Chapter 45 The interrogation

After going out, they went through a lot of trouble. Froma horse carriage, they changed into a mule carriage before changing into sedan chairs. On the way, they changed clothes. Gu Xiran also cautiously let the person who lifted the sedan chair go around a big circle. Not to mention that they didn’t discover anyone following them, even if someone followed them, he would’ve become dizzy by his tactics.

When they went down from the sedan chair and entered the residence, Shu Huan kept her head down and hid behind Ranmo. Although the two doorkeepers wondered why when fourth young master went out, he was followed by two study companions and when he came back, he returned with a study companion and a maid, but they haven’t seen Shu Huan before and also couldn’t see her lowered face. They naturally didn’t recognize her and they also didn’t want to anger this violent fourth young master. So, they did as if they didn’t see anything.

When they walked around the residence, with Gu Xihe opening the road at the front and sent the maids away when he encountered them, Shu Huan returned to Plum Flower Pavilion without thrills.

When they crossed the threshold, they discovered that there was no one in the yard. It was so quiet, that it was disturbing and people couldn’t help but feel ill at ease. Shu Huan couldn’t help but cast a nervous look at Gu Xiran and guessed whether something could’ve happened.

When they walked into the main hall and raised the curtain, they saw concubine Yun sitting there with a cold face. In front of her, maid Huiyun was kneeling. Only when she saw them, did she come to greet them and she seemed more relieved, “Second young master, you finally returned.”

Gu Xiran’s face sank, “Is it her?”

When Shu Huan saw Huiyun, her heart also sank. She also understood the reminders Gu Xiran gave concubine Yun before leaving. When she thought about those words, she naturally could guess the meaning behind them.

Concubine Yun answered in a low voice, “I also don’t know. I waited for second master to interrogate her personally when you come back.”

The atmosphere inside the room suddenly fell silent. They could only see that the back that Huiyun faced them with was shaking slightly.

Gu Xihe who followed them inside was puzzled, “What are you talking about? Why don’t I understand?”

“Fourth young master,” Only now was concubine Yun able to greet him. She urged, “Quickly go see old madam. She sent Zisu to look everywhere for you. They also come here to ask many times. I only answered that you didn’t come over.”

After Gu Xihe heard this, he got a bit anxious. He couldn’t care about what had happened in this room. After all, it had nothing to do with him. He went out with his study companions Ranmo and Diyan.

Gi Xiran said, “Remember to put a lock on your mouth.”

“I know. Second big brother, you are so long-winded!” While Gu Xihe answered, he ran away.

Shu Huan sighed. She returned first to the inner room to change her clothes to avoid looking inappropriate when people come in and see her like this. However, while she was changing, she still kept an ear on what was happening outside. She heard concubine Yun close the door and reported in a low voice about what had happened after they left the residence.

It was as Gu Xiran had expected. No one came to visit Plum Flower Pavilion after the master and eldest young master of this residence returned. The maids were still obedient. No one went out. Only Zisu came three times. The first time was to bring the banquet that old madam let people prepare. The last two times were to ask about the whereabouts of Gu Xihe. Concubine Yun answered her half-heartedly. She didn’t expect that at the last time, when she finished talking with Zisu and was about to go back to her room, she inadvertently saw Huiyun move quietly to Zisu’s side as if she had something to say.

She shouted to stop Huiyun on spot. She asked Huiyun to go pour tea. Then, she used the excuse that the tea was too hot, smashed the teacup and punished Huiyun to kneel here. The other maids had also been sent to their own room and were not allowed to come out.

After Shu Huan changed, raised the curtain and came out, she saw that Gu Xiran was sitting in the main seat with a calm face. Then, she heard concubine Yun sigh again, “I only suspected Qiaoyun and never thought that it would be her (H). She had always been obedient and honest. I also couldn’t bear to ask…”

In fact, Shu Huan also had the same doubts.

