Chapter 15 Sunbathing in a hot summer day

At this time, it was nearly noon. The sun was at its highest.

Although there were plants and trees in the Gu residence, but there were only three plum trees with sparse branches in this Plum Flower Pavilion. It was still not the flower season. They couldn’t be used to cover from the sun. At this time, the sun was shining intensely. The ground was like a hot layer of liquified gold. It also made people unable to keep their eyes open.

With this kind of hot weather, others couldn’t wait to find a place to hide to cool down. But, Gu Xiran had done something that made a group of people stunned…

He wanted to bask in the sun!

Standing under the roof, looking at Qiaoyun and Huiyun busily moving things out of the room, Gu Xihe quietly moved to Shu Huan. With a very low voice, he asked mysteriously, “Could it be that aside from having problems with his body, second big brother also have a problem with his mind…?”

Shu Huan swept her gaze over him. She very much wanted to refute him, but unfortunately, she also felt that there was something wrong with Gu Xiran’s mind. Otherwise, sunbathing for an hour with his frail body, wouldn’t he get a heatstroke and faint? However, if it wasn’t because today was a very hot day, she wouldn’t object him to bask more in the sun. It’s good for the body.

Concubine Yun was very worried and advised, “Second young master, I’ve only heard about people wanting to cool down. When was there someone who would sunbath on purpose? Only those villagers who had to work in the field had no way but to bask in the sun. You…”

She hadn’t finished speaking yet, when she was interrupted by Gu Xiran’s hand gesture.

Concubine Yun sighed and didn’t continue to speak. In the past few days, she found out that this master wasn’t so well to talk to like how he used to be. If he decided on something, even if she talked till her saliva had dried up, he wouldn’t change his mind. She could only glance once at Shu Huan in hope that this second young mistress could persuade him.

Shu Huan had her head lowered because she was talking with Gu Xihe. She didn’t see concubine Yun glancing at her, so naturally she didn’t persuade Gu Xiran.

Concubine Yun sighed again. She looked infatuated at Gu Xiran without speaking. She really didn’t know why he would protect this new young mistress like this. Was it because he likes her? Except for her straightforward personality, a woman who didn’t care about her own husband and whose appearance was childlike, what else could she have to let people like her?

After a while, Gu Xiran leisurely laid on the bamboo lounge chair. There was a small sandalwood table on the side. On the table was a teapot the size of a big palm. There was also a small plate of fresh watermelon cut into pieces. On the watermelon was a delicate silver toothpick.

What made Shu Huan speechless was that Qiaoyun stood behind the lounge chair. She held a paper umbrella in her hand and blocked the too hot sun above his head. And also, Huiyun who held a fan and used extremely gentle and slow speed to fan him.

She had to admit that in the past, she used to think that the ancient life was inconvenient. That was the case for the poor. For the children of wealthy families, everything was done by the servants. There was no inconvenience!

She looked at the little brat who recovered his thoughts and was concentrated on teasing the hedgehog. When she looked at Gu Xiran again, she felt that they were truly brothers. They were quite alike in some aspect. Unable to restrain herself, she criticized, “Aren’t you too inhuman being like this?”

“Inhuman?” Gu Xiran’s expression was unfathomable. After staring at her for a while, he suddenly laughed. He beckoned her with his index finger to let her come closer.

Shu Huan then moved to his side.

He said, “Closer, I have something to say.”

Shu Huan lowered her body a bit. He came close to her ears and said in a very low voice, “If you can’t wait to verify the problem of humanity (intercourse), we can try it at night.”

  • Humanity (人道 (réndào)) is a homophone for intercourse

The warmth of his breath lingered in her ear and made it itchy and numb.

Shu Huan was stunned at first. Then, she got angry due to shyness. Her whole face became red.

She actually had forgotten that humanity had another meaning.

It happened that this person still looked at her smilingly. There was a teasing look in his eyes. “What do you think?”

“Hateful!” It wasn’t easy for Shu Huan to blurt out one word and while blushing she fled.

