Chapter 2 Concubine Yun

As the saying goes, take a wife, take someone virtuous. Take a concubine, take someone beautiful.

When Shu Huan saw Concubine Yun, she really felt that her eyes became brighter. She had a beautiful, lucid and elegant face. Her temperament was as gentle as water. On her hair was only a pearl hairpin and she was dressed in a smokey light green skirt lined with a white cloak. It made her look all the more beautiful, like white lotus leaves that emerged from the water without a trace of dust. And, like a clear spring in the mountains, she exuded a quiet and elegant charm.

Her appearance was about seventy percent beautiful. Plus, with her gentle temperament, why would she need to be a concubine? She was more than qualified to become someone’s wife!

Ill second young master was really lucky!

While Shu Huan was envious in her heart, she couldn’t help but also let out a sigh of relief.

Before she time-traveled her appearance didn’t lose to concubine Yun. But she couldn’t compare to this classical and gentle temperament. She hadn’t looked in the mirror yet and didn’t know how she looked now, but she knew her own virtue. Even if it wasn’t like charcoal, even if it wasn’t like the gentle look that men liked. With such a jade-looking beauty next to her, even if she got in front of that second young master and used all kind of beauty tricks, he wouldn’t take a fancy on her.

That was great!

Although it was important to continue living, she wasn’t willing to cross her bottom line and wasn’t willing to roll in the sheets with a strange man.

While she was looking at concubine Yun, the other party was obviously also looking at her. It was just that the other party didn’t do it as intensely as she did. She (Y) only glanced at her (SH) twice and then paid her respect, “Yan greets second young mistress.”

  • Her name is probably Yun Yan. Yan means lovely/sweet.

The manner was graceful, elegant and natural.

It happened that Shu Huan was ignorant of these rules and etiquettes. She could be considered simply as a savage and wild person.

She smiled bitterly, “No need to be so polite. I asked you to come here only to ask for a favor from you. Can you let me see old madam?”

Concubine Yun lowered her head slightly, “Big sister talking like this is regarding me as an outsider. In the future, if you need something, you can just directly tell people to order Yan. It’s just, to see old madam, I have to send people to ask first. I am afraid that over there, they already started having their dinner and so we have to wait for a moment.”

While she was talking, she whispered to Huiyun to go check on the situation.

Huiyun took the command and went. Only Shu Huan and concubine Yun were left here. Concubine Yun maintained the correct attitude. She stood there respectfully; Eyes looking at the nose, nose pointing at the mouth and the mouth pointing at the chest.

  • Eyes looking at the nose, nose pointing at the mouth and the mouth pointing at the chest: look down and lower head

It was a bit awkward.

After all, they were complete strangers. The attitude of the other party was also of customs which gave it an alienation feel. Shu Huan was also not someone who would get close to another upon meeting. She (SH) didn’t know what to talk about with her. To overcome boredom, she looked at the scenery outside.

At this time, the sky had already darkened, but there were two lanterns hanging on the door in the courtyard. Because of this, she was able to see a small independent courtyard. At the three sides, chambers surrounded it and made it look like a large yard. There were several plum trees planted and dotted with some stone plantains. Under the eaves, there were a few birds in a cage. Although the vat of lotus flowers was not particularly elegant, it was beautiful and secluded.

Speaking of which, it had been three days since she time-traveled to here. It was just that she hasn’t gone outside. When she woke up early in the morning, she was taken out by people and didn’t have time to look around. Now, looking at this courtyard full of ancient concept, she also liked it. She could only sigh secretly. If she hadn’t time-traveled, she could come live at such a place to steal half a day of rest.

While she was talking, she saw a little maid ran out from the main chamber. She ran to concubine Yun and said, “Second young master refused to take the medicine and smashed the bowl. Big sister Qiaoyun is asking concubine Yun to come over and persuade second young master!”

Concubine Yun hesitated and looked at Shu Huan.

With her here, Shu Huan felt very awkward. She was eager for her to leave. She quickly said, “Go, no need to worry about me.”

