Chapter 39 The ecstasy of the purple lilac

When encountering a master who was generous, the servant who served in the hall was very flattering. He took over the silver while he unctuous fawned. When he shouted for the food, his voice was loud and energetic. All the people in the restaurant heard it. Quite a few looked over here.

While Gu Xihe was feeling proud, Ranmo suddenly jumped out of the chair and said, “Not good!”

“What again?” Gu Xihe was surprised for a moment and was very displeased with his (R) flustered behavior.

Ranmo said with a bitter face, “Fourth young master, the person who followed us seemed to have disappeared!”

Shu Huan was a bit surprised. She quickly turned to look. That quiet young man who didn’t have any sense of existence disappeared and they didn’t even know when he had disappeared. Naturally, the things he carried disappeared with him.

“No!” Gu Xihe slammed on the table and stood up. He said furiously, “He actually dared to take our things!”

While talking, he screamed that he wanted to report the case to the authorities. This attracted many people to look over here again.

Gu Xiran reached out and pressed his shoulder. “Sit down. Don’t make an exhibition of yourself!”

“I…,” Gu Xihe was pressed down, but he was unwilling to submit and stood up again. He said with his head raised, “When did I make an exhibition of myself? It was obvious that that person took our things. If we don’t report him to the authorities, are we waiting to be the unlucky victims?”

At this time, the servant of the restaurant returned with tea. When he heard this, he interjected laughingly while he divided the cups and poured tea into the pot, “Customer, who had such a big gut to dare steal things from you?”

Gu Xihe said angrily, “Those idlers on the street. We hired one to help carry the things. Who would’ve thought that he was gone in a blink of an eye?!”

While talking, he pushed Ranmo, “Hurry up and go report to the authorities.”

Ranmo looked with an expression that he was in a difficult position at Gu Xiran. He was comforted by his (GXR) gaze. Hence, he didn’t move.

He heard that servant say, “Isn’t the one that customer hired one of those people from Liu Er’s group?”

Gu Xihe was stunned and said, “I just hired a helper. Why should I ask for his name?”

The servant shook his head, “That was not what this little one meant. I mean that Liu Er’s group often took up tasks in this street. They don’t have to do such a thing to smash their own reputation. If the matter that they had stolen your things got out, who would still dare to hire them? I am afraid that the one you hired is someone who you don’t know his roots. He would just take a business, stole it and then run away. Even if you report to the authorities, you may not catch him!”

After all, Gu Xihe was young and didn’t experience many things. Hearing the servant say that and also remembering the words of those idlers, Gu Xihe was at loss of what to do. He didn’t know whether he should urge Ranmo to go report to the authorities or that he should admit that he was unlucky and wouldn’t pursue this any longer.

Gu Xiran leisurely picked up the tea and took a sip. It was as if he didn’t care about this matter.

Shu Huan looked at this one and then looked at the other one. Anyway, the one who should decide was here. So, she decided to shut up, pretend to be non-existent and drank tea.

Seeing her like this, Gu Xihe also learned to be smart. He sat down and ignored the matter, but he still couldn’t help but ask, “Second big brother, how come you have no temper?”

Gu Xiran lightly swept over him, “What use does it have to throw a temper? Would he come back if you are angry? The anger would harm my body. It’s not worth it.”


When did this guy begin to be narcissistic? Shu Huan was speechless.

Didn’t know for what reason, but the corners of the servant’s lips draw back and he slipped away!

Gu Xihe said dissatisfied, “Can we really let someone deceive us like this? I can’t swallow this!”

“Let’s wait and see,” while talking Gu Xiran put down the cup of tea and looked at the out of the entrance.

Gu Xihe was surprised and also looked. Aside from those entering and leaving customers, he didn’t see anything. He became angrier.

The speed of this restaurant was quite fast. Only after three cups of tea, the servant had filled the table with dishes. He also came with a jar of green plum wine that had been stored for five years. Sure enough, there was an intoxicating scent that filled the nose.

After he saw the wine, Gu Xihe immediately became excited. He completely threw the matter of the stolen things to the back of his head.

The servant took a jug of wine from the jar and asked with a smile, “Customers, do you want me to boil this wine before drinking?”

“No need, no need!” Gu Xihe rushed to push his cup in front of the servant. “Pour wine.”

The wine was poured, but he didn’t have time to pick it up yet when he saw a hand reach over and took the cup.

When he looked, he saw that it was Shu Huan. He immediately said annoyed, “You…”

“What you? Children aren’t allowed to drink wine!” While Shu Huan said that she put the cup in front of herself.

This little brat was already very active without alcohol. If he drinks this wine, perhaps, he would even act like a drunkard!

Gu Xihe fell out with her and said, “Why do you care? Give it back to me!”

“You’re not allowed to drink!”

This time it was Gu Xiran who spoke.

Little fourth young master looked twice at him, groaned and complained, “Today is second big brother’s birthday. Can’t I even toast to you with three cups of wine?”

“Here.” Gu Xiran pushed the teacup in front of him. “Toasting is just to show your heart. I won’t mind if you take tea instead of wine.”


Little fourth young master was dejected. He glared at that teacup.

At this time, there was a commotion outside. Shu Huan couldn’t help but turn around to look.

Looking in a hurry, she saw six or seven people came in while surrounding a fat man. They shouted, “A Private room!”

“Bring the best wine and the best dishes!”

“The speed has to be fast!”

These words were very familiar. Shu Huan turned and looked once at Gu Xihe. She couldn’t help but sneak a laugh. She didn’t expect that Gu Xiran would knock Gu Xihe’s head.


As the words fell, Gu Xiran picked her favorite fish and shrimps and put them into the bowl in front of her.

Shu Huan was speechless. She was just about to pick up her chopsticks when suddenly a very heavy fragrance that could choke people flew over.

She looked up. The first thing that came to sight was an elegant purple lilac. When her gaze went up, she saw a fat face with oil stains. It was that fat man who came in from the outside.

The fat man had a mystified smile on his face. That smile made the roots of her teeth turn sour. She quickly turned her face and didn’t dare to look again.

If she looked again, she wouldn’t be able to have lunch!

In fact, this person wasn’t ugly. At least, his features were regular. He looked like he was in his early thirties. There were still short scums on his chin. His age matched with that bright and fat face and if the color of his clothes was calmer, he would look like someone from a rich family. However, he was dressed in a purple robe. So tender, lovely and fancy. People who looked at it almost became a mess.

Presumably, Gu Xihe was also stunned by this sight. He didn’t know whether he should vomit or swallow his mouthful of food.

Only Gu Xiran frowned slightly and said, “Sire, do you want something?”

Hearing him spoke, the fat man smiled of exultation. He slightly pulled up his sleeves, revealing a thick gold bracelet on his wrist and cupped his hand at Gu Xiran, “The moment I entered, I saw that brother’s bearing is out of the ordinary. I took the initiative to come over and invite brother. Asking brother to please give face. How about we have lunch and wine together?”

There was no big problem with what he said, but the tone in which this person spoke with was amorous and the way he looked at Gu Xiran made Shu Huan get goosebumps. If when she saw him, she felt the roots of her teeth become sour like eating green plums, then now it was like she drank a whole jar of vinegar. She felt sour from head to toe.

  • Eating/drinking vinegar in Chinese means getting jealous. I don’t know for sure if Shu Huan was really jealous here or that she was just comparing her feelings.

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