Chapter 20 Unfamiliar father and mother

Shu Huan knew that the reason Gu Xihe got close to her these past few days was because Gu Xiran had some means to coax this child into being obedient. If it wasn’t to give Gu Xiran face, presumably this little master wouldn’t even look at her. So, she also didn’t say more. She only went all the way with him to Plum Flower Pavilion.

When the two were half-way, maid Huiyun walked up to them. She smiled and reported, “Second young mistress, master and madam-in-law came. Second young master sent me over to ask if you want to see them or not.”

Shu Huan’s mind went blank for a moment before she realized what kind of relationship this master and madam-in-law had with her.

They are the original owner’s parents. Strangers that she had never seen before!

Gu Xihe gestured impatiently with his hand, “Won’t see, won’t see! What do they take our Gu household for? Can anyone come when they want to?

“This…,” Huiyun hesitated.

Shu Huan looked once at Gu Xihe and said, “Don’t bother with him. Invite them in.”

“Hey, this is my home! For which reason should she not bother with me?” Gu Xihe wouldn’t put up with it anymore.

Shu Huan said in a not very good mood, “They are my parents. They came to see me and not you. What are you getting agitated about?”

Gu Xihe was speechless because of her. He made a “tsk” sound, turned and ran away. He probably foresaw that there was no fun at Plum Flower Pavilion and went to play elsewhere.

It was a good thing that he left. Shu Huan went back by herself. At this time, her heart was more or less perturbed. She had to go see two people who she was supposed to be the most familiar with, who happened to be complete strangers to her. This feeling was indescribable strange.

To be honest, she wasn’t eager to see the couple from Shu family. However, these past few days, she hadn’t thought of a proper way to leave Gu household. She had to explore whether her maiden family was reliable. Nevertheless, she didn’t carry much hope with her. She felt that since Shu family was already so poor that they disregarded their daughter’s happiness and married her into a wealthy family in hope that the great event of joy would drive away his bad luck and hasten his recovery, then, they had no reason to take their daughter back. At most she would talk about the background of the original owner when meeting them this time and also see what kind of people her parents were. That was all.

When she returned to Plum Flower Pavilion, that Shu couple hadn’t been invited in yet. Gu Xiran kept the habit of sun bathing every day. He was sitting in the yard. These past few days, his body seemed to have gotten better. His daily movements had become more smoothly. However, she didn’t know what he was thinking. In front the maids, he would ask for help from time to time and still pretended to weak and ill.

It happened that concubine Yun was very cooperative. Ever few days, she would personally cook a variety of nourishing soups before a meal. She said it was to nourish Gu Xiran’s body. In the end, Gu Xiran couldn’t drink it all by himself. So, he gave half of it to Shu Huan every day and forced her to drink it.

But it was in the summer and she wasn’t a weak patient. Shu Huan really couldn’t drink this kind of thing. She lied, “Just now, I already ate dessert at old madam’s. Now, I’m too full to drink it.”

“Really?” Gu Xiran looked at her with a smile that was not yet a smile.

After living together for these past few days, Shu Huan didn’t dare to say that she knew his temperament very well, but she was clear on that when he showed this kind of expression, his mind was already planning something bad. If she didn’t listen to him, in the end, the one who would be unfortunate would certainly be her.

She couldn’t refuse. Just take it as drinking medicine!

Shu Huan walked over while frowning. She took half a bowl of soup from Xiangqian. After blowing on it, she put the bowl against her lips. When drinking it, her expression was very brave. It was just, that the taste of today’s soup was very strange. It was hard to finish it all at once. As a result, she saw Xiangqian scoop soup for Gu Xiran. She accidentally scooped some ingredients of the soup. Wasn’t that white strange thing a sea horse? And that thing that looked like a worm was caterpillar fungus!

After this one look, her stomach turned. Originally, she still intended to control it and not vomit, but the soup that she had drunk already came back up. In the end, she had to cover her mouth, ran to the where the plants and flowers were and vomited.

Seeing her like this, Gu Xiran raised an eyebrow and asked, “What is in the soup?”

Concubine Yun’s face showed nervousness as she answered, “Deer meat, red dates, caterpillar fungus and Longnose seahorse.”

“Longnose seahorse?” Gu Xiran said, “Let me take a look.”

Xiangqian brought the pot to him.

When Gu Xiran saw the caterpillar fungus, he didn’t have an abnormal reaction. After seeing the sea horse, he also couldn’t help but frown. He hasn’t spoken yet, when Huiyun brought a middle-aged couple in. She smiled and reported, “Second young master, master and madam-in-law are invited in.”

When Shu Huan heard this, she originally wanted to go meet them, but at this moment her mouth was full of that strange taste. She still felt nausea. So, she bent and vomited for a while. While she vomited, she rushed to say, “Tea. Give me some to wash away the taste.”

Hearing this, Xiangqian rushed to the chamber to get tea.

When the Shu couple entered, they were ill at ease. They didn’t know whether they should see their daughter first or greet their son-in-law first. Now, when they saw Shu Huan vomit, they exchanged a glance and revealed a surprised and happy smile.

That Xu shi couldn’t bother with anything else and clasped her hands while laughing, “Aiya, what a coincidence! Could it be that we really caught up with miss’ morning sickness? Then, I have to first congratulate son-in-law.”

  • Shi: clan

Morning sickness?!

When she said this, the faces of all the people in the yard changed.

Hearing this, Shu Huan spat out the mouthful of tea that was in her mouth and coughed.

Gu Xiran’s expression also turned extremely weird. It seemed that he was trying to hold in a laughter.

Even concubine Yun’s expression paled a bit.

It happened that Xu shi didn’t see that their expressions were strange. She went to support Shu Huan while she laughed and said, “I didn’t expect that little Huan is so blessed. The moment you married, you got pregnant. In the future…!”

She didn’t finish when concubine Yun suddenly said, “Not right!”

This interruption was sudden, so everyone looked at her.

Only now did concubine Yun discover that she had a slip of tongue. She couldn’t help but explain, “Second young mistress only married for about ten days. Even if she was blessed and got pregnant, she shouldn’t have such a big reaction now…”

Only after she’d said this did Xu shi wake up to the reality. She was also someone who had given birth before so she knew very well how long it would take for one to have a response to pregnancy. Just now, the joy got over her head and she didn’t think that the days weren’t right. Now, she couldn’t help but feel a bit upset. She regretted that she spoke so fast and made such a mistake. Her face immediately showed annoyance.

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