Chapter 6 The bean-like plum flower

Not long after concubine Yun left, Xiangqian brought two lower level maids to clean up the things after the bath. However, after cleaning, Xiangqian didn’t have the interest to leave and stood at a side.

Gu Xiran swept a glance over her, “You aren’t going to sleep?”

Xiangqian replied, “Concubine Yun let this slave sleep on the couch outside near the curtain in case second young master and mistress want to call for someone when you want to drink water or tea.”

“No need. You can retreat and remember to close the door.” While Gu Xiran was speaking, he looked at Shu Huan. “Help me get inside.”

He became addicted to ordering people around!

Shu Huan felt bitter, but she still remembered that glance from him just now. She was curious and could only help him get inside and lie down on the bed. However, after seeing that his body was so weak that if nobody helped him, he wasn’t able to even walk stably, she was a lot more relaxed and didn’t had to worry that he had other motives.

After a moment, the sound of the door could be heard outside. Presumably, Xiangqian went out. Aside from the two of them, there was no one else in this room. Shu Huan hurriedly asked, “What do you want to say to me?”

Gu Xiran was so tired at this moment and was even too lazy to open his eyes. He said, “What should I have to say to you?”

“Hey!” Shu Huan felt like she was deceived. “Then, what did you mean by that glance from earlier?”

Gu Xiran thought it was funny and opened his eyes, “It didn’t mean anything. I just wanted you to stay.”

What the hell?!

Shu Huan said no more, turned and left.

Gu Xiran didn’t stop her and only said, “I already let people lock the door of the East Chamber. If you go back now, you have to bother people to get up and open the lock for you. You already caused so much trouble tonight. Is it still not enough? You should leave some hours for people to sleep!”

She also felt apologetic to go bother people. However, locking the door to not let her go back, what does this person want to do?!

Shu Huan turned back and glared at him, “You went overboard!”

Gu Xiran smiled lazily and retorted, “Was it?”

Shu Huan was speechless. Indeed, because she time-traveled and wasn’t the original owner, she felt that it mattered of course that she didn’t share the same bed with a stranger. However, it also seemed a matter of course that Gu Xiran had asked to share the bed with the wife who he was officially married to. Even to outsiders, the one who was being unreasonable was her.

She could only use the indirect tactic again, “That, seeing the new person laugh, how would one know the bitterness of the old person? Presumably Yan would be very sad seeing you like this.”

  • Seeing the new person laugh, how would one know the bitterness of the old person: having a new lover, forgetting about the old one.

Gu Xiran looked at her with interest. After a moment, he said, “It’s none of your business. What do you know? Take care of yourself first!”

Was he saying that she was too nosy?!

Shu Huan opened her mouth and wanted to retort but after thinking about it again, she decided to let it go. The two of them grew up in different environments. Naturally their beliefs were also different. Moreover, even if she continued to talk about it, it would be a waste of saliva.

She lowered her eyes and stood there. She used silence to express her inner resistance.

Gu Xiran looked at her. Under the candlelight, that meager face had soft and hazy glow.

Her eyes were lowered. Her lips showed a girl in her teenage years. Her wet hair was slightly scattered on the shoulders.

She seemed as delicate as the tip of a branch and a bean-like plum flower.


He smiled slightly and closed his eyes tiredly. He slowly said, “If you want to stand, then continue to stand. I will sleep first. When you come to the bed, remember to blow the candles and don’t cause another fire.”

He was probably very tired. When he finished speaking, he began to lose his consciousness and was already in the state of being half asleep.

When Shu Huan saw that his breathing was steady and he didn’t seem to have faked it, she felt a bit embarrassed.

Could it be that her thoughts were really too impure, and she was too narcissistic? However, if it was as simple as just sleeping, it wouldn’t matter where she slept.  Why did he had to twist and turn so many times to let her sleep here?

She didn’t know who said that a woman’s heart was as deep as the sea. In fact, men were the same, making people unable to guess and grasp them.

