Chapter 36 Jingtian City

When seeing Shu Huan’sappearance as a study companion, the eyes of the three people who were waiting in the outer hall also widened.

The two study companions still knew the rules. After being stunned for a moment, they quickly lowered their heads. Gu Xihe didn’t have so many scruples. He walked two rounds around her. After looking and looking, he laughed wickedly and said, “You look good when pretending to be a study companion.”

Shu Huan laughed and said, “Thank you for the praise.”

Just when Gu Xihe wanted to pretend to be polite and say something back, he saw the gaze that Gu Xiran swept over him and immediately retrieved his speech in a well-behaved manner.

He didn’t know why he was so afraid of his second big brother!

One had to know that he had never acted so well-behaved in front of master.

Perhaps it wasn’t fear. Now, the aura that second big brother revealed at every gesture made him (GXH) feel involuntarily intimidated.

Gu Xiran didn’t know what he was thinking in his little head. He only commanded Diyan, “Go inside the room and don’t come out.”

Diyan went blank, “Second young master, should this little one…change my appearance to look like second young mistress?”

Gu Xiran laughed, “No need.”

While talking, he ordered concubine Yun to send his meal inside the room when it was time to eat.

Concubine Yun complied.

Gu Xihe couldn’t wait any longer and urged them to go quickly. Gu Xiran looked inside the yard. Only Liangchen and Meijing were watering the flowers and feeding the birds. He reached out and gently pressed Shu Huan’s head down, “Follow Ranmo.”

A group of four people went out openly like this.

Behind them, Meijing wondered, “Why is second young master going out again after having just returned?”

Liangchen said heedlessly, “Didn’t you see that fourth young master followed behind him? Perhaps, fourth young master came up with a fresh idea and pestered second young master to take him out to play.”

Meijing stuck out her tongue and said, “It’s a good thing that second young master seemed to be getting better these days or else he would’ve been annoyed to death by fourth young master already.”

Naturally, Gu Xihe didn’t hear the conversation between the maids. He only sneezed twice.

Shu Huan couldn’t help but ask, “Caught a cold?”

Gu Xihe answered, a bit annoyed, “My nose is itchy! Isn’t this all because of you? I had to go through a dog hole. Maybe it was some dog hairs. I sneezed the whole night.”

Ah? Go through a dog hole?

That was right, the entrance of Pine Crane Hall had been locked last night. If one wanted to go inquire about information, they had to go through a dog hole.

He was probably allergic to this kind of hairs. That was why he kept sneezing.

Knowing that Gu Xihe was someone who cared about face, Shu Huan tried very hard not to laugh out loudly. She saw that he looked at her from the top to the bottom and laughed evilly, “I didn’t expect that second sister-in-law also had some means. You were able to even keep old madam in the dark.”

Shu Huan was very embarrassed about this. She could only lower her head and ignored him.

Gu Xiran coughed once, “Asking so much. Didn’t you finish yet?”

Gu Xihe immediately went silent and kicked Ranmo who was silently laughing at a side.

It was a big deal that master and eldest young master had returned. On the way, the yards were deserted. They didn’t see a lot of people. Presumably, everyone went over to please them.

Gu Xihe was someone who couldn’t stand silence. After a while, his enthusiasm waned and said, “At home, there are only people who want to curry favor. I have not seen others go to second big brother to wish him happy birthday. When eldest big brother returned, everyone flocked over like flies!”

As he said that, he kicked a small stone on the ground.

Even if a little kid knew what curry favor was, his feelings towards it wouldn’t be deep since he had been spoiled since young.

Seeing his sulky expression, Shu Huan felt that he was more jealous than feeling unjust for Gu Xiran. Gu Xiran must’ve also thought it was like that. He didn’t care about him (GXH).

Gu Xiran rarely went out Plum Flower Pavilion. Those on the outside didn’t recognize him. Even when they reached the door at the corner, the two doorkeepers were still chatting. Finally, when they saw Gu Xihe, they hurriedly stood up and was particularly attentive towards him. Their bootlick made Gu Xihe very comfortable. His face showed a rare smile. He then took a small piece of silver from his purse and threw it over, “Your reward!”

A truly haughty manner of an arrogant master!

It pleased the two doorkeepers so much that they repeatedly bowed their head and said thanks.

Shu Huan and Gu Xiran exchanged a glance. They couldn’t help but laugh. They just talked about currying favor and then they saw such a scene.

There was a lively street not far away from Gu residence. Therefore, they didn’t ride a horse or a carriage and walked over. Not to mention Shu Huan, but even Gu Xihe was very excited after getting out. He ran everywhere. When he saw the stalls, he had to go over to take a look. This made Ranmo who ran behind him anxiously as he shouted, “My master, can you be a bit slower? Don’t get lost!”

Shu Huan who grew up in modern times only saw a bit of the appearance of the ancient city from the map of the Qingming River. Now, Shu Huan stood on the ancient street. She was more shocked than excited.

Under her feet was a flat road covered with bluestones. It extended in front of her and there seemed to be no end.

On the sides were a great number of shops. They were painted in the color of nature and had red roof tiles. On the front of the door hung black shops signs with golden words. The shops were connected one to another.

There were endless streams of pedestrians and carriages on the streets. There were also hawkers who walked in the streets and screamed loudly to attract customers. The prosperity wasn’t inferior to modern times. Instead, there was more of an antique charm to it and a strong sense of life to it…

Jingtian City!

Here wasn’t the center of Qi country’s political power, it was just a neighboring city and already had such an imposing bearing.

Shu Huan couldn’t describe what she was feeling at this moment. She only felt that it was like a dream that she dreamed about a thousand times. When she woke up, she forgot the dream and only faint dissatisfaction and frustration were left. However, she suddenly found out that she was already in the dream. Everything around here was real. For the first time, she truly felt that she had time-travelled!

She didn’t know whether Gu Xiran was considerate or that it was also the first time that he went out of home, his gaze was also attracted to what was in front of him. In short, he didn’t speak and also didn’t urge her to walk. He only stood silently at her side and accompanied her.

This was only hard on the study companion Ranmo. He had to watch over Gu Xihe as he ran around and also had to urge Gu Xiran and Shu Huan to keep up with them (R&GXH) to avoid being lost and he (R) couldn’t find them (SH&GXR). The most important thing was that among the four, three rarely went out. The only who knew the way was him (R)!

Ranmo’s whole face was frowning. He frequently looked back and said bitterly, “Second young master, don’t look anymore. Let’s go!”

Only now did Gu Xiran knock Shu Huan’s head and said, “Diyan, let’s go.”


It was enough that she had to pretend to be a study companion. Why did she have to also take Diyan’s name?!

Shu Huan helplessly moved along, but her gaze still fell on the shops’ signs on both sides of the street. She carefully read the words on them and found out that the ancient times sold a lot of things. Moreover, the classification was more finely done. Just those clothing shops alone where divided by type of clothing. There were separate shops selling scarfs, cloth wrappers, belts, silk cloth, shoes and purses. Even those who sold ready-made clothes were divided into many kinds according to the material used. Although it was cumbersome, it was really convenient to buy things if you didn’t count her who was purposeless and wanted to go to every shop.

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