Chapter 19 Hostility

Shu Huan had a habit that couldn’t be considered good nor bad. While sleeping, she had to hug something to get a peace mind. If her arms were empty, she would feel that something was missing.

Before she time-traveled, there had always been two stuffed toys in her bed. Usually, she could use them as something to lean on while sitting and when she was sleeping, she could hug them. After she time-traveled, she didn’t have that anymore. Fortunately, the weather was warm. Thus, sometimes, there was no need to use the thin blankets to cover the body and she could roll them into a ball and hug it.

However, when she woke up this morning, she noticed that the ball she was hugging in her arms felt very odd. When she opened her eyes, she discovered that her head was against Gu Xiran’s chin. Her whole body was curled up in his arms. One hand held his body. One leg was overbearingly placed above his legs. She was completely entangled onto him like an octopus.

This pose was too shameful!

Shu Huan had always known that her sleeping habit wasn’t very elegant. Only now did she discover that it was not elegant to this extent. While she was startled, her heart was beating chaotically. Seeing that Gu Xiran still had his eyes closed, she wanted to quickly and lightly break free from his arms.

She didn’t expect that when she moved slightly, Gu Xiran would also moved slightly. He reached out and held her waist tighter.

Their two bodies got even closer. So close that she could feel the “difference” in his body. Her expression immediately turned weird. She didn’t care anymore whether she would wake him up. She pried his arm away and sat up on the bed.

Gu Xiran slept very lightly, so he was immediately awakened by her movement. It was just that his consciousness was still vague. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at her. He muttered, “Did you wake up?”

When Shu Huan sat up, she discovered that she was almost squeezed to the wall. There was a lot of space left on his side. She immediately understood that the reason for that sleeping pose was because he crossed over to her side! If she was asleep, she couldn’t reject him. If there was something next to her hand, she naturally would hug it!

She wanted to angrily reprimand him, but she unexpectedly noticed that his voice sounded very tired. He seemed weak and without strength. She couldn’t help but worry a bit. She reached out to touch his forehead as she feared that he got sick again.

Fortunately, the temperature on his forehead was normal.

It was just that the hand she’d reached out had been grasped by him.

Gu Xiran opened his eyes once again. He smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry. I’m not sick. I’m only a bit tired.”

Shu Huan pulled her hand back and refuted, “Who was worried about you? It’s just your own wishful thinking!”

After she said that, her face suddenly reddened. She quickly got out of bed and got far away from Gu Xiran.

Her current body was still young but her mental age was already mature. Even if she didn’t experience many things before, she knew what was going on. She didn’t dare to guess whether it was because of their sleeping position that Gu Xiran was so tired. However, the vigilance that she had against him last night reduced a bit. If they cuddled for the whole night and he didn’t take any action, then he still could be considered a gentleman.

Taking into account that he was so tired, she wouldn’t bother his sleep anymore.

Shu Huan tried to wash up as quietly as she could. Then, she went to old madam’s to pay her respect.

She didn’t know if it was because Gu Xihe pleaded for her or that it was because she already got punished, but old madam’s anger seemed to have lessened a lot. In short, every time she went to pay her respect in the next ten days, although old madam didn’t receive her kindly and ignored her most of the time, she didn’t mention the punishment. Besides, she only needed to stay there for little than half a day. Gu Xihe would always come over to interrupt and ask old madam for permission to leave. Then, he will drag her back to Plum Flower Pavilion to tease the pets. This shortened the time a lot that was spent on teaching her the rules. It could be said that she managed to cope with the elders.

The simple and peaceful days let her anxious and confused heart gradually settle down.

She also got to know a lot of things these past few days. For example, master Gu, Du Da took a lot of concubines plus his former wife Yang shi and his second wife Lin shi. He had four sons and three daughters. Two sons and a daughter had married. Among these children, master Gu valued the eldest son Gu Xitian the most. Old madam favored the youngest son Gu Xihe the most.

The other children were looked after by their biological mother. Although, they weren’t that favored, but at least they had someone who cared about them. Only, Gu Xiran’s mother and the illegitimate third daughter Gu Xuan’s mother had passed away, so in this Gu household, it could be considered that they were treated the coldest.

Gu Xiran was treated a bit better. Although, he was sick the whole year and had never gone out, but after all he was from the legitimate line, so no one dared to be irreverent towards him. However, Gu Xuan’s mother was a singer. Master Gu took a fancy on her and bought her. It could be considered that she was a concubine of the lowest rank. Her status was so low that it wasn’t worth mentioning. Gu Xuan was still young. She was only twelve years old. It could be imagined how hard her days were.

She didn’t know whether it was sympathy or that she felt that Gu Xuan’s situation was similar to hers, ever since knowing these, Shu Huan paid special attention to that pretty and lovely little girl. After only observing for a few days, she discovered that Gu Xuan’s personality was obviously different from that of children of the same age. She wasn’t lively, but was abnormally quiet. Every time, she only brought one personal maid to come pay her respect. She came in quietly. After paying her respect, she also left quietly. If one didn’t pay attention, one wouldn’t notice her existence at all. Naturally, there was no chance to chat with her.

One day, when Shu Huan was dragged out of Pine Crane Hall by Gu Xihe, she happened to meet her.

Gu Xuan knowingly made way for them and also respectfully greeted, “Second sister-in-law, fourth little brother.”

Gu Xihe humped once, raised his head and felt that it was below his dignity to bother with her.

Shu Huan greeted her and talked with her for a bit. She didn’t expect that after a short while, Gu Xiren who was dressed in white came out. This time, he didn’t greet anyone. He only glanced once at Gu Xuan and then said coldly, “It’s not early anymore. Why are you still standing there?”

  • Gu Xiren is the third young master.

After he said this, he went into Pine Crane Hall with his head help up high. However, Gu Xuan immediately panicked. She didn’t even say goodbye and only looked once apologetically at Shu Huan. Then, she lifted her skirt and chased after Gu Xiren.

Shu Huan looked at their backs for a moment. Gu Xihe grabbed her and said dissatisfied, “Come one. Only two geeks; what’s there to look at?”


“Right! One was like ice that could freeze people. The other was like a stone that could bore people to death. I hate them the most in this household. Even madam told me to not interact with them.”

Shu Huan was startled, “They are your brother and sister. They are your family.”

“What family?” Gu Xihe disapproved, “Bastards born by lowly concubines!”

Shu Huan was speechless for a long moment, “Those words are really unpleasant to hear. They didn’t provoke you. Don’t say that again in the future.”

“Didn’t provoke me?” Gu Xihe said angrily, “You didn’t see how those concubines used all kinds of efforts to fight over my father! Even madam said they are lowly concubines. Why can’t I say it?”

She had seen those concubines of master Gu. Some were young. Some were old. they looked very well-behaved and honest. In front of old madam, they were docile and rarely spoke. It was Lin shi who looked like the astute one. However, one couldn’t judge a book by its cover. Who knew what they did behind her back?

Shu Huan was skeptical about his words. Fortunately, these things didn’t have anything to do with her. It was enough to only listen to it. She wasn’t qualified and didn’t want to be nosy, so she just said, “I and second young master don’t like hearing such words. In the future, you should try to say them less.”

Gu Xihe glanced once at her. He turned his head, humphed and ignored her.

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