Chapter 53 The resort at mountain

Going to the resort for a summer vacation was something that would make people excited. Those maids of Plum Flower Pavilion were full of expectations. It was just, Gu Xiran already thought that they brought too many people. Naturally, he couldn’t bring everyone. Hence, he used the excuse that people need to keep watch of the yard and only let Shu Huan bring two maids.

Naturally this wasn’t a hard thing. There had always been fewer maids at Plum Flower Pavilion than other places. The maids who did heavy and crude work could be ignored. Then, those who were qualified to follow were only the four maids Huiyun, Qiaoyun, Liangchen and Meijing.

Huiyun was now a hot potato. Shu Huan didn’t feel at ease leaving her at home. Hence, she brought her with them. She would pick someone to marry her off when the opportunity presents.

Qiaoyun was someone impulsive. She was like a time bomb, so it was better to let her stay at home. However, if there was not a steady person to keep her under control, she (SH) was afraid that the moment they left, she (Q) would go gossip around Gu household. Hence, when Shu Huan left her at home, she also let the more stable and sensible Liangchen behind. She had no choice but to bring the lively and more childish Meijing along with her.

Those who could go were naturally very happy, while those who couldn’t go were unhappy.

Qiaoyun immediately pouted and looked at how Meijing excitedly helped pack the things.

After looking at her for a while, she got angrier. It happened that Huiyun passed by her, so she pulled Huiyun to a side and complained, “Big sister, look at that frivolous look on Meijing’s face. Based on qualifications, she is just a newcomer. Aside from being a bit pretty, she hasn’t even completely learning the rules yet. What qualifications does she have over me to go out? I say, second young mistress is being too unfair. A few days ago, you only broke a teacup, yet she let Liangchen comb her hair instead of you. She is obviously treating us, those who served second young master for a long time coldly.”

These words were said unintentionally but they happened to hit Huiyun’s sore point. Her face immediately reddened and she quickly spoke to disguise feelings, “Isn’t it better to stay at home? No one would care even if you sleep till late in the afternoon.”

“What’s good about that?” Qiaoyun didn’t see the abnormality in her (H) behavior. She said with disdain, “Those snobbish things who look down on people would dare to deny the daily supplies of this yard even when second young master is at home. When second young master is not at home, I am afraid that when I go to the main kitchen to ask for three meals a day, I would get supercilious looks.”

Huiyun was originally not someone of many words. After it came to light that she was a whistle-blower, she was anxious for a few days. When she saw that Gu Xiran didn’t hasten to marry her off, she sighed in relief. A kind of hope that she didn’t know how to explain appeared in her heart. Hence, these few days, she was even more silent than before and wouldn’t speak easily. Upon noticing that Qiaoyun’s voice was a bit loud, she was afraid that someone would hear her and cause a scene, so she insisted on leaving and said half-heartedly, “You think too much. It’s not like that.”

Who would’ve thought that Qiaoyun got motivated by these sentences? She sneered, “I’m thinking too much? You didn’t see the things the resort sent over. And, no one thought about sending some to this yard? Even that basket of grapes was brought back because Meijing happened to see it and eldest young mistress let her bring them here. Humph, what rare thing. Even if it was sent to me, I would disdain to eat it.”

“Disdain to eat it?” Suddenly a voice meddled in. “Why do I recall that big sister Qiaoyun likes to eat grapes the most? A few days ago, second young master let someone go buy some. Even second young mistress hasn’t tasted a few when all went into your stomach.”

Qiaoyun was scared off by this voice for a short while. When she turned and saw that it was Liangchen, she felt relieved. However, her face still got red. She fiercely stomped her feet and said, “Don’t take it that second young mistress dotes on you and begin to be so impudent to control my affairs.”

Liangchen laughed, “How would I dare to control big sister? I only heard this and gave you some advice. It’s not something big. Big sister should complain less. If second young master had heard those words, big sister’s salary will be no more next month.”

As she said that, she walked away. Qiaoyun was unreconciled. It happened that she didn’t dare to chase after her to argue. She had lost interest and resentfully went back to her room.

When Liangchen entered the inner room, she also didn’t mention about the matter of Qiaoyun complaining. She handed things like mosquito repellent and medications to drive away the heat to Meijing. She let her take them to be prepared.

It was a silent night. In the morning, Gu Xiran took Shu Huan to old madam’s and master’s yards to pay their respect. After listening to a bunch of reminders and nagging, they were released by the elders.

When they walked to the entrance of Gu residence, those maids and servants who would follow them moved things to each carriage. Looking at their excitement, Shu Huan was reminded of her childhood when she went to a hike and picnic. She couldn’t help but reveal a smile. However, she couldn’t sleep well last night because of excitement. After she went into the carriage and bumped for a while, she slumbered.

In the end, the slumber was scared away by the excited shouts of Gu Xihe. When they just left the residence, this brat still stayed in his carriage obediently. Now, he couldn’t withstand the loneliness and climbed into her and Gu Xiran’s carriage to chat with them.

“I already told Ranmo to go invite Du Qiu and doctor Ji,” while he talked, he stuffed a pastry into his mouth. “It’s more fun when there are more people haha…I want to learn martial arts to go catch rabbit in the mountain…Even if I don’t sleep at night, no one would bother me haha…”

He was so excited that his speech was incoherent. Only that laughter was loud and cheerful.

Shu Huan stared muddleheadedly at his mouth that opened and closed. She suddenly felt that going to the resort may not be a good idea. At Gu residence, there were still other people that could divide Gu Xihe’s attentions, but there were no other people at the resort. When she thought that in the days that are to come, she would have to live together with this lively little brat who let people get headache, she became a bit gloomy.

Of course, things are always two-sided. Things couldn’t be absolutely good and not absolutely bad.

After bumping in the carriage for about eight to ten hours, Shu Huan almost shouted for help. Soon after, they finally reached the destination.

That was a village facing the river and mountains. There was a small lake in the vicinity. There light of the stars and moon shone on the lake. In the distance, there was the endless mountain. A half-shaped moon towered majestically on the top the mountain.

Seeing the scene in front of her, it was like a picture showing a deep and peaceful beauty in front of Shu Huan.

If the prosperity of Jingtian city shocked her, then, the natural night scene of the resort made her feel touched.

After living for so many years in the modern world where the pollution was extremely serious, there were very few opportunities for her to be close to the nature. Even the scene in the countryside wasn’t so beautifully pure.

At this moment, she finally understood why the artistic conception in the ancient poetry often made her wishful. Suddenly, she felt that time-traveling wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. At least, it let her experience some refined and natural air.

However, this natural state of mind ended with Gu Xihe’s loud scream in the quiet night. he ran two laps in front of the resort to vent his excitement. He rushed over to grab her and Gu Xiran’s hand and urged, “Walk quickly, walk quickly. Let’s go to the hot spring.”

Hot spring!

Was there a hot spring in this resort?

Shu Huan got an unexpected surprise.

Gu Xiran was obviously not very happy. He looked at Gu Xihe with the corners of his eyes and said, “If you want to go to the hot spring, just go. Why do you have to bring us?”


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