Finally, I reached the end of this book. This is the longest project I’ve ever done. I’m so happy that I finished it. There were many ups and downs while translating this book. The ups were the support I got. Every time I posted a chapter, I was so happy to read the comments and see that the readers are happy. Moving to volare also had its ups, as I got more readers and also got paid a bit. However, there were also downs.

There had been many times when I wanted to stop. First was at the beginning when there were too many Chinese terms and the footnote system was a mess. I couldn’t understand why the readers didn’t just memorize those words. At that time, I was like, fuck this. I’m translating so hard and get criticized. But, after I calmed down, I put myself in the reader’s shoes. It would be hard for someone to memorize many terms from different books that he/she is reading. Besides, reading should be fun. Why should one memorize anything? After thinking it through, I picked up my strength again to translate using the least amount of Chinese terms possible.

Secondly, was when the content of the book got a bit unbearable. The author made FQQ too perfect. She’s good at everything. And, everything should be done in her interest. I hate it that every time she made excuses in the name that it would be good for Feng Cang while it’s not. When I listened to this book, I didn’t pay much attention to the details. But when translating, I get faced with all the details. It was hard to translate content that I find unbearable and illogically. I was amazed that I got through those chapters.

Thirdly, was when I was so busy with school and had lost interest in translating. I started translating in 2015 as a hobby. It was fun then to translate and I liked it. However, when I began to translate as a ‘job’, it became less fun after some time. Although, volare didn’t demand any releases and I can post when I want, but I felt compelled to post. So, I forced myself to translate the chapters every week. After a while, I translated so much against my will that I wanted to give up. It was fortunate that I hate to not finish something I’ve started. When I reached the 200 chapter, I was like, “Yay, finally I will be able to finish this.”

Now, that I reached the last chapter, I want to cry. I don’t know if it’s from happiness or from sadness to part with this project. Many emotions are going through me right now, but I can’t grab one and point out what it is.

Lastly, thank you for accompanying me through the whole journey. I’m sure I lacked in many ways and that sometimes you also wanted to give up on this book. It was a long journey full of ups and downs for the both of us. I hope to greet you again with a new book soon.

Before I translated this book, I found this book very great. After translating it, I got a deeper insight of the book and I don’t think the book deserves the rating I gave it before. First, I’m very dissatisfied with FQQ. It was like she can get everything without any hard work. She’s good at poisons, medicine, design and martial arts. The author explained that it was because of her previous life. However, even for someone of this time, it would be hard to be good at everything. Moreover, her life was really too easy. She got her lover, her family without any effort made from her part. I couldn’t relate with her at all.

Feng Cang was also a character I don’t understand very much. He fell in love with FQQ too quickly. Only seeing her sing a song once, he got enamored. He was supposed to be someone highly intelligent. How can he want someone as wife without knowing her beforehand? He fell in love way too quickly.

Aside from Wanyan Lie, Wanyan Kang, Su Mei, Ming Yue Cheng and Misha, the other side characters didn’t have much meaning. It was over and over again, the same kind of love struck fools. After a while, it gets tiring. Their ending was also pretty much the same.

All in all, I think this book doesn’t have much depth. So, I rated it 2/5.