Chapter 16 The illness examination

The ancient life was spent relatively leisurely. Shu Huan had paid her respect in the morning and wasn’t sure whether she should also go in the afternoon. But Gu Xiran and the maid didn’t mention anything, so Shu Huan wouldn’t go over there just to be scolded again. She picked a lounge chair and sat in the ventilated shaded area of the hall. While dangling, she began to feel sleepy.

While she was dozing off, Gu Xihe came again to wreck a bit of havoc. She didn’t know which one of the cages was knocked over. She only heard a few maids and concubine Yun screaming in the yard. She originally intended to go take a look, but she felt that her whole body didn’t have any strength and she couldn’t submit any strength. Later, she fell asleep.

When she woke up, concubine Yun brought iced sour plum soup over. It was just that her slightly lowered eyes looked a bit swollen; it looked like she had cried.

Shu Huan took over the bowl and looked curiously at her, “What is it? Did you get bullied by that little brat?”

Concubine Yun lowered her head to conceal her reddened eyes. “Nothing. I was just scared by a snake.”


Shu Huan shrunk deeper in the chair. She looked outside and asked, “Where is he?”

Concubine Yun said gloomily, “He already left. He said that he will come again tomorrow…”

While they were talking here, Xiangqian came in to report, “Doctor Ji came. He is waiting outside. Do I have to invite him in?”

Concubine Yun said, “This is the doctor who used to treat second young master’s illness. Every few days, he will come to check second young master’s pulse. Does second young mistress want to avoid him?”

  • In ancient times, women aren’t allowed to see male outsiders alone and without permission.

Shu Huan just woke up. She was too lazy to move. She said, “When the doctor comes, did you avoid him?”

It was just a simple question, but concubine Yun showed a cautious expression. She lowered her head and said, “No.”

“Yan’s status is low and doesn’t need to avoid people. Besides, it’s necessary to remember doctor Ji’s words to arrange the maids to make the medicine properly and to avoid certain food. So, I had always not avoided him.”

Shu Huan drank the sour plum soup slowly and smiled slightly. “Then, I also won’t avoid him. Invite him in.”

Xiangqian went out and invited the doctor in. He was unexpectedly young. He looked in his early twenties and had a wooden hairpin in his hair, which bound his hair together. He looked quite gentle and was dressed in a sky-blue robe. He held a medicine chest by his side. His pace was not slow as he crossed the threshold with a fixed gaze.

When he saw Shu Huan, he was stunned for a moment. He couldn’t guess her identity, but she didn’t seem like a maid. He bowed slightly and paid his respect. Then, concubine Yun went to greet him. She familiarly began to talk with him about Gu Xiran’s diet and physical condition. With a concerned look, she invited him to the inner room. Xiangqian also followed them.

After being pointed out by Gu Xiran, Shu Huan could see that concubine Yun was intentionally taking over things she (SH) should do and made her stand at a side without anything to do. This act of pushing her aside without using a word or movement made her feel that she was a dispensable excess. But then again, she was originally not someone from here, so she had nothing to worry about. Moreover, she didn’t have a sense of belonging here and only wanted to muddle along with the days.

While thinking, she lowered her head to drink the sour plum soup. The sweet, sour and cold taste made her frown slightly. When she looked at the blue and white porcelain bowl, there were many clear water drops at the corners. Her hands also got wet.

Suddenly she felt that it was funny. The current her really seemed like a lady trapped in her own boudoir. She had a life of luxury but was an infinite lonely lady from the ancient times.

She only thought for a moment when that doctor Ji came out from the inner room with a flabbergasted look.

After Xiangqian put down the curtain, concubine Yun asked anxiously, “Doctor Ji, did our second young master’s illness got a bit better?”

Doctor Ji shook his head and said, “Strange.”

Concubine Yun didn’t understand. “What is strange? Did the illness have a change because he didn’t take the medicine on time?”

Doctor Ji muttered to himself, “The pulse is strange. It seemed that he didn’t have a grave illness aside from his body being a bit weak.”

“He got well?!” Concubine Yun was shocked.

Shu Huan also felt a bit surprised.

