Chapter 35 Going out

When Gu Xiran returned, three small tails followed behind him.

Gu Xihe, Ranmo and Diyan walked in a line behind him.

Shu Huan was surprised, “Why did you come in?”

PreviousAfter having adapted here for a few days, she knew that the contact between men and women in ancient times were quite strict. However, study companions, such as Ranmo and Diyan, could still enter and exit through the second door. But, coming all the way to the bedroom didn’t seem that appropriate.

After she’d asked this, Gu Xihe also shamelessly asked, “Why did you follow?”

Ranmo took two steps back and bitterly replied, “Didn’t master let this little one follow you?”

Gu Xihe then said with a dissatisfied look on his face, “Then, did this master let you follow all the way to the bedroom?! Get out! Get out!”

After that, he raised his eyes and saw that Gu Xiran was looking at him with a smile that was not yet a smile. His heart couldn’t help but feel scared. He didn’t realize yet what he had done wrong when he heard him calmly say, “You also go out!”


What the hell?! He was only ten years old. Did he (GH) have to be wary of Shu Huan to avoid suspicions?

But somehow, Gu Xihe instinctively seemed to fear this second big brother, so he humphed once and went to the outer hall with the two study companions.

When Shu Huan saw this, she couldn’t help but laugh. The depression of not being able to get out of the room also lessened a lot. Who would’ve thought that Gu Xiran handed her a set of clothes and said concisely, “Change.”

“Why?” Shu Huan was puzzled.

“Take you out for a walk.”


It was too sudden. Shu Huan was a bit surprised. She looked at the clothes in her hand. It was clearly the style that the male servants used to wear, so she was even more surprised.

“This set of clothes is Diyan’s. I saw that his size was the same as yours. So, I asked him for it. Don’t worry, it was made a few days ago. He hasn’t worn it yet.”

Shu Huan wasn’t worried about this but wondered why Gu Xiran wanted to take her out for a walk after just having returned from paying his respect. Moreover, he openly let her disguise as a man…

Seeing that she was in a daze and didn’t move, Gu Xiran frowned and said, “What? You don’t want to go? Or is it that your injury…”

“No, no.” Shu Huan quickly shook her head. “My injury is alright. As long as I don’t touch it, I won’t feel any pain at all.”

In fact, she was nearly crazy from boredom after having stayed in this yard for the whole day. She had long wanted to take a walk outside to see the world and also understand the situation here. It was just, under such circumstances, was it appropriate to go out? Not to mention the troubles, if word of this reached old madam and she got to know that her suicide attempt was fake, then the consequences would be absolutely terrible!

The desire to go out clashed with her cautiousness. After some hesitation, Shu Huan decided to leave her concerns behind.

Wasn’t there Gu Xiran here?

He was a thoughtful person. What she could think of, he would certainly be able to think of. Since he didn’t care about it meant that he had long prepared an excuse. She should believe him.

Choosing to trust him unconditionally was just an instinctive intuition. She couldn’t explain why, and she didn’t even realize this problem. She only shook the clothes in her hand and then suddenly flashed a flattering smile at Gu Xiran, “That, can you go out for a moment?”

The fortunes rise and fall!

  • The fortunes rise and fall: times change

Gu Xiran looked at her with a funny smile and then went out.

After she changed, Shu Huan was in trouble when she had to do her hair.

From a certain angle, doing a hairstyle looked very simple. However, it was impossible to let her, who used to have short hair that needed almost no combing, do it herself! She could only call Gu Xiran in to discuss.

“You don’t know how to?’

The gaze that Gu Xiran used to stare at her was full of amusement. However, he didn’t ask more and called concubine Yun in.

When concubine Yun came in and saw the way Shu Huan was dressed, her eyes widened more than usual. She stuttered, “Second young mistress…you…you…this…”

“Don’t ask me. Ask him.” Shu Huan sat down leisurely in front of the dressing table. She shamelessly passed the trouble of explaining to Gu Xiran.

Gu Xiran didn’t have any unusual reaction. He said directly, “Comb her hair for her. I want to go out with her.”

“Go out?!” Concubine Yun’s eyes widened even more. She was completely shocked, “Second young master, this doesn’t seem very good…second young mistress just got injured yesterday. Moreover….”

Gu Xiran raised his hand to stop her, “Just do as I said.”

Concubine Yun looked at him and then looked at Shu Huan. She sighed helplessly. She reached out for an ebony comb on the dressing table and combed Shu Huan’s hair.

Shu Huan had to say that combing hair was also a knowledge. Compared to Huiyun’s gentleness, concubine Yun’s gesture was slightly less gentle, but she would never make the scalp feel painful. When she (SH) combed, it would be tight and not easy to loosen. In only a short time, Shu Huan changed into a handsome study companion.

“What do you think?” Shu Huan was a bit perturbed. She didn’t know whether this appearance could deceive people.

Gu Xiran swept once over her and said, “Acceptable!”

What does acceptable mean?! So unconvincing!

Shu Huan picked up the bronze mirror. It was actually quite good. She was still young and her body wasn’t fully developed yet. It was appropriate to act as a study companion. She looked refreshing and neat. If she wore those long robes of Gu Xiran, they wouldn’t fit her height. She wouldn’t look good in them.

Somehow, her mood suddenly brightened. She put down the bronze mirror and said, “Let’s go!”

She couldn’t wait to fly out of this stuffy residence to go see the outside world.

Concubine Yun was still uneasy, “What should I do if someone comes to wish second young master happy birthday or if old madam and madam send someone over?”

Gu Xiran smiled, “Master and eldest young master returned. They are busy setting up a ‘wash the dust’ banquet. Will there be anyone who would still come here?”

He was telling the truth. Concubine Yun couldn’t help but feel sad for him. Then, she looked at Shu Huan and sighed in her heart. If he got well sooner, perhaps he could’ve taken a wife from a well-matched family. Then, Plum Flower Pavilion wouldn’t be so deserted. However, it would be difficult to say whether her situation would be worse if that happened. After all, this second young mistress was still kind…

While she was in deep thoughts, Gu Xiran went on to say, “If someone really comes, then, say that I went out for a walk. Second young mistress is ill and won’t see anyone. Sent them all back. And, after we leave, no one is allowed to enter this room. If someone leaves the yard, find someone appropriate to follow. Are you clear on what to do next?”


Concubine Yun was distracted and nodded.

“I will entrust here to you. If the outside gets any wind of this, I will look for you.”

While saying this, Gu Xiran’s face had a calm and collected smile. It looked like he was telling a joke. However, concubine Yun’s heart tightened and she immediately knew that this was a warning and a reminder. She couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Since when did second young master begin to not even trust her?! But who could she blame for this? She had to carry the effect of the cause that she’d caused herself.

Even with bitterness in her heart, she still complied, “Second young master can rest assured.”

Gu Xiran nodded and raised an eyebrow when looking at Shu Huan who was just listening to them at a side. He said, “Let’s go!”

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