Although, she had also suspected Huiyun, but she didn’t understand why Huiyun would do this. She was only a maid and she was Gu Xiran’s maid. Why did she had to participate in these fights and schemes.

Gu Xiran saw that she came out. He gestured at her and said, “You come and interrogate.”


Gu Xiran didn’t explain much and said, “Your internal affairs.”


This was forcing her into the role of the main wife!

Shu Huan laughed bitterly for a moment. She walked to Gu Xiran and sat down next to him. when she looked, she saw the smashed teacup in front of Huiyun and her slightly shaking body. She looked truly innocent and pitiful. However, if she was really innocent, she wouldn’t have knelt her and waited to be interrogated.

After looking at her for a long while, she asked in a deep voice, “Are you really the one who disclosed information at old madam’s?”

Huiyun had always been calm, but now had a guilty conscience and had knelt for half a day. She was very afraid now. After she heard concubine Yun report the matter, she knew that she had no way to argue. She remained silent because she was afraid that she couldn’t speak. She forced herself to kneel till she couldn’t move, like a stone.

When she heard Shu Huan’s question now, although it was in a low voice, the string that tightened in her heart broke. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and fell to the ground. She wept while she kowtowed, “This slave know that this slave is wrong. This slave asks second young mistress to please spare this slave this time!”

Shu Huan raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why?”

Huiyun didn’t answer and just pled for mercy.

“I will ask you one more time. Why?”

Huiyun hesitated, “Second young mistress…”

Shu Huan waited for a moment. After seeing that she didn’t say more after that, she also got angry. She stood up and said, “I finished asking. To beat or to sell, you see it yourself.”

After living together for these few days, how could Huiyun not know that she (SH) didn’t like to meddle and that she had an indifferent personality? if she begged her (SH), she may still have an opportunity to live. If even she (SH) got angry, second young master had always pampered her, so he will naturally not tolerate her (H). Concubine Yun looked like she had a good temperament, but if one had offended her, she wouldn’t be forgiving…

Thinking till here, Huiyun grasped Shu Huan’s clothes like grabbing on her last hope and wept, “Second young mistress, don’t leave. This slave will tell you everything…”

It was very hard for her to spit out this sentence. However, she really didn’t want to say it. Hence, she couldn’t help but pause again.

Until when Shu Huan couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to pry her hands open, did she hardened her heart and wept, “This slave was originally old madam’s slave. After concubine entered was this slave sent over to serve second young master…it was just that old madam wasn’t assured of concubine’s background…”

She didn’t finish yet when concubine Yun suddenly stood up and said, “I will go pour tea.”

There was awkwardness and impatience in those words. However, Gu Xiran had his eyes lowered and seemed to have no sense of consciousness. Shu Huan swept once surprised over concubine Yun. After she left did, did she (SH) retrieve her gaze. She saw that Huiyun only cared about wiping her tears with an expression of not knowing whether she should continue or not. She said, “Continue.”

Huiyun continued, “Old madam was afraid that second young master would suffer grievances. Hence, she let this slave come to look after second young master…if there was something, I had to report to old madam immediately…”

Talking till here, she kowtowed and wept again, “Second young mistress, this slave doesn’t dare to defy old madam. I truly had no other way. It was really not my own intention…Please, forgive this slave this time!”

She cried miserably. The ground was also full of broken porcelain. After she kowtowed several times, there was blood on her forehead.

Shu Huan frowned and said, “No need to kowtow more. Stand up and talk.”

Huiyun suddenly raised her eyes full of hope, “Second young mistress, are you willing to forgive this slave?”

Shu Huan looked at her for a while. Her brows gradually unfrowned. She said faintly, “I will decide after you finished.”

“This slave…,” Huiyun bit her lips. “Have finished.”

“Really?” Shu Huan smiled slightly. “You haven’t told me what old madam promised you!”

One sentence poked into Huiyun’s soft spot. It successfully turned her face into the paleness of defeat. Her bright eyes also dimmed.

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