Chapter 32 Condemning

Old madam’s gaze swept majesticallyand fiercely over Shu Huan’s face for a while.

Once upon a time, when she was in charge of the family business, every time when she used this kind of gaze to explore those keepers, she would see loopholes from those who had a guilty conscience. This time, she couldn’t see anything from Shu Huan’s eyes.

Concubine Yun said with her head lowered, “Old madam, that matter was a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” Old madam was still suspicious, slammed the table and said, “First, it was that they couldn’t summon the handkerchief of consummation. Then, it was the matter of the sachet. Everything is explained with just the word misunderstanding? Perhaps, she committed suicide by hanging on the wedding night for this love affair!”

If one wants to condemn somebody, don’t worry about the pretext!

Shu Huan was already too tired to justify herself just because this old madam didn’t listen. No matter how she justified herself, it was all in vain. She could only take a side way and stake all in one gamble. “Since old madam doesn’t believe me and also isn’t willing to summon people to ask question or willing to find a doctor to check my pulse, Then, even if I have a hundred mouths, I can’t argue.”

While talking, she kowtowed at old madam. “Although, I was born in a poor family, I also know the importance of chasteness. I don’t want to bear this kind of injustice about me not being chaste. I also don’t want to damage Gu family’s reputation because of this. Old madam, please forgive me for being unfilial and don’t have the blessing to serve you in this lifetime. Perhaps in the next life, I will have the blessing to be happy under your wing!”

After having spoken that, she took the opportunity of getting up after she kowtowed to pick up a broken porcelain from the ground. She bit her lips and slashed her wrist. It happened so fast that the others couldn’t stop her. The blood run through the wound and dripped on the ground.

Concubine Yun screamed and quickly grabbed the broken porcelain from her hand to prevent her from cutting herself again. Even old madam was shocked. She got up from the chair with the help of her cane. She didn’t go see her injury first, but shouted, “Come! Get a doctor! Get a doctor!”

The maids had all been sent out. Naturally, no one answered her when she shouted and concubine Yun was looking after Shu Huan. She (Y) wasn’t free. She (OM) got anxious and flew to the door herself, opened it and called the people.

Unexpectedly, concubine Yun was so flustered that she tore off her clothes for a long time, but still couldn’t tear anything off to wrap the wound. When she looked at Shu Huan again, she had already fainted. She (Y) got anxious and was more flustered.

Just then, a figure suddenly rushed in from the outside and shouted to her in a low voice, “Out of the way!”

Concubine Yun was startled. She raised her eyes and was astounded, “Second young master?”

Gu Xiran used force to tear a part of his clothes. While he wrapped the wound, he didn’t even raise his head and said, “Let someone go bring doctor Ji and let fourth young master help old madam inside. As for those maids, let them go back to their room. They aren’t allowed to set a foot out of this yard for a while!”

Concubine Yun was still flustered but complied instantly. When she was about to go out, she saw Gu Xiran grab Shu Huan’s neck. Another hand was on her leg. He tried to carry her. Concubine Yun couldn’t help but stop him, “Second young master, quickly put her down. Your body…”

Gu Xiran gave her a look, “Quickly go!”

The voice wasn’t high, but the tone was so imposing that one couldn’t question further.

Concubine Yun no longer hesitated. She lifted her skirt and quickly ran.

Gu Xiran carried Shu Huan. He looked around the room and went to the inner room. He found a bed to put her on, he didn’t expect that when he looked down, he saw that she had her eyes slightly open and was quietly looking at him. His face couldn’t help but sink. For the first time, he got angry with her. “Is it very fun?”

At this time, there was no one else inside the room aside from the two of them. Shu Huan didn’t have to pretend to faint anymore. She bit her lips, frowned and complained, “Fun, my ass. It’s so painful!”

He had guessed that perhaps she used the trick of injuring herself to gain the enemy’s sympathy, but he still got nervous. Only now when he saw that she was fine, did he feel relieved.

