Chapter 33 Nothing to discuss regarding kissing you

In fact, things didn’t have to reach this point.

Shu Huan who was lying on bed with her eyes closed and was pretending to have fainted, regretted her actions a bit after she’d calmed down. Not to mention, the ancient teaching was that one’s body belonged to their parents, but it was also not appropriate to harm her own body. But, occasionally, she couldn’t help herself and acted a bit too impulsive, overriding her reasoning.

She couldn’t explain things properly when old madam had interrogated her just because the story behind the interrogation was the original owner’s love story. How could one explain love clearly? She didn’t know the story, couldn’t explain it and couldn’t make others believe her explanation. Hence, she decided to use such a stupid way to solve the problem at hand.

Now, she felt that fighting and scheming against each other was really tiring!

In any case, she hoped that the pain this time could be exchanged for a relatively stable and calm life in the future. She didn’t want to continue living under the suspicion of others. She didn’t want to see old madam’s cold eyes glancing at her with doubt every time she went to pay her respects. She didn’t want to bear those crimes that originally didn’t belong to her…

When doctor Ji arrived, the people inside the room scattered and only Gu Xiran was left.

Shu Huan suddenly felt something cool placed on her wrist. It seemed that her wrist was covered with a silk pad. She couldn’t help but slightly open her eyes. When she saw that doctor Ji frowned and put his finger on her wrist, she quickly closed her eyes.

After a while, Gu Xiran’s low and magnetic voice could be heard, “How is she?”

Doctor Ji didn’t answer. He was busily looking at Shu Huan’s wound. He applied a medicinal powder on it and then carefully wrapped it.

Gu Xiran couldn’t hold back and asked, “No need to stitch it?”

This time, doctor Ji gently replied, “It’s only a slight injury. It’s not so serious. She just needs to change medicine everyday and avoid water. After a few days, it would form scabs and heal. If you are afraid that it would leave a scar, apply this cream. The scar would fade after a few months.

Gu Xiran took over doctor Ji’s cream and faked two coughs, “Doctor Ji, take a look again. I think that my wife is very badly injured!”

That tone seemed to hint at something.

The room immediately turned quiet.

Only after a long time had passed did she heard the gentle and clear voice of doctor Ji again, “This little one checked carefully and feels that your wife’s wound is indeed very serious.”

“Is it that she lost too much blood?”

“Mm, the artery had been injured. If I was a bit later, then she couldn’t have been saved.”

“Then, does she have to stay in bed to recuperate for a while?”

“Yes, she needs to stay in bed to recuperate for a while.”

“Is it necessary to eat more nourishing things?”

“Bird nest and ginseng are indispensable.”


Shu Huan almost laughed out loud when she listened to their deadpan questions and answers. She had to hold back so hard that she almost got an internal injury. Although, she wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that she faked her fainting from a doctor, if she laughed out loud now, it would be very embarrassing.

Fortunately, Gu Xiran continued, “Then, doctor Ji, please come with me to report to old madam to let her rest assured. Although my wife is badly injured, her life’s not in danger.”

Doctor Ji carried his medicinal coffer and readily followed his advice, “Please (go first)!”

The two men walked out together.

Only then did Shu Huan let out a soft sigh and opened her eyes, revealing a helpless smile.

This trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s sympathy was really not an easy act. If it wasn’t because there was Gu Xiran who co-operated with her, it would be very easy to see through.

She didn’t know what doctor Ji reported back to old madam and if he had clarified the rumors about her morning sickness. Anyway, when she ‘slowly woke up’, old madam was looking quite kindly at her and also asked whether she wanted to stay at Pine Crane Hall tonight.

The answer was of course no!

She didn’t want to face this edgy old madam and was afraid that she would leave loopholes. Of course what she’d said was very tactful. She said she didn’t want to disturb old madam’s rest and to let her forgive her offense. For the first time, she saw old madam reveal a faintly discernable smile at her.

