Chapter 41 Eight naked men

In the end, the fat man still compromised. Since his small life was pinned in another’s hand, he had no way but to compromise.

With a shaking voice, he let his subordinates retreat. He also ordered that they couldn’t attack. Then, he begged, “Gentleman…can you now let go…”

That young man hadn’t said anything yet when Gu Xiran said, “Rope!”

Gu Xihe was surprised and haven’t reacted yet when Ranmo already cleverly run to the shopkeeper and asked for a rope.

That shopkeeper didn’t dare to give it and only looked at that fat man.

The fat man said with a crying voice, “Give it to him! Quickly give it to him!”

They wanted a rope and not a knife. As long as he could keep his life, nothing else mattered.

Who would have thought that when Ranmo came back with a rope, Gu Xiran didn’t take it and only said, “Take off!”

Take off what?

All the people present were surprised.

Gu Xiran showed a smile, “Take off your clothes!”

His smile was very faint and carried a trace of darkness. When he gazed over, people somehow felt cold to the bones.

Undressing in a public place?

The fat man and his followers were a bit dumbfounded!

Shu Huan scowled for a moment. She once again confirmed that you can provoke anyone but never provoke a black belly. The eyes of that young man also flashed a bit.

Only Gu Xihe felt that the world was not already in enough of chaos. After hearing this, he seemed to have found something fun. He went forward and kicked that person who just now wanted to give him a slap. He said excitedly, “Didn’t you hear? Undress!”

“Young master…”

Those followers almost cried. They could do anything, but only this undressing bit was too shameful…

However, their pleading gaze had been ignored by the fat man. He only wanted to save his life. What did the self-respect of others have to do with him? He shouted, “Undress, undress, undress! Do everything that this gentleman asks! Quickly undress…”

Those followers were dawdlers who bullied the weak and were afraid of the strong. They didn’t know what courage meant and after being for a long time under the fat man’s abuse of authority, how could they have a rebellious mind? Everyone began to take off their clothes with a sorrowful look.

There were still some female guests in the restaurant. When they saw such a scene, they began to scream. Some run out and some even fainted. Only Shu Huan had her face bright red. She hasn’t decided yet whether she should run out or close her eyes when she was taken into Gu Xiran’s embrace. Then, his slightly cold hand reached over and blocked her eyes.

A master hugged a handsome study companion. This scene was enough to make people have many thoughts. However, now everyone’s eyes were on the followers who were undressing. Who would still care about such a thing? Only that young man frowned slightly. The fat man was someone who likes men. His life was pinned in the hand of another. When he saw the two hugging each other, he saw that handsome face of Gu Xiran. When he faced those cold but clear eyes of Gu Xiran, he couldn’t help but swallow. An intertwined feeling of love and hate spread in his heart.

Gu Xiran originally didn’t want to make a big deal out of things. He only planned to let the followers of the fat man undress to give him a warning. Now, seeing that very vulgar way the fat man looked at him with, his stomach turned. He opened his mouth slightly and said faintly, “You also undress! Take off every single piece!”

In less than a moment, eight men faced each other. Their hands covered the most important part. They truly wished that they were dead.

God knew that with such figures, even if they didn’t cover, no one would want to look. The reason that the eyes of everyone in the restaurant were still locked on them was because this scene was too shocking!

At this moment, Gu Xiran’s interest also began to wane. He didn’t look at them and only said, “Bind them together and throw them out!”

Pleading cries emerged. However, it was too late.

Gu Xiran didn’t get angry easily. When he really got angry, presumably his tactic of teaching someone a lesson would let that person unable to forget it for life.

Those eight men were eventually forced to tie the rope to each other and they were tied facing each other. The last pair was the fat man and the guy who gave him a bad idea to also capture Shu Huan which completely ignited Gu Xiran’s anger. Gu Xihe and Ranmo personally tied them together. That rope was very tight. They made countless of knots. The fat man and that person’s body were pasted against each other. Their faces were almost attached to each other. Even they felt that it was a bit disgusting.

Inside the restaurant, it was very noisy. Outside, the restaurant was also surrounded by people who came to watch. As a result, when the fat man and his followers were thrown out, the people scattered. Then, they quickly flocked again. The whole street was full of screams from women and also the ridiculing laughter from men.

When had the fat man suffered this kind of misery before? He screamed like a pig who was about to be killed, “Quickly! Untie the rope for this master! This master will reward heavily!”

The followers also clamored, “Our young master is the brother-in-law of the county magistrate…”


They were naked and tied up like a zongzi. Originally no one recognized them. Now, they self-reported it. The onlookers got to know their identities. However, the fat man’s behavior had been too rampant and he was too lecherous. Not only did he like men, he would also take liberties with pretty women. He could be described as the tyrant of Jingtian city. When mentioning him, the citizens of the city had many complaints. It was just, they couldn’t afford to offend him. Normally, they would avoid him at all cost. How would they dare to provoke him? Now, seeing that he was in such a sorry state, everyone clapped and shouted that it was well-done. Those who were bold enough picked up eggs and stones to throw at them, making them scream and cried even louder.


Zongzi is a traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves

Among the chaos, Gu Xiran’s group quietly walked out of the restaurant.

The shopkeeper finally was brave enough to stop them. He didn’t want compensation for the damaged tables, chairs and plates. He was afraid that after Gu Xiran left, that fat man would vent his anger on him. So, he teared up and begged them, “Gentlemen, you can’t leave, ah! If you leave, then my restaurant…my restaurant would be closed down by the county magistrate!”

“He won’t.” As Gu Xiran said this, he loosened the pendant from his waist and gave it to the shopkeeper. He appeased him, “So many people were looking. Everyone could testify for you. The ones who offended the county magistrate are us. It has nothing to do with you. If he wants to vent his anger on you, then let them look at this pendant. Say you took it from the man and let them look for clues with it.”

His voice just fell when that silent young man became a little impatient. He suddenly threw out a punch that was fast like a thunderbolt. It fiercely fell on the shopkeeper’s face.

That shopkeeper screamed once from pain and then fell. He thought that he had angered these people. He was about to cry for mercy when he heard that young man say, “I apologize for the offence!”

In the end, he was someone who had mingled in the market for many years. When he heard this sentence, what more could he not understand? That shopkeeper held back his pain and pleaded gratefully, “This gentleman, can you please reward me with one more punch?!”

While talking, he also gestured for the servant to come over and begged that young man to also beat him.

Shu Huan wanted to laugh. Gu Xihe didn’t understand it. Ever since young, he had never seen someone beg to be beaten. He looked with shocking eyes at how the young man fulfilled the wish of the shopkeeper by giving them a few punches. Then, he was dragged out of the entrance by Gu Xiran while he was still in extreme shock. When he was at the entrance, he heard that shopkeeper shout like crazy, “Smash! Smash all the tables, chairs and plates for me!”

Hence, he thought that the shopkeeper got anxious in this mess and went mad.

While he was in a daze, he felt Gu Xiran push him and said, “Do you still have money on you?”

“I have.”

“Give me an ingot.”

Gu Xihe obediently took out a silver ingot. Gu Xiran let Ranmo give that ingot to the shopkeeper saying that it was compensation. After that, they left.

No matter who caused this matter, it would not be right to implicate others. He hoped that the fat man would not vent his anger on the shopkeeper after seeing that the shopkeeper was also out of luck!

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