“The last time I visited, the illness was still deeply rooted in his body.” Doctor Ji thought for a while and shook his head again, “I don’t know whether he got cured or that it changed into a difficult disease that’s out of my expertise. I’m not so sure about it. It’s better to invite two more doctors to come take a look. When I go back, I will also go look through some books. After a few days, I will come to check the pulse again.”

“No need.”

When this voice was heard, everyone turned their heads. Gu Xiran came out and supported himself against the doorframe. He smiled at doctor Ji, “I know my own body. No need to have someone come to take a look. Can doctor Ji have a private talk with me? I have something to ask.”

They didn’t know what Gu Xiran have to discuss with that doctor. The two went into the inner room for a private talk. The voices were very low. Those on the outside couldn’t hear anything at all.

Shu Huan was in deep thoughts while holding that blue and white porcelain bowl. Concubine Yun, on the other hand, wasn’t as calm as her. Her entire expression showed tension. She couldn’t help but circle around in the room. It made Shu Huan a bit dizzy when looking at her.. She then let out a sigh. Looking at this, it seemed that concubine Yun truly cared about him and had deep feelings for him.

The two men talked for about an hour. Gu Xiran then sent doctor Ji out. After the doctor left, concubine Yun rushed over to support him. Half-happy, half-worried, she said, “Second young master, although doctor Ji is a famous doctor, but he wasn’t clear about this illness. It’s better to find two more doctors to come take a look. We can also rest assured if you really got well.”

Gu Xiran stubbornly shook his head. It could be seen that the talk had costed him a lot of energy. He looked tired. “You can’t spread this matter to outsiders. How things have been before will be how things remain in the future. If someone asks about my illness, say that it’s the same as usual. It didn’t get better and also didn’t get worse.”

Concubine Yun was very puzzled, “Second young master, if your illness is really cured, old madam will be happy if we report it to her. Also, master and madam are also wishing for you to become better. Why do you want to hide it?”

“You don’t have to bother with it. Only remember to not let this get out,” While Gu Xiran talked, his eyes swept around the room. Especially, he looked one more time at Xiangqian. “Have you all remembered what I said?”

Xiangqian lowered her head and answered first, “Remembered. This slave will not let a word get out. Second young master, please rest assured.”

Concubine Yun also nodded helplessly.

Only Shu Huan bit her lips and looked at him without saying a word.

Gu Xiran gave her a glance and beckoned at her. She dropped the sour plum soup and followed him to the inner room.

While sitting on the edge of the bed, Gu Xiran rested for a while. He handed a piece of paper to her. “This is the prescription doctor Ji prescribed to nourish my body. Find a suitable maid to go buy the herbs and personally boil it yourself.”

Shu Huan took over the paper and looked at it with a surprised look. She wondered, “Why do you have to be so secretive? Could it be that there was something strange with the previous medicine?”

Gu Xiran laughed, “What are you thinking about? The medicine had always been made by people Yan ordered. What benefits would she get by harming me?”

That was right. Concubine Yun seemed to be dead set on him. She certainly wouldn’t do such a thing.

Shu Huan thought for a bit. “Then, is it that someone else wants to harm you?”

“How could that be?” Gu Xiran didn’t hesitate any bit and shook his head. “If it was you who was bedridden, sick for a long-term, didn’t bother with anything else and even didn’t go out of the yard, would anyone want to harm you?”

“You are right no matter what you say!” Shu Huan sighed, looked at him and said, “Did your illness really got cured? Why do you have to keep it a secret?”

Gu Xiran smiled, “Don’t ask. Just do as I say. You will understand some things in the future.”

The more they talked, the more mysterious things seemed to become.

Shu Huan wanted to ask more, but seeing that he closed his eyes a little exhausted, she didn’t speak more.

She lowered her head and looked at the prescription in her hand. She felt that this matter was really strange.

According to reason, shouldn’t the person he trusted the most in this Plum Flower Pavilion be concubine Yun? However, after living together these past few days, she found out that he seemed to alienate himself from concubine Yun. Today’s matter was even stranger. His attitude clearly showed that he only trusted her (SH).

When Shu Huan hid the prescription and walked out of the room, she was still touching her face. Could it be that she got a face of the Holy Mother that would let people trust her unconditionally?

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