Chapter 22 Who is the little fat sheep?

If Shu Huan had to describe Xu shi with one word, then nothing could surpass the word “fussy”.

  • Shi: clan

She suddenly came to visit and said so many words like pouring beans out of a bamboo tube. She also didn’t wait for people to react and just said that she was leaving. Hearing this, Shu Huan felt greatly relieved. She chased after them, wanting to send them out.

However she didn’t expect that Xu shi just reached the door when she suddenly turned back and revealed a fawning smile at her.

Shu Huan was terrified, “Mother…do you have something else to instruct?”

It took her a lot of effort to spit out the word “mother”. Fortunately, it was mother and not mom. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for her to bear it mentally.

“It’s nothing…,” Xu shi unexpectedly began to act shy. She even reached out to shove Shu Fu a bit.

Shu Fu looked at her and then looked at Shu Huan with an expression of wanting to say something but didn’t know how to say it.

Because she got curious, Shu Huan urged, “There are no outsiders here. If you have something to say, just say it.”

Shu Fu was elbowed again and finally opened his mouth, “Little Huan…”

She wanted to faint!

This Shu couple was really a match made from heavens. One was impetuous like charcoal. The other was soft like plain water.

In the end, it was Xu shi who couldn’t hold back anymore; she glared once at Shu Fu and then said, “To give you face, all the last bit of the family’s money had been used to prepare gifts. We also had pawned many things. Now, we are so poor that we can’t even buy rice. Your little brother also has reached the age to attend school. We couldn’t even gather enough for teacher Jing’s payment. Little Huan, do you have some private money? Borrow some to us for the urgency!”


She went through such a big circle just for this!

Shu Huan’s personality was a bit straightforward, so she didn’t like to ponder over hidden schemes. However, this didn’t mean that she was so stupid as to being sold and still count the money for that person. So, she went silent for a while and then asked, “Did you spent all the betrothal gifts given by Gu household?”

After this question, the expression of Shu couple immediately turned uncomfortable. Shu Fu revealed an ashamed expression. He stole a glance at Xu shi.

Xu shi’s temper was more shrewish. She was only deadlocked for a short while. After that, she licked her finger and said, “You aren’t a housekeeper and don’t know how expensive food is! I and your father married and not sold a daughter off. How much could this betrothal gift be? Then, let me calculate for you. The money for that matchmaker Jiang was borrowed. We have to repay that, right? Half of the money of the betrothal gift was gone because of this alone! Raising you until you became so big also needed countless money. We pawned so many things. We need to go buy them back, right? Another half of the money is gone! The little money that is left was used on relatives and neighbors. As for the silk that Gu household sent; those are worthless when sold. So, I left them for your little sister!”

While talking, she looked extremely dissatisfied at Shu Huan. “You didn’t forget, right? Your little sister is three years younger than you. After two years, she will be at the marriageable age. She isn’t as blessed as you to marry into a wealthy family and live the life in luxury. In order for her future family-in-law to look highly at her, wouldn’t we need to prepare a large dowry?”

Xu shi was still explaining, but the more she talked, she suddenly felt a sense of sourness in her heart. When she raised her eyes, she saw that the decoration of this room was in gold or silver. The gauze lower garments of Shu Huan and her delicate head ornament made Xu shi green with envy. She couldn’t control her emotions and said, a bit aggrieved, “Now, you reached so high in the social ladder. I and your father doesn’t hope to be able to shine in your light. However, your little brother and sister are still young. You should take a bit more care of them. If you can help them, then help them. You can’t eat and drink well and look at your siblings starve to death.”

She wanted to go on, but Shu Huan felt that if she continued to speak, she (SH) would become the most shameful person to ever exist since the ancient times. Not only was she not filial, she was also ungrateful! So, she quickly raised her hand to stop Xu shi. She said, “Wait for a moment.”

She turned and went to the inner room. She took out silver money from a small box inside the jewelry box. She put it in her hand and weighted it.

The silver money was heavy and gave good feeling of touch.

This was the monthly payment she hasn’t even gotten for two days. She originally wanted to save it and lay out another road for her. She didn’t expect that the parents of the original owner would come over asking for money. Presumably, she couldn’t save this money now.

When the silver money reached Xu shi’s hands, Shu Huan clearly saw her eyes shone and even her whole face bloomed. The gaze she looked at her (SH) with also turned gentler and more affectionate. Shu Huan sighed, “I’ve just married and haven’t accumulated anything. I only have this ten silver liang. Spend it more carefully.”

  • Liang: Chinese currency

While talking, she looked at the food box on the table. She said, “In the future, there is no need to spend money to buy things when you come here. Gu household doesn’t lack anything.”

There was one sentence that she didn’t say. Wool comes from the sheep’s back. She didn’t want to be the small sheep whose wool was always shaved.

  • Wool comes from the sheep’s back: nothing is for free.

Moreover, marriage in hope that the great event of joy would drive away bad luck and hasten his recovery was selling a daughter in disguise. If Gu household didn’t give enough betrothal gifts, who would be willing to marry their daughter off? If one was unlucky, there was the chance that she would be a widow for her whole life! From this, it could be seen that this Shu couple didn’t lack money. At least, they were much richer than her! They came to cry and complain just to get more money!

Thinking till here, her mood fell. Why did she feel that the way Xu shi looked at her was like looking at a money tree?

To repay the original owner for occupying her body, it was no problem to help her family within the limits of her (SH) ability. However, if the other party kept taking her as a stupid pig to kill, she didn’t want to close her eyes with a smile and didn’t want to help people without gratitude and be regarded as a fool!

Obviously, Xu shi didn’t know her (SH) thoughts. She really took her (SH) as a fool. She touched the money and smiled for a while. Suddenly, she said, “These past few years, your little sister had been picking up your old clothes. They were so sloppy that they were beyond recognition. I think that this silver could be used to make two set of clothes for her first. The rest wouldn’t be enough to chew on for two months.”

While talking, her gaze fell on Shu Huan’s wrist which wore a pair of delicate red golden bracelets.

Shu Huan followed her gaze and smiled, “So…”

She shouted, “Liangchen!”

Xu shi panicked a bit, “Why call the maid?”

Shu Huan didn’t answer. After a moment, Liangchen raised the curtain and entered the room. “Did second young mistress call me?”

“Mm.” Shu Huan reached out and untied a bunch of keys from her waist. She handed it to Liangchen. “Open the storage box and take out the two pieces of fabrics that eldest young mistress sent over.”

Liangchen went away.

Xu shi wanted to stop her, but Shu Huan already said laughingly, “I don’t have other things, but I have two good quality fabrics. Take them and make some new clothes for little sister. A girl must dress up nicely.”

At long last, Xu shi had some sense of shame. She anxiously asked, “Is it really alright to walk out so eye-catchingly with them? It’s better if you give me more money. I will buy them at a clothing store later!”

Shu Huan lowered her eyes and didn’t look at her as she said, “Is there such good-quality fabrics at the store? Even if there is, it’s expensive! Besides, I don’t have more money. I only have two pieces of jewelry left, but those are given by the elders. It’s respectful to wear them every day when I go to pay my respects. If mother feels that taking these things out is too eye-catching, then, I will let someone bring them over.”

Xu shi was at loss for words. She glanced at Shu Fu. When she saw that he didn’t utter a word after puffing and exhaling for a long time, her face immediately turned gloomy.

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