Chapter 5 The bath

Bean sprouts!

These two words made Shu Huan angry.

As a woman, she would be unhappy when being scorned by others whether or not she cared about her appearance and body. Moreover, even if she didn’t know how she looked after she time-traveled, she could still estimate her body shape. It was slender and thin as if she was about fourteen or fifteen years old. If she changed into men’s clothes, she could pass as a servant. Her good figure from the past was gone. That was enough to make her feel gloomy. How could she still take what the others had to say?

The moment she got angry, her worries were left behind completely.

She didn’t say more, turned and went into the inner room.

Wasn’t it just taking a bath in his room? Who was afraid of who?

With his sickly appearance that could be blown away by the wind, she would be able to smash him down with any bricks if he was misbehaving!

However, it would be very difficult to find a brick here. After she entered the inner room, her gaze swept around the room first. There was a copper incense burner resting on the sandalwood table in front of the window. She immediately relaxed upon seeing this and nonchalantly sent the others away, leaving only Huiyun behind to help her wash her hair.

It wasn’t that she was striking a pose. It was just that people in this era had a bad habit of not cutting their hair. She alone wouldn’t be able to wash her super-long hair cleanly. Not to mention, she didn’t know anything about the bathing supplies from here. She had to ask Huiyun.

Huiyun was someone with a good temper. She didn’t have any complaints even if she didn’t get to sleep in the middle of the night. She also patiently took care of her (SH) hair and put them in a basin of water. then, she took a crystal-clear bottle and dripped a few light yellow drops into the basin. A light jasmine fragrance came out because of the heat.

Shu Huan was curious and asked with interest, “What is this?”

Huiyun knew that she came from a poor family. It wasn’t strange that she didn’t recognize this thing. So, she handed the crystal bottle to Shu Huan and grinned, “This is jasmine nectar.”

“Jasmine nectar?” Shu Huan placed the crystal bottle under her nose and sniffed slightly. A strong smell ran into her nose and made her almost sneeze out. She quickly put the bottle a bit farther away. She thought that this thing was similar to the fragrant oil used by people in the modern world. Presumably, it could also be used as aroma.

While she was in deep thoughts, Huiyun explained without being asked, “The family is doing business in the fragrance industry. Aside from incenses and fragrant ornaments, they also sell all kind of nectars. Naturally, this jasmine nectar is a top quality good as it was rare for the fragrance to be so light and elegant. It was the best to use in the summer. However, if second mistress doesn’t like this smell, there are also nectars made of roses and Osmanthus. Should I go get them?”

“No need, this one is already very great.”

Was she looking for trouble for herself by washing herself so fragrantly in the middle of the night and in Gu Xiran’s room? Shu Huan shook her head wisely. She only privately remembered her (H) words.

After washing, Huiyun wiped her hair dry and tied it in a simple knot. Shu Huan quickly urged her to go sleep. She closed the window slightly and inserted the door latch. Only after she moved the heavy copper incense burner from the red sandalwood table and held onto it, was she relieved to take off her clothes.

Had to say that it was very troublesome to take a bath in ancient times. It wasn’t as convenient and hygienic as taking a shower. But it was really comfortable to sit in the wooden tub and let the body be submerged in the slightly hot water.

Shu Huan’s tight state of mind finally relaxed and she felt a bit tired.

Of course, she couldn’t sleep here. She picked up her spirits and began to take a bath while she recalled the confusion she felt when Gu Xiran appeared. She searched through her memory but still couldn’t find the origin of that feeling of familiarity. She could only see it as being influenced by that paper which stated destined marriage by the heavens. That was why she subconsciously felt familiar with this person. He was not brother Bao and she was not sister Lin. What familiarity?!

  • Brother Bao (Jia Baoyu) and sister Lin (Lin Daiyu) are two characters from Dreams of the Red Chamber. In the story, Jia Baoyu felt a familiar feeling when meeting Lin Daiyu for the first time.

She was careless and was rude again…

Shu Huan sighed and frowned.

Whether she was too narcissistic or having thoughts that she and Gu Xiran were destined to be together by the heavens, at this moment, he forced her to bathe in his room. Then, next…

She couldn’t help herself from thinking more of it and become nervous. However, in the end, she didn’t have a good plan and could only remember four words…

Rather die than submit!

While she was calculating inside, Gu Xiran who was waiting outside got a bit impatient. It was just taking a bath; did she have to dillydally for so long?

Concubine Yun stayed with him. Seeing that he was slightly tired, she couldn’t help but ask with some hope, “Second young master, your body couldn’t stay up all night. Why don’t you rest in the West Chamber tonight?”

Shu Huan lived in the East Chamber two days ago. The West Chamber had always been concubine Yun’s residence.

Gu Xiran shook his head, “No need. You should go rest.”

Concubine Yun wanted to continue speaking but then hesitated. In the end, she lowered her head and persisted on staying here; she wasn’t willing to leave.

Shu Huan was dillydallying and being so slow because she wanted to delay time. She soaked so long that the skin on her fingers became wrinkled. The water had also cooled. Even her hair was half dry, but she couldn’t not go put on clothes.

She pulled the latch. She first went to the door panel to listen to the movements from outside. It seemed that there was no sound and she immediately sighed from relief. She thought that Gu Xiran and concubine Yun couldn’t wait anymore and found another room to sleep in. She opened the door and wanted to sneak back to the East Chamber.

She didn’t expect that the moment she opened the door, she saw the two people still sitting in the living room.

The smile on Shu Huan’s face immediately froze. She said embarrassed, “You are still here?”

Gu Xiran glanced tiredly at her and said weakly without strength, “This is my bedroom!”

Where can I still be if it was not here?

Shu Huan was also dissatisfied. It wasn’t that she was willing to occupy his bedroom and take a bath. Could he blame her? However, she still showed a smile on her face and moved to the door of the living room while saying, “I’m sorry to let you wait for so long. It’s not early anymore. You two should go rest. I will return to my room.”

After she spoke, she wanted to sneak away quickly. She didn’t expect that in her rush she’d slammed onto the door. It hurt her so much that she covered her forehead and her tears almost fell. When she looked at the door, it was already closed, but there was a dense bamboo curtain covering it. She didn’t see the door and thought that it was open…

Gu Xiran’s face that was full of tiredness finally showed a smile that rejoiced on another people’s misfortune.

Concubine Yun quickly rushed to see her wound, “It’s my fault. I was afraid that it was very cold outside and let people close the door. Is second young mistress hurt? Should I call some people to get some medicinal wine to wipe on it?”

“No need, no need. I’m not injured. After a while, it won’t hurt anymore.” Shu Huan didn’t give up on wanting to slip out and reached to open the door.

At this time, Gu Xiran stood up while using the chair as support, “Concubine Yun, go rest. We are also going to rest.”


Thunder from the clear sky, ah!

Who wants to rest with him?!

Shu Huan turned around and wanted to make it clear to Gu Xiran that she would not warm the bed for others!

Who would’ve thought that the moment she opened her mouth, Gu Xiran casted her a glance, making her slightly surprised. She guessed that perhaps this person had something to say to her that he couldn’t talk about in front of people and wanted her to stay to speak in private with her. She pressed down the temptation to shed all pretense of cordiality with him and stood there silently.

Concubine Yun was also surprised. She forced the sorrow from her heart and said sadly, “Then Yan would retire first.”

Gu Xiran nodded, but didn’t speak. She turned and went out.

Shu Huan looked at him and then looked at concubine Yun’s back that disappeared into the night. She frowned slightly.

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