When she went to Pine Crane Hall, she walked perfectly fine. Now, that she had to go back to Plum Flower Pavilion, she was being carried back. Concubine Yun supported Gu Xiran at a side. After every two steps, he would take a breath. He played the role of the weak and the ill very well.

There was no other way. He had rushed into Pine Crane Hall in a hurry and also carried Shu Huan to the bed. Now, after the incident, he was afraid that old madam would become suspicious after recalling the event. So, after doctor Ji saw the injured Shu Huan, he (GXR) had been like he was on the verge of collapsing after exerting too much strength in a moment of desperation. This made old madam worry and let doctor Ji also check his pulse and prescribe medication before she was willing to let him go.

Shu Huan thought it was very funny. She didn’t know whether doctor Ji would find them a weird couple. They were obviously very well but had to pretend to be seriously ill to muddle people.

When they returned to Plum Flower Pavilion, Gu Xiran used the excuse that he was tired to send concubine Yun and the maids out. He closed the door and even locked it. Then, he turned and glared unkindly at Shu Huan who was laying in bed.

This couldn’t be!

Didn’t he already teach her a lesson at old madam’s? Could it be that he wanted to do it again?

Shu Huan forced a smile and moved her body to the side of the wall.

Gu Xiran originally didn’t want to throw a temper, but at this moment, when things had calmed down, he got angrier the more he thought about it. In particular when he returned to the hall with doctor Ji and saw the blood on the ground that hadn’t been washed away yet. He felt an inexplicable fluster that instantly caught his heart.

The atmosphere wasn’t right!

Seeing him getting closer to the bed, Shu Huan suddenly felt that she was a small white rabbit who had encountered a big gray wolf. Her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t help but ask, “What…what do you want to do…?”

Gu Xiran came even closer to her and retorted, “What do you think?”

“I’m sick now…” The meaning was that she needed to be treated gently.

Gu Xiran licked his lips and said, “That was self-harm. You can’t blame anyone!”

“I was forced…”

His tone turned unhappier as he said, “Weren’t you sure that I will go save you? Why didn’t you wait?”


Shu Huan wanted to explain, but she had already been pulled into his embrace. She didn’t even have time to react yet when his lips crashed on hers…

That was a kiss filled with anger as punishment and couldn’t be refused.

First, it fiercely smothered her lips and then it entangled with them.

Among the pain, there was the smell of blood spreading and there was also a sense of suffocation that was unclear whether it came from happiness or pain.

The two’s body came closer. So close that Shu Huan felt her heart almost jump out of her chest. The instinctive reaction of the body had driven away her reason. She had long been unable to think. She could only feel the heat coming from Gu Xiran’s body. It was like flames that could burn everything. It wrapped around her and made her also burn with it…

The recklessly tossing about in bed became lingering. Gu Xiran’s kiss became gentler, but in comparison, the breathing became heavier. Until when he almost went over the edge of self-control, he suddenly moved his face away and buried himself in her neck. He panted and tried to calm down his emotions.

After a while, Shu Huan reached out to push him.

Gu Xiran raised his head and saw that under the light, her cheeks were red like peach blossoms and that her eyes were full of ripples of water. He couldn’t help but reach out to touch her slightly swollen lips. He warned her, “This time, it’s just a slight punishment. If next time you do something as stupid, it would not only be like this…”

His voice was low and hoarse. It sounded dangerous and tempting.

Answering him was Shu Huan’s faint smile.

She smiled because he once again lost his mind and her vigilance had been thrown away. Shu Huan opened her mouth slightly and sucked his finger. She didn’t wait for him to react and fiercely bite on it….

Gu Xiran humped from pain and quickly pulled his finger back.

Shu Huan became hostile and said with anger, “Lecher! Pervert! You actually dared to attack sneakily!”

Gu Xiran lowered his body and half-laid next to her. He reached a finger out to her hair that was scattered around the pillow. He smiled slightly and said, “Then, should I inform you first next time?”


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