It’s been a while since i’ve translated a book. After DWGMSFF I really needed a break. I got bored with translating. It became a task that I didn’t like to do. After a good rest, I found that passion back again. I will be releasing two books this month. Two books? Yes. They are two short stories. I don’t feel ready yet for another book with many chapters. The two books I will be translating are called:

1. 狐狸没有心 (Fox has no heart/ Fox doesn’t have a heart). This one is about a human who fell in love with a fox who doesn’t have a heart. I will be releasing this soon, since I’m nearly done translating it.

2. 红线 (Red string). This one is about a fallen princess who seduced the emperor that annihilated her dynasty. She climbed up the ranks and became the most hated woman of this dynasty. This one will be released in a week or two.