Chapter 24 Losing when taking it seriously

The two looked at each other for a moment.

Gu Xiran laughed first, “Why don’t you say anything?”

Shu Huan was helpless. She could only insist, “What do you want me to say? You remember things about me better than myself. Why don’t you tell me why it is like that?”

Gu Xiran’s eyes had a trace of craftiness in them. “You really want to hear the answer?”

Shu Huan nodded.

His tone turned dully, “There are two explanations. The first one is…”

Shu Huan didn’t say anything and waited nervously for him to continue. In the end, she discovered that this person had the talent of not resting before making people astonished because of his words.

He said, “You are not Shu Huan!”

It was so close to the truth, so Shu Huan’s heart beat faster and she panicked a bit, “If I’m not Shu Huan, then who am I?”

“I haven’t finished yet.”

“Then continue…”

“The second explanation is that even if you didn’t die on the wedding night when you committed suicide by hanging, you went through the death’s door. So, now you have a duller look on life and death. If one doesn’t even care about life and death, then the way she would look on other things would be more open-minded.”


Was he talking about himself?

If she remembered correctly, when the original owner committed suicide by hanging, he was shocked. He also almost died! Also, Gu Xihe had told her that his second big brother was very boring and dull. The present second big brother was a lot more interesting. The aura he sometimes revealed would let people not dare to show lack of respect for him…

While she was still thinking about this and that, Gu Xiran’s gaze swept over her. “Which explanation do you think is more reasonable?”

“Of…of course the second one…”

Even if she knew that it was the wrong one, she had to blatantly admit to it in fear that she would expose her true identity.

The people of ancient times were very superstitious. Who would know how they would look on the matter of time-traveling? On the bright side, it was reincarnation in someone else’s body. On the other hand, it was another soul seizing the body. No matter which one, it wasn’t accepted by the world!

Gu Xiran raised an eye-brow and revealed a though-provoking smile, “I also feel that is the right one. If you aren’t Shu Huan, your parents would’ve long caused an uproar.”

Ay, after half a day, it turned out that he was suspicious of her identity!

She was a fake. She lied to Gu Xiran. Even though, she knew that she had no right to be angry, she still said a bit annoyed, “It’s right to be cautious with a marriage, but do you have to investigate so carefully? Is it that old madam even investigated through our eighteen generations?”

“No.” Gu Xiran said with self-ridicule, “How would old madam spend so much time and effort on me? I let people go investigate.”

“You?” The answer was unexpected. Shu Huan frowned, “You investigate so carefully because you are afraid that I will harm you?”

“That is not the case.” Gu Xiran reached out for the crystal fruit plate on the table and picked up a peach. He held it in his hand and looked at it for a long while before he raised his eyes and smiled, “I just wanted to know for what kind of reason someone would commit suicide by hanging on the wedding night.”

His tone was light and sounded more mocking than serious.

Shu Huan didn’t know whether he was joking or not.

Then, she realized that Gu Xiran’s face suddenly came closer to hers. In his eyes flashed laughter and curiosity. He lowered his voice, “You hate me so much that you prefer to die instead of spending the wedding night with me?”

Shu Huan panicked a little, “No…that’s not it…”

Gu Xiran’s voice lowered even more, “Then, what is it?”

He should ask the original owner about this. How would she know…?

Gu Xiran came a little closer, “Too shy to say it? Or is it that you don’t want to say it?”

His nose nearly touched her face!

Shu Huan’s heart almost jumped out of her chest. She quickly took a step back, “It’s just not that. Why do you have to ask so thoroughly?”

“Oh…,” Gu Xiran narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled, “Since it’s not like that, why don’t we have our wedding night now?”

When he said the last words, his voice was almost inaudible.

Shu Huan took a step back and one more step back. She touched her face. It was so hot that it burned. She said angrily from shyness, “Now it’s daytime!”

Gu Xiran didn’t care, “Then, at night?”


“F*** me!” Shu Huan finally got anxious and swore. “Lecher! Pervert! Get far away from me!”

Her voice just fell when she felt a pain on her forehead. She was flicked on the forehead by him.

“Don’t swear!”

Shu Huan rubbed her forehead and refused to comply, “Did I swore? I rub…I rubbed the table, rubbed the floor, rubbed the wood, can’t I…?”

  • Rub and f*** sound almost the same.

“You can!” Gu Xiran casted a sidelong glance at her. “Be a bit quicker. Time is worth money.”


She was speechless!

She had to pretend to die. Anyways, she can’t roll in the sheets with him! Once she rolled, she would be tied here and wouldn’t be able to get out anymore!

Shu Huan lowered her eyes and pretended to be mute and deaf. How could she had thought that Gu Xiran was at a higher level? She heard him heave a very long sigh. “My self-esteem is hurt.”


Hold back. Ignore him!

Gu Xiran sighed again, “I’ve lived for more than ten years with an ill body. I finally got married. The result turned out to be me being disliked. Preferred to die instead of spending the wedding night with me…”

Hold back. He had servants to help him move. There’s concubine Yun to warm his bed. Besides, he seemed to be getting better from the illness. There was nothing pitiful about him!

Gu Xiran’s tone turned mournful, “That’s right. Such an useless person like me whose hands can’t lift anything, shoulders can’t carry anything, who need the support of servants to walk, who take medicine as a meal every day and who was waiting for Yanwang’s brush to fall on the paper to go to the netherworld; who would be willing to marry me? It was better to die sooner to let my wife remarry while she’s still young.”

  • Yanwang: the king of the netherworld

Endure the internal injury!

Shu Huan complained, “Why do you have to curse yourself?”

Gu Xiran’s gaze turned sad. “What I said is the truth. Could it be that you don’t think like this?”

“I didn’t think like that! I just…,” Shu Huan was at loss for words. She choked till her face got red. Her emotions inexplicably turned fretful. There was an uncontrollable impulse in her heart rushing out…

To just confess!

Regardless of the consequences, it was better than to be restrained to death by the saying “a hidden trouble hard to mention”.

Just as she was about to reveal everything, she didn’t expect that Gu Xiran’s mournful expression would vanish at this moment and he revealed a mischievous smile, “I was teasing you. Why did you become so serious?”

“I…,” Shu Huan was tongue-tied. In her heart, she stabbed at him a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times….

Gu Xiran saw that her expression was not right, he immediately stretched and stood up. He yawned, “I suddenly feel a bit tired. I will go take a nap. When it’s time for lunch, no need to call me. You can eat first.”

“You…,” Shu Huan hasn’t recovered yet from her anger as she pointed at him. She was so angry that she couldn’t even speak well.

“What about me?” Gu Xiran took a few steps and then came back. He looked at her and reached out his thumb to flatten her frowned eyebrow. He said laughingly, “Don’t be angry. When you are angry, you are very ugly! See, you are more pleasing to the eyes like this.”

While talking, he lazily walked to the inner room.


This person is hateful, hateful, too hateful!

Shu Huan sulked alone in the same place. She obviously knew that she obviously would be fooled by him, but she still was fooled by him! She didn’t know whether she should scold him for being treacherous and sly or scold herself for being a fool and an idiot.

While she was thinking about that, she raised her eyes and saw concubine Yun pull away the curtain and came in. She (Y) seemed to be in deep thoughts. When she met her (SH) eyes did she snap out of her thoughts and smiled, “Second young mistress, I already sent out master and madam-in-law. Should I go let people prepare the table now?”

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