After this, concubine Yun pleaded her excuse and rushed over to the main chamber with that little maid.

No one would come guard her for the time being. Shu Huan looked around and wondered whether she should use this opportunity to escape.

If she was in the modern era, she wouldn’t have hesitated. She would definitely escape! It happened that she was in the ancient era now. She didn’t know whether the outside world was peaceful or filled with trouble. Moreover, she didn’t have a penny on her. Even if she sneaked out, it would be like touching in the dark. Not to mention that she wouldn’t be able to find a job in this kind of world where the man was supreme. She could be fooled by a kidnapper and be sold to a worse place. By then, no one would respond to her cries or screams.

The more she thought about it, the deeper she frowned. Shu Huan quickly dispelled the idea of escaping. She sat again on the pile of straws and picked up the already cold Chinese steamed bread roll and continue to chew on it.

Have to be strong. Have to eat. Have to live on…

She continued to hypnotize herself. After waiting for like an hour, she saw Huiyun return. She saw her shook her head first and then apologize, “Old madam doesn’t want to see you. She didn’t even let me speak more than necessary and sent me back.”

Shu Huan was silent. She was already prepared for this answer and wasn’t that disappointed.

Huiyun saw that she was silent and wanted to comfort her, but she didn’t know how to. In the end, she retreated silently.

She was just about to lock the door when she heard the inner door being slammed.

She opened the door, “What else is there, second young mistress?”

Even if the environment was very bad, she had to work hard to improve it. She couldn’t let herself be treated unfairly and suffer grievances.

Shu Huan quickly said, “When the door is closed, the room is very dark. I want candles.”

Huiyun hesitated.

“What? Are you still afraid that I will commit suicide? Don’t worry, no matter how stupid I am, I won’t do such a thing. So painful!”

“Second young mistress, wait for a moment.”

“Wait, I also want mosquito-repellent incense!”

“Mosquito-repellent incense?”

“Those who repel insects and mosquitos.”

Huiyun nodded, “That is realgar incense.”

She turned and wanted to leave.

“What should I do if I want to relieve myself at night?”

Huiyun also frowned because of her many demands. After she went to get the bucket, she stood there waiting for her to continue asking for this and that.

Who would’ve thought that Shu Huan finished asking for her things? Seeing that she (H) didn’t leave, she (SH) was surprised and stared at her (H) without saying a word.

Huiyun laughed, “Does second young mistress want more things?”

“No.” It was just, she thought a bit and then said, feeling a bit embarrassed, “If it’s not too troublesome, get a book for me, alright? Don’t bring those poetic ones. Bring me the recordings of dynasties or essays.”

She had slept enough during the day. Now, the night was long. She didn’t know how she could kill time. Reading was the best choice and she could also learn more about this world.

After Huiyun heard these, she was surprised, “Second young mistress knows how to read?”

Oops! She forgot that for women in the ancient era, having no talent was a virtue. Moreover, the original owner of this body seemed to be born in a poor family. If she was literate, then it would be demonic strange. It was just, the words already came out of her mouth. It was difficult to take them back. It was also very inconvenient to pretend to be illiterate in the future. Shu Huan could only brace herself and lie, “When I was young, I lived near an old teacher. Perhaps, it was fate, but he taught me how to read.  However, it had been so long, I also had almost forgotten everything. I just want to take a book and see how much I still remember.”

Speaking these words slowly, her forehead was full of sweat. However, she felt somewhat proud in her heart. This lie was so good. who would inquire about when you were young! Even when the book was brought and she couldn’t understand the words, she could say that she had forgotten them.

Huiyun didn’t linger on this kind of thing. It was just that she had always been cautious. At this moment, she said with difficulty, “This slave doesn’t know how to read and don’t know which book second young mistress wants. Why don’t I go ask second young master and let him pick one for you?”

Shu Huan began to wipe her sweats, “No need, no need! He is still ill. Don’t bother him. Bring whatever you find.”

Huiyun went away.

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