Chapter 38 The idle man on the street

In fact, Gu Xihe shouldn’t complain because the unluckiest one was study companion Ranmo.

Second young master was weak and couldn’t carry the things. Hence, he carried them.

Second young mistress couldn’t carry things because she was a woman. So, he carried them.

Fourth young master was busy shopping. When would he (GXH) have time to carry things? Therefore, he carried them.

As a result, his hands were full and the things even blocked his eyes. He couldn’t even see the road in front of him and he still had to keep an eye on those three to avoid them getting lost.

The hardest errand in this world was nothing more than this.

Originally, he had fought with Diyan about who would go out with fourth young master. Now, he couldn’t help but feel deep regret. If he had known that it would be like this, he wouldn’t have fought with Diyan. Perhaps, at this moment he (R) would be enjoying delicious food and drinks at Plum Flower Pavilion instead.

Shu Huan was kinder than the two others. Seeing Ranmo look so tired and so much sweat pouring off him that half of his clothes were already wet, she couldn’t stand idle anymore. After all, this study companion only looked about one or two years older than Gu Xihe. He was still a child!

She reached out and took some boxes from Ranmo.

Ranmo wanted to stop her, but his hand couldn’t be vacated. He had no way to stop her and could only say with a bitter expression, “Don’t do that. Let this little one carry them for you.”

Shu Huan shook her head and said, “No need, I’m Diyan now. It would be strange if I don’t carry things.”

Although it was said like that, Ranmo still didn’t dare to bother her. He chased after her and pestered her to give the things back.

After getting annoyed from being pestered, Shu Huan looked around.

She remembered that she had seen a lot of idle men dressed in coarse clothing walking around. Only after she’d asked Gu Xihe did she got to know that these people just hung around the street when they had nothing to do. They usually did things like passing a message and buy and send things for people. Hence, she wanted to pay someone to help them carry the things.

It was just that she didn’t know much about this profession. She didn’t know which one to pick and felt that those idle men looked like hooligans from the street. She was afraid that if she didn’t choose the right one, that person would run away with their things. Then, it would really be searching for trouble for oneself.

Just when she was in deep thoughts, her eyes suddenly met a pair of eyes full of expression. She couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

She was stunned not because those eyes were too piercing. Instead, it was the contrary. When she looked carefully, she saw that the brightness of those eyes disappeared. Now, they looked unremarkable. It was as if that glimpse of just now was just her imagination.

“What’s the matter?”

Gu Xiran noticed her unusual behavior when she stared in a daze for a moment and stopped in his tracks.

Shu Huan didn’t say anything, she just raised her chin and pointed at the direction where the person stood.

Gu Xiran looked at the direction she pointed at and saw a young man leaning against the wall. He seemed to be in his early twenties. His coarse clothing was covered with patches, but it was unusually clean and tidy.

While they were looking at him, the young man walked over to them. “Excuse me, do you want to hire someone…?”

Shu Huan hadn’t answered yet when those idle men saw that there was business at this side. They shouted and then three or four came over. One of them pushed the young man away, while the others bowed and fawned upon them.

“Where are masters going? Do you need help with carrying the things?”

“To take it to the east or the north of the city is only ten copper coins. It’s also ten copper coins for taking it to the west or south of the city.”

Some even reached out to take the things from Ranmo. They also smiled, “Little master, these things are too heavy. I will hold them for you!”


Ranmo had often been sent out to buy things. He wasn’t scared of these idlers that surrounded them. The two masters didn’t speak, how would he dare to hire someone to carry the things? He dodged them and said, “Go, go, go, don’t cause trouble for me!”

It was a total chaos here, but Gu Xiran only looked at that young man. After he was pushed away, his expression didn’t change. He only tightened his fists shortly before released them again. He turned and was about to leave when Gu Xiran raised his head slightly and shouted at him, “Please, wait.”

When these words came out, those idlers stopped being chaotic. That young man turned his face, looking slightly surprised and asked, “Calling me?”

Gu Xiran nodded and said to those idlers, “Everyone, I am sorry. I plan to hire him. Please go busy yourself elsewhere.”

His words were polite. Even if the idlers were reluctant, they were unable to do anything. Just when they were about to disperse, the one who pushed that young man just now turned his face and glared at the young man. Then, he said to Gu Xiran, “This master, you probably don’t know. These brothers of mine always eke out a living on this street. The shopkeepers nearby are familiar with us. If you want to send something, you just have to shout and before you’d arrived home, the things would’ve already arrived! In case something went wrong, you can come here to look for us, unlike that one over there, who no one knows where he came from and who could snatch your things or break them. In case that happens, you won’t even know where to find him!”

What he said was sensible and appropriate. Also, he seemed to be hinting at something.

After hearing that, Gu Xiran nodded slightly.

That person thought that he got the business and said happily, “Then…”

That word just left his mouth when he was cut off by Gu Xiran laughingly, “Next time!”


The idlers scattered helplessly. When they passed the young man, they reached out to push him. There was even one who spitted on him.

That young man lowered his head and didn’t say anything. His attitude was extremely silent and persevering. This made Shu Huan frown slightly. She felt that these idlers really seem like local ruffians who stole each other businesses like stealing each other territories.

In fact, she’d guessed right. Sometimes these people would work as ruffians and they put a high regard on their territory. In most cases, they would be well-behaved. Even if they wanted to bully people, with their years of experience on the streets, they could guess the other party’s identity with just a slight glance. They knew very well what kind of people they could provoke and what kind they couldn’t.

Let’s not talk about the idlers. The young man took the things from Ranmo. He didn’t say a word. He didn’t even care about the price and just followed behind them. If one didn’t pay attention, they could ignore his existence.

The four strolled on the street for some more. The sun was already at its highest. Gu Xihe was hungry, so he wasn’t happy to continue strolling. He picked a restaurant with a good reputation and was ready to go have lunch.

Shu Huan and Gu Xiran naturally wouldn’t object when someone was treating them. Besides, they were also tired. They were about to find a place to rest. Hence, they followed into the restaurant and looked for a private room.

However, all the private rooms were full. The four were indeed very tired. They weren’t happy to move. They put up with it and found a table near the window.

There was a difference between masters and servants. Ranmo didn’t dare to sit and stood at a side.

Shu Huan was a bit surprised when seeing him follow the rules so strictly. She felt that she should also stand up, but she was truly tired. When her butt stuck to the chair, it didn’t want to move anymore. When she was hesitating, she heard Gu Xiran say, “You also sit.”

Ranmo was terrified, “This little one doesn’t dare.”

Gu Xiran said faintly, “We are not at home. There aren’t so many rules here.”

Ranmo was still hesitating, but Gu Xihe got impatient, “He let you sit, then just sit. It’s just a small matter like a fart. Why are so being so overly fussy?!”

While talking, he took a small piece of silver from his purse, knocked on the table with great enthusiasm and shouted, “Bring the best wine and the best dishes here. No need to help this young master save money!”

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