She looked around and felt that sleeping on a chair was too uncomfortable. She was afraid to sleep on the couch outside of the curtain because here was the main chamber; the place where the original owner spent her wedding night and committed suicide.

Now, her soul came into this body. Then did the soul of the original owner crossed time like hers or did she go to the netherworld? If she didn’t go anywhere and was still floating here…

Shu Huan’s heart trembled a bit and didn’t dare to think more about it. She ran to the window, hugged the copper incense burner, blew out the light and climbed onto Gu Xiran’s bed.

She surrendered and admitted defeat!

Anyway, they are husband and wife in name. As long as he didn’t have other thoughts, she could sleep in the same bed as him.

The bed was very large. She placed the copper incense burner in the middle of the bed. Each of them occupied half of the bed.

She thought for a bit and was still a bit uneasy. She reached out and pushed Gu Xiran.

Gu Xiran was asleep. He whispered confusedly, “What…”

“Don’t cross to the other half.”


Remembering that her sleeping habit wasn’t very good, she was a bit worried and said, “If I accidentally cross to the other side, don’t…”

This was simply making people impossible to sleep!

She hadn’t finished speaking when Gu Xiran’s face came very close to hers. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and spoke like air, “If you say a word more, I will tear your clothes and block your mouth!”

The voice was too low to be heard but the words were clear.

It couldn’t be told whether the words were more dangerous or more amorous. They had a subtle temptation when hearing them in the dark.

Shu Huan’s face was inexplicably warm. When she reacted and wanted to push his face away, he already went back to his pillow and used a voice that was as gentle as coaxing a child to say, “Don’t make a fuss anymore. Be good and sleep!”

Shu Huan speechlessly turned her body and slept while facing the wall.

At this point, the light had been put out for a long time. Her eyes adapted to the darkness. There was also the gleam of the lanterns who came in through the window paper and outlined her body on the wall.

She reached out and slowly traced it. She forgot to use the opportunity of bathing to ask for a mirror to check on her current appearance, so she still didn’t know how she looked like. It didn’t have to be too beautiful, but please also not too ugly…

She thought about non-important things to distract herself from the awkwardness of sharing a bed with a stranger. She originally thought that she would toss about in bed for the whole night, she didn’t expect that she would soon fall asleep and she didn’t have any dreams.

Th unfortunate thing was that she was still being awakened by someone the next morning.

Qiaoyun stood outside of the room and shouted through the curtain, “Second young master, second young mistress, wake up quickly! Big sister Zisu just passed the message that old madam was coming here!”

Gu family’s boss was coming to check?

Shu Huan who was sleepy became awake the next moment and sat up. Gu Xiran also opened his eyes. Didn’t know whether he was dazed because of sleepiness last night and didn’t pay attention or that he now remembered something. When he looked at the copper incense burner resting in the middle of the bed, his gaze turned weird.

Recalling the experience of last night, Shu Huan blushed greatly with shame. She couldn’t care to say something about her foible with self-deprecating humor. She quickly grabbed the incense burner, got out of the bed and put the it back to its place.

Gu Xiran smiled slightly, then he said lazily, “Come in.”

Qianyun and Huiyun came in with things to wash up. She was busy washing her teeth and changing clothes. When Shu Huan was forced to sit in front of the dressing table, her gaze immediately fell on the bronze mirror and she couldn’t move anymore.

Huiyun was unaware. She was combing her (SH) hair and asked, “What kind of hairstyle does second young mistress wants?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Shu Huan answered absent-minded. Her hand reached out and picked up the mirror.

She was stunned by what she saw.

The face reflected on the bronze mirror was obviously how she looked like when she was fourteen or fifteen years old. Only, it was less rounded and thinner.

The original owner and her…

Not only do they have the same name. Even their appearance was the same!

She felt that her throat was bit dry and her hand and feet felt a bit cold. Her thoughts were a bit bizarre…

The original owner wouldn’t be her past life, right?

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