I will have the chance to return.”

Su Xi: “The person I have to marry in the future doesn’t need to be so noble, but it’s the best if he’s handsome. I like him, he also likes me and could think about me first on everything. To make tea and drink wine with me, I accompany him to relax, he accompanies me to get rid of boredom. When he goes to play outside with me, he won’t not be willing and will never use me.”

Big brother Su Qi: “How could everyone be so lucky? Not only should you like him, he should also like you. If one of these are met is already very good. If he doesn’t like you and you don’t like him, then what to do?”

Only now, did I understand that the worst outcome was not that he doesn’t like me and I don’t like him, but he likes me and I also like him, but we can’t be together forever. Not only can’t we be together, we also need to guard against each other and even had no choice but to kill each other.

Qin Lian: “Su Xi, do you really have nothing to say to me?”

Su Xi: “Can you give up on calculating Su country?”

Qin Lian: “No.”

Su Xi: “Can you let those fights in Su country caused by you to cease?”

Qin Lian: “No.”

Su Xi: “Can you not marry Zhao Youyi?”

Qin Lian: “No.”

Su Xi: “Can you not kill me?”

Qin Lian whispers: “No.”

Su Xi took a deep breath: “So, what do you want me to say?”

I never thought I would fall in love with Qin Lian, but when I fell in love with him, was when I needed to leave him.

Emperor: “You say you will go for the honey trap, but I feel that you only want to go there for the marriage alliance.”

Su Xi: “Daughter will fulfil the mission. If I don’t, then, let daughter fell into the eighteenth level of hell and not be reincarnated in forever.”

Big sister Su Ze once said, if you don’t want to be sad because of a person, the first way is to forget. The second way is to die before he does.

Su Xi: “Qin Lian, I don’t want you to marry Zhao Youyi. What to do for you not to marry Zhao Youyi?”

Qin Lian: “Yutuo (Su Xi’s alias), that year in Su country, did you hate me?”

Su Xi: “Then, what about you? When you fed me the poison, did you ever regret it?”

Qin Lian: “I wish i could turn back time.”

I like this story. It was fast paced and didn’t dwell too much. It began very comedic with the female lead being so carefree. When the story began, the leads were already married. As the story goes, there will be flashback about what had happened in the past and the female lead’s mission. Then, the story took a turn and it was so sad. I cried buckets of water.

Su Xi is a passive female lead. She had the bubbly personality that you would think she’s very carefree, but deep down in her she had her own worries. She’s not a strong female lead, but also not a weak one.

Qin Lian was the black belly, alpha male for the first half of the book. Then, he changed into the lovesick man. Although, he made decisions that hurt the female lead, but in his position, it was the right choice. For his country, he needed to do the things he did.

The story didn’t have any other love rivals. It mainly focused on the love between Qin Lian and Su Xi. There was no second lead that was a love rival. Surprisingly, I liked that. I usually got the second lead syndrome, but this one was fine with only the male lead. The second leads could be considered the big brother and big sister of Su Xi. I like their interactions together with Su Xi and the sacrifice the big brother would do for his little sisters. He’s so worthy of appreciation. Okay, I still got the second lead syndrome.

There’s not much to complain about this book. My only complaint is that the story wasn’t longer. Rating: 4.5/5.

The Qin trial is homophone to love trial in chinese.

For those interested, in the end, Qin Lian didn’t marry Zhao Youyi.