Gu family

First generation:

  • Old madam: her husband died when she was young. She raised her two sons and also a son from her husband with a concubine. Lives in Pine Crane Hall.
    • Zisu: old madam’s maid

Second generation

  • Master Gu/Gu Da: the eldest son of old madam. Gu Xiran’s mother was his first wife. After she died, he took a second wife and had many concubines. Lives in Glorious Building.
    • Yan shi: first wife of master Gu. Mother of Gu Xitian and Gu Xiran. Passed away.
    • Lin shi (madam): second wife of master Gu. Mother of Gu Xihe.
      • Nanny Song: Lin shi’s maid who she brought from her maiden home
    • Concubine Wen: originally a maid of Lin shi.
    • Zhou shi: Gu Da’s concubine. Mother of Gu Xiren


  • Gu Baozhuan: old madam’s daughter
    • Zhang Ziron: Gu Baozhuan’s son
    • Zhang Hanfang: Gu Baozhuan’s daughter

Third generation

  • Gu Xitian (19): eldest son of master Gu. Has the same mother as Gu Xiran.
    • Fang shi: Gu Xitian’s wife
  • Gu Xiran (17): second son of master Gu. Had been ill since young. Took a concubine and a wife on old madam’s orders. Lives in Plum Flower Pavilion.
    • Shu Huan (14/15): wife of Gu Xiran. Time-traveled from the modern times.
    • Concubine Yun/ Yun Yan: concubine of Gu Xiran.
    • Qiaoyun: maid under Gu Xiran
    • Xiangqian: maid under concubine Yun
    • Huiyun: maid of Plum Flower Pavilion
    • Liangchen (fine time): newly appointed maid under Shu Huan
    • Meijing (beautiful scenery): newly appointed maid under Shu Huan
  • Gu Xiren: Third son of master Gu. The  only son of the illegitimate line
  • Gu Xihe (10): fourth son of master Gu. Son of Lin shi.
    • Ranmo: Gu Xihe’s study companion
    • Diyan: Gu Xihe’s study companion
  • Gu Yun: Daughter of Lin shi.
  • Gu Xuan: third miss of Gu household. She is from the illegitimate line for having born from a concubine.

Shu family

  • Shu Fu: Shu Huan’s father
  • Xu shi: Shu Fu’s wife.  Shu Huan’s stepmother
  • Shu Yue (12): Shu Huan’s younger sister. Twin of Shu Huai. Child of Xu shi.
  • Shu Huai (12): Shu Huan’s younger brother. Twin of Shu Yue. Child of Xu shi.

Other characters

  • Ji Danqing: a famous doctor in Jingtian City. Gu Xiran’s doctor
  • Du Qiu: Gu Xiran’s martial master
  • Shang Xin/ Jiang Yuqing: a girl Shu Huan and Gu Xiran rescued on the mountain