Chapter 29 To sympathize

Ever since she time-traveled to now, Shu Huan had always tried to avoid concubine Yun when she could. She’d never had a face-to-face dispute with her. Firstly, this was because she had no intention of fighting for anything with her. Secondly was because she was a newcomer and didn’t want to make enemies everywhere she went. However, at this moment, concubine Yun completely broke the balance of not fighting between the wife and the concubines!

Shu Huan could pretend that she didn’t know about what was happening behind her back and wouldn’t pursue the matter. However, being threatened in her face and still be a yes-man; she couldn’t do it!

Thinking till here, she stood up and said coldly, “Concubine made me stay just for this?”

After getting used to seeing Shu Huan’s laid-back temper and seeing her cold eyes now, concubine Yun also couldn’t help but feel slightly stunned. For a moment, she didn’t know what to answer.

Shu Huan naturally didn’t have the patience anymore to stay, “Since you have nothing to say, I still have things to do. I will leave first.”

When she said that she was leaving, she was truly leaving. She was already at the door, when concubine Yun called her, “Second young mistress, you are not afraid that this sachet…”

She hadn’t finished speaking when Shu Huan turned with a slight smile, “What? You want to threaten me? Do you want to show this sachet to your second young master or is it that you want to publicize this matter so that everyone will get to know about it?”

Shu Huan’s reaction was beyond concubine Yun’s expectations. She bit her lips when her threat didn’t work. Suddenly she knelt, “Second young mistress has misunderstood. I have no such intention. I bought this sachet because I was afraid that others would get to know about this matter. Don’t worry, I will guard my mouth like a closed bottle on this matter and will not spread it.”

“Really?” Shu Huan raised an eyebrow. “Then, how should I thank you?”

Concubine Yun lowered her head and said, “Yan knows Yan’s identity. Yan has never had other intentions. I only want to have a place in Gu household…It was just that second young master doesn’t like me now. I thought for a long while and didn’t seem to have ever offended second young master…If I have unintentionally collided with second young mistress, I ask second young mistress to have mercy and spare me this time…From now one, I will double my self-discipline and will never stir up trouble again. I ask second young mistress to fulfill this wish of mine.”

This was still a threat in disguise!

Shu Huan said in a laughable tone, “You are suspicious that I sowed dissension between you and second young master?”

Concubine Yun lowered her voice, “Yan doesn’t dare.”

“Is it that you don’t dare or haven’t suspected?” Shu Huan was very tired of this, “If you have something to say, can’t you just say it directly? I don’t have such a clever heart like yours and also doesn’t want to go around guessing your thoughts. However, I will tell you clearly that if Gu Xiran dislike you, it’s his matter. It has nothing to do with me. If you feel wronged, then you can go cry at his place. What use does it have to tell me? Could it be that you want me to drag him to your bed?”

Concubine Yun didn’t expect that she would be so blunt. Her face immediately paled. Tears rolled down her eyes and said, “Second young mistress, don’t get angry…It wasn’t Yan’s intention to do such a despicable thing as to hold onto information that could be used against you…It was just, that as a concubine, if I can’t get second young master’s heart and also doesn’t have an offspring, it would be very difficult to have a stand in Gu household…”

“Second young master, second young master! To put it bluntly, this is something between you and him. You want to please him and give birth to his child, then go think of ways to be entangled with him. What’s the use of bothering me?” While Shu Huan talked, she picked up the sachet from the table and put it in front of her (Y), “Even if you went with this sachet to report to old madam, at most, she will get angry and let Gu Xiran divorce me! Will anything good come from my divorce for you? Another second young mistress will be taken in. Perhaps, also two concubines. If he dislikes you, he will still dislike you!”

Concubine Yun didn’t speak. She only sat on the ground and shed tears.

Shu Huan threw the sachet in front of her, “Your situation deserves sympathy, but your actions are hateful! If you want to have a ground to stand on, you don’t have to use me as a stepping stone. I don’t have the habit of sacrificing myself to support others and I also don’t like to be a matchmaker who link red strings for people. Also, don’t say that I don’t recognize this sachet. Even if you think that this thing is useful and spread the matter to smear Gu household’s face, then the first one who would be unlucky wouldn’t be me, but you! Go think about what to do yourself!”

After having said that, she looked once more at concubine Yun who cried like raindrops on a pear blossom. She (SH) felt very dejected in her heart! It was obviously she who had been bullied. Why was the other party crying more pitiful than her? In other words, no matter how miserable concubine Yun’s situation was, could it be more miserable than hers? She haven’t even cried yet and the other party already started crying…

She sighed, turned around and was about to open the door, but unexpectedly, her hand had just touched the doorknob when she heard three knocks from the other side of the door, “Concubine Yun?”

The voice just fell, when the door was pushed open. The one who entered was Huiyun with a perturbed face. When she saw the situation in the room, she was startled at first. Then, she was at a loss about what to do.

Shu Huan frowned, “What is the matter?”

“No…Nothing…,” Huiyun stole a glance at concubine Yun who had her head lowered, trying to wipe her tears. She (H) said in a low voice, “This slave passed by and heard the cries inside. So, I came in to see what was the matter…”

At this time, concubine Yun stood up from the ground. While she stuffed that sachet in her sleeve, she tried to force a smile, “I came in from the outside and didn’t expect that there was mud on my soles. I slipped and fell. It’s nothing. You can retreat.”

The floor in the room was very dry. There was obviously no wet mud. She obviously looked for an excuse to cover up the matter. However, originally, she didn’t have to explain to a maid, so Huiyun naturally didn’t dare to ask more. She lowered her head and said, “Yes.” She retreated.

Seeing that she went away, concubine Yun bowed slightly and paid her respect to Shu Huan, “Second young mistress, I apologize for just now…”

Shu Huan saw that her face showed embarrassment and sorrow, she couldn’t help but shake her head. She didn’t say anything, turned and left.

In fact, concubine Yun could be considered an obedient person. At least, she appeared to be low-key and cautious. Aside from liking Gu Xiran and wanting to be by his side, she didn’t have other intentions. If it was another with a more brash personality, not only would it be a life and death struggle, she would also spread the things that the original owner had done before. At this time, she may have to kneel at old madam’s for trial.

She got annoyed just by thinking about it!

How many things about the original owner did she still not know?

It felt like a bomb. Perhaps, some time that bomb would start ticking…

Something was not right!

When she was in front of the door of the main chamber, she suddenly stopped.

Gu Xiran seemed to know the original owner very well. Then, did he know about this sachet?!

If he didn’t know, then forget it. If he knew, why didn’t he mention it?

Shu Huan had a strange feeling in her heart that she couldn’t describe nor touch. While she was in deep thoughts, she suddenly felt an arm around her waist. Then, her right shoulder sank a bit. Someone’s chin was on it.

She didn’t have to guess and knew that this person must be Gu Xiran. Lately, he had become more presumptuous and did more intimate actions. She had blocked him once or twice, but she couldn’t block the third and fourth time. Thinking till here, she felt somewhat helpless.

While Gu Xiran went into the room with her with his arm around her waist, he asked, “What were you thinking about?”

Shu Huan avoided answering him. She only looked at him. She saw that he was carrying an umbrella in one hand. His clothes also had signs of being rained on. She couldn’t help but ask, “You went out just now?”

“Mm, there was no sun to bask into. I went out for a walk. I just returned and saw you standing deep in thoughts in front of the door.”

Hearing him say this, Shu Huan was slightly relieved.

Fortunately, he didn’t hear her dispute with concubine Yun. It was not that she was afraid. It was just that she had too much things to worry about. If one or two more were added, it would almost reach the limit that she could bear.

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