He dropped her lightly on the bed and flicked her forehead, “Don’t curse!”


Shu Huan was really dejected. How could there be such a person? She was already injured and he was still so violent towards her!

Gu Xiran sat on the edge of the bed. He untied the cloth he messily wrapped just now and looked at the wound. Very well, the wound wasn’t deep. The bleeding almost stopped. In fact, even if he didn’t wrap it, there would be no problem. However, he still re-wrapped that cloth.

Shu Huan sucked her breath and shouted at him to be gentler.

“You know that it will hurt and you still cut yourself?” Gu Xiran looked at her like he was looking at an idiot.

“Do you think I wanted to?”

That he could appear here now meant that he already knew what had happened. Shu Huan also didn’t hide it from him and said helplessly, “Old madam had a knot in her heart, that was why she dislikes me. The matter of this time was bigger. She linked all the things that I had done and hadn’t done together. The most unfortunate thing was that these matters really could be linked together! Then, she interrogated me using them. She didn’t listen to my explanation. Even if she listened, she wouldn’t believe me. What can I do? Instead of letting her continue to be suspicious and knock me with them every few days, I may as well cut my wrist first to show my true feelings! At the very least, I could control the depth and the force, right?”

Gu Xiran said helplessly, “Have you never heard about playing with fire? If by chance you couldn’t control it well and really killed yourself, then what?”

“How could that be?!” Shu Huan lowered her voice and said, “Have you ever seen someone die when they cut their wrist in front of people?”

Gu Xiran clenched his teeth and said unhappily, “If old madam really didn’t care whether you lived or died and set her heart on not saving you, then you will die for sure!”

Seeing his angry expression, Shu Huan’s mood suddenly turned for the better. She laughed and said fawningly, “Then, isn’t there still you who would save me?”

Gu Xiran raised an eyebrow and revealed a smile that was not yet a smile, “You are so sure?”

Shu Huan’s heart skipped a beat. She raised her eyes and looked at him and then looked the other way without answering him. Originally, she wasn’t sure. However, now he appeared. It would be weird if she wasn’t sure! But then again, when she cut her wrist, she took into account that old madam was old and believed in Buddha. Even if she hated her (SH), she would not let her (SH) die in front of her.

Moreover, old madam was a widow herself. She presumably put a lot of importance to the concept of being faithful to the death in memory of her husband. It was suicide again. The original owner made a big mistake by committing suicide by hanging on the wedding night. She cut her wrist to show her innocence may be seen as her wanting to show her indomitable chasteness! Even if she was so hard-hearted to not save her, how would she die from cutting so shallow? At most, she would be a bit shameless, stand up and walk out. The limit was just that old madam would let Gu Xiran divorce her. It would be the same result as when she couldn’t explain those unclear things. Anyway, it wouldn’t be worse!

While she was in deep thoughts, she heard the sound of the cane outside. There was also Gu Xihe who shouted, “Second big brother, where are you?”

“Lie down!” Gu Xiran quietly uttered these two words. Then, he took the blanket and covered her injured hand with it.

Shu Huan lay straight, closed her eyes and pretended to be unconscious.

After a while, old madam came in supported by Gu Xihe. When she saw them, she quickly asked, “How is she? Is the wound serious?’

Gu Xiran quickly stood up, lowered his eyes and showed a sorrowful look, “The wound is a bit deep. We have to wait till the doctor arrive to know.”

When old madam heard that, she immediately prayed to Buddha. She changed to a lamenting and sorrowful tone, “I only looked for this child to ask a few questions. Who knew that she was so hot-tempered? She actually demonstrated her sincerity by dying! If something really happens, then wouldn’t it be my sin?!”

While talking, she walked to the bed to look at Shu Huan. However, how could she see clearly under the lights? She only saw that she (SH) had her eyes closed, her brows frowned, and she looked to be in much pain. She couldn’t help but roll the beads in her hand a few times and prayed to Buddha again, sighing non-stop.

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