Even when she ran into the room, she could still hear his low-pitched laughter. She couldn’t help but feel more annoyed! However, she was to blame herself for this incident. Why talk about humanity with someone from the ancient times?

At this time, Gu Xihe came in with a cage containing a lizard in it. He curiously asked, “What did second big brother say to you? Why is your face red like a monkey’s butt?”

Shu Huan caressed her face and said annoyed, “What does it have to do with you?”

“Hey, good intentions aren’t repaid!” Gu Xihe said dissatisfied, “I originally wanted to tell you that after you came in, concubine’s expression was very remarkable. Since you don’t want me to butt in, I won’t tell you!”

Didn’t he already tell her clearly?

He really was a child!

Gu Xihe squatted and gently caressed the lizard in the cage while he rejoiced in other people’s misfortune, “You can’t win against second big brother! Only today did I discover that he appeared genuine but is actually cunning! But he is quite interesting.”

Shu Huan retreated two steps and looked with vigilance at the lizard in his hand. She silently cursed in her heart, “Aren’t you the same? Appear genuine, but is actually quite cunning!”

She didn’t know whether this little brat truly feared his second big brother a bit or that it was something else, but at this moment, he didn’t have the mind to tease Shu Huan. He picked a chair, sat on it and played with the lizard.

Shu Huan was interested in inquiring about Gu family’s situation from him. She took a chair far away from him and began to talk to him. Who would have thought that she hasn’t spoken two words yet, when old madam sent people to call him over for lunch. Originally, this master refused to go but finally Gu Xiran ordered, “Go, come again to play in the afternoon.”

Only then did he obediently go away with Ranmo.

After less than an hour, when Gu Xiran got enough of the sun, the meal was also already ready in Plum Flower Pavilion. Presumably, it was because of his illness, the food here was very light. There was almost no meat or fish. Every meal, there were only a few light dishes on the table.

Shu Huan wasn’t that much of carnivore. Besides, the moment she woke up, she went to pay her respects and didn’t have time to eat yet. At this moment, her chest was already sticking to the back. She didn’t care whether it was vegetables or meat. As long as she could eat something, it was fine.

  • Chest sticking to the back: famished

It was Gu Xiran who lost appetite after seeing the boiled green eggplant and tofu. After two bites, he put down the chopsticks.

When concubine Yun saw this, she revealed worry, “Second young master, is it that you feel unwell again because you didn’t take the medicine?”

She called Xiangqian to let her go boil medicine.

Gu Xiran stopped her and said, “After drinking the medicine, I will lose appetite even more.”

Shu Huan raised her head while she was busily eating rice and said, “I think he feels that this meal is too bland.”

Concubine Yun shook her head, “Second young master’s stomach is too weak. He can’t eat greasy things.”

“It doesn’t have to be too heavy, but things like chicken, duck, fish and shrimps should be eaten in moderation. The nutrition would be balanced then.”

Alright, Shu Huan admits that she was trying to improve her meals by using Gu Xiran. Age fourteen, fifteen was the growth period. If she didn’t eat some protein now wouldn’t she continue to be a bean sprout?

Concubine Yun still insisted, “The fish will burn the insides and meat has phlegm. Eating these will make it easy for the disease to stay in the body.”

Gu Xiran had always been taken care off by concubine Yun, so she was a bit more authoritative.

Shu Huan felt that she didn’t have the qualification to advice. So, she didn’t speak anymore. However, she couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the towering chest of concubine Yun. After looking at it, she looked at those of herself.

It was simply the comparison between a plateau and a hill. Jealous, ah!

When she was immersed in her thoughts, her head was knocked by Gu Xiran’s chopsticks. “What are you looking at? Eat!”

She was seen through by him!

Shu Huan felt very embarrassed and nearly buried her whole face in the rice bowl. She didn’t dare to lift it up. She heard Gu Xiran say, “From tomorrow on, add two dishes with fish or meat at every meal.”

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