Chapter 40 The man who forced a man

Gu Xiran’s expression had never been so black.

His lips were tightened in a straight line. This was a sight that he was forbearing his furry.

He lowered his eyelids to cover the anger in his eyes. He said faintly, “We don’t know each other. No need to bother. Sire, please go your way.”

The fat man hadn’t spoken yet when the people beside him began to groan.

Someone intimidated, “Our young master is the brother-in-law of the county magistrate. Is it a humiliation to invite you to have a drink?”

Someone tempted, “Go inquire. Young master likes to make friends the most. If you become his beloved friend, then you won’t have to ask for anything anymore from anyone else in the future. Young master would take care of everything for you.”

Someone was crude and directly slammed on the table, “Brat, don’t refuse a toast and only be forced to drink a forfeit. If you don’t give this one face today, then don’t think about taking half a step out of this restaurant!”

Someone even dallied, “Ay! Don’t be so rude. If you anger this master (GXR), then young master would feel heartache…”

Vulgar and amorous laughter rang.

There were many guests in the restaurant, but they know the identity of this fat man, so they sneaked away afraid of getting into trouble. Those who looked, whispered to one another. Even the shopkeeper and the servant shrunk at a side and didn’t dare to come to pacify. They were afraid that they would make the fat man unhappy and would get into trouble.

Neither anger or happiness could be detected from Gu Xiran’s face, but his lips tightened even more.

When the fat man saw him like this, he thought that Gu Xiran was interested and showed conceit. He said, “Go, bring a chair over. Also, go pay this table’s meal. This master and this brother felt a familiarity at first sight and want to sit here to have a drink together!”

As he said that, he leaned to Gu Xiran’s side and swept over him (GXR) with a very vulgar gaze. He also sniffed gently. He seemed so intoxicated that it would made people want to vomit.

Finally, Gu Xihe who was in shock returned to his senses. He was always hot tempered and it had always been him, who bullied people, how could he accept being bullied? He stood up fiercely and cursed, “Drink together your ass!”

While he spoke, he picked up a plate of dishes from the table and threw that plate on that fat man’s face. A splash of porcelain, vegetables and sauce could be seen. That fat man immediately screamed like a pig that was being killed.

When the people who followed the fat man saw that the situation wasn’t right, they immediately came to help. One even raised his hand and scolded, “Little brat, you dared to attack?!”

Seeing that the slap was about to fall, Ranmo slammed into that person. Although he was young and didn’t have much strength but when he slammed into that person’s belly, it could be considered that he got that person’s soft spot. That person stumbled a few steps back and fell on the ground.

After all, the other party had more people. During the chaos, someone came to grab Gu Xiran’s arm. Who would’ve thought that he took out a porcelain bottle and cork? He poured that unknown liquid on the person who came to grab him. That person immediately covered his eyes and screamed.

Things got started like this!

Shu Huan was also someone impulsive. Originally, she still had some scruples and was afraid that she would bring trouble to Gu Xiran, but now they obviously couldn’t be friendly anymore. She didn’t have to stay seated while being beaten. She took advantage of the chaos and that no one paid attention to her, she grabbed a chair, stepped on the table, looked at that fat man’s head and slammed the chair down his head…

The chair broke into pieces. The fat man screamed with a bloodied face. “Beat! Beat them! Don’t let one escape!”

Temporarily, the fight was evenly matched because they acted first. However, now the fat man’s men guardingly surrounded them. They didn’t seem to have a chance to attack anymore.

Gu Xihe and Ranmo were forced to retreat two steps. Shu Huan felt that it was too eye-catching standing on a table and jumped down. As a result, she was grabbed by Gu Xiran and pulled behind his back. She grumbled inwardly because she didn’t know how to break through.

The fat man’s hand covered his bloodied head. The eyes that looked at Gu Xiran became fierce, “This master will give you one more chance. Obediently pour a cup of wine for this master to apologize. Otherwise, this master would let people beat you and then drag you back!”

This was forcing a man!

From taking liberties to forcing people. Truly one thunder was stronger than another!

Shu Huan didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh. She obviously felt the hand that Gu Xiran’s held hers tightened and tightened. His anger had already reached to the extreme, but his voice was still faintly, “Courtesy is used when treating with people. I don’t have the habit of apologizing to a pig!”

The fat man’s face became red from anger, “Take them down! Take him down for me!”

Someone at his side ignited the fire by saying vulgarly, “Young master, the little study companion behind him is also handsome…”

Halfway through the words, he felt a sharp gaze linger on his face. He didn’t know why he suddenly feel a bit cold and he stopped speaking. He looked again at Gu Xiran. He saw that he was only wearing a light-blue bamboo robe. There was a purse and a pendant on his waist. He looked neat and elegant but didn’t have the atmosphere of someone rich. Presumably, he was someone from a well-off scholar who didn’t have much power. Hence, his courage grew again and continued, “Why doesn’t young master take the both of them down. It would be a pair then when bringing them back.”

The moment the fat man heard that, that disgusting gaze swept over Shu Huan. He laughed once, “Take the both down!”

Shu Huan wanted to vomit. She regretted that she didn’t make time to learn judo or karate or something like that before and that she couldn’t beat that fat man into a pig’s head!

  • Beat someone into a pig’s head: beating someone so much that their head become swollen.

She saw that those men narrowed the encirclement and rushed over to them.

Gu Xiran’s finger just moved when Ranmo shouted, “Who dares to hurt my master?!”

This little guy took out a bright dagger from his trouser and held it in his hand. However, he was not tall and weak. Not only did the opponents not care but they also seemed to have seen the most ridiculous thing in the world. They laughed out loudly.

However, they just laughed when a figure flashed in. Somehow, he took the dagger from Ranmo’s hand. The next moment, that dagger was on the neck of that fat man. As a result of the momentum, blood rushed out along the edge of the blade.

The laughter stopped suddenly. All the people present were a bit stunned. They only heard the young man that held the dagger said coldly, “Die or let them go.”

Gu Xihe was originally so angry that he almost exploded. He almost rushed out to fight with them. After seeing this young man, the violent anger in his heart discharged a bit. He said stunned, “You?”

Shu Huan also breathed a sigh of relief. The heart that was already in her throat finally calmed down.

The young man who helped them out of trouble was the same one they hired to help them!

“Let…let…let go…,” The fat man seemed like someone who cherished his life. He trembled from fear. No one knew whether he wanted his followers to let go or that he wanted the young man to let go.

“Let them go!” The young man didn’t let go of the dagger.

“The…the county magistrate is my brother-in-law…Are you not afraid of being arrested by the authorities?” The fat man still had faith and put out his identity. “Quickly…Quickly let me go…I will not pursue this matter…”

The young man hesitated a bit.

He didn’t know how good the skills of those men who followed the fat man were, but they were accustomed to act ostentatiously and cause a riot. Hence, their guts were big. When they saw that they began to bluff…

“Are you deaf? Quickly let our young master go!”

“The officers will be here in a moment. If you don’t want to sit in prison, then let go of the dagger in your hand!”

“You even dare to provoke the brother-in-law of the county magistrate? Are you tired of living?”


That young man looked around and faced those clear eyes of Gu Xiran. He tightened his heart, lifted his leg and hit the fat man’s knee. The fat man had no choice but to kneel.

His voice was cold and persistent, “Let them go!”

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