Chapter 55 The scream of the small lotus

Never be lenient when dealing with a black-belly.

In the end, when Shu Huan soaked in the hot spring, she still drove Gu Xiran away. Of course, she felt a bit of guilt in her heart. After all, she was indeed his wife. However, after being together for these days, although they didn’t say it, they had cultivated a tacit understanding.

He presumably knew that her heart hadn’t really settled down and still lacked a sense of security.

She knew his pride. He wouldn’t be willing to force her.

Hence, the two were obviously husband and wife and slept in the same bed, but aside from the limited physical contact, they couldn’t be more chase.

Females who time-traveled had the aura of a protagonist and was very beautiful and charming…

Those were lies!

In this strange era, she was only an insignificant passerby. The only thing she could do at the moment was continue to stay in Gu household and wait for time to tell her the right choice: to leave or to stay.

Shu Huan soaked in the hot spring and sighed very melancholically.

If she chose to leave, it would be a very despicable act, right?

It was taking advantage of Gu Xiran in disguise to get the relatively stable days at Gu household…

Of course, she had told herself she had to be a bit more selfish and fight to survive here. However, the strong sense of guilt suddenly poured in her heart. Her upbringing told her, what you don’t want done to you, don’t do to others. If there was a person who stayed at her side just to use her as a talisman and leave when he got the ability, she would also be sad.

However, if she chooses to stay, then Gu household, concubine Yun and the dark schemes. She got a headache just thinking about it.

It was really difficult to find the balance between reality and idealism.

The mental knot couldn’t be vented out. Therefore, Shu Huan suddenly had the urge to scream. She quickly buried her face in the palms of her hands and clenched her mouth tightly, lest she couldn’t control herself and really screamed.

At this moment, she truly wished that she was originally someone of this era. Then, she would be able to accept many things that she couldn’t accept now and wouldn’t have so many troubles…

A slight smirk recalled back her senses. She put down the hands that were on her face. She turned and saw that Gu Xiran had his back against the frame of Japanese roses. He looked thoughtfully at her and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Ah…,” Shu Huan finally screamed. She didn’t forget to cover her chest area.

Gu Xiran’s ears were suddenly stabbed by this sharp voice. He slightly raised an eyebrow and said, “Why are you screaming like a ghost?”

“You…you peeped…”

Too shameless!

Gu Xiran objected, “More than half of your body is inside the water. What can I look at?”

That was a fact, but the water of the hot spring was clear. The lantern was resting on the edge of the hot spring. Under the brightness, something may actually still be visible…

Shu Huan panicked, reached her head over and blew out the lantern.

The surroundings suddenly darkened, leaving only a few bright moonlight rays.

Gu Xiran laughed again, “Why are you so nervous? Who let you soak for an hour and still didn’t come out? I thought that your physique wasn’t suitable for hot springs, got worried and came over to take a look.

“Excuses,” Shu Huan said angrily from embarrasment. “If you are truly worried, you can let Meijing come over to take a look. Second young master, is there a need for you to come personally?”

She couldn’t see Gu Xiran’s expression in the darkness. She could only hear his mocking laughter, “Don’t worry. There are no dragonflies this time.”

“What dragonflies?” The topic changed too fast. Shu Huan was confused.

In the next moment, his voice was close to her. His tone also turned more amorous, “When the small lotus screams, isn’t it only the dragonfly that is interested?

  • “There is already a dragonfly above it, when the small lotus screams” are two sentences from the poem A Small Pond by Yang Wanli. These two sentences probably mean that it was already too late when the lotus screamed. Gu Xiran changed it a bit. He probably meant that he wasn’t interested.

He obviously saw it and still say that he didn’t see it.

Shu Huan didn’t know whether she was shy, annoyed or embarrassed. Thousands of words became one word, “F***…”

Her forehead felt a pain. She had been immediately flicked by him. She didn’t know how this bastard found the right spot in the darkness. Shu Huan took a deep breath. Just when she wanted to turn into a shrewish wife, she felt something warm on her lips like a bit of water that rubbed pass her. Then, she heard him whisper, “No swearing allowed.”

The words just fell, when his lips pasted against hers again.

Shu Huan backed intuitively and wanted to dodge. Who would’ve thought that on the bottom of the hot spring were smooth pebbles the size of a hand palm. When she stepped on the pebbles, a piece of pebbles loosened and made her slip. Her body lost balance and fell backwards.

“Be careful.”

Gu Xiran quickly reached out to grab her, but his kneeling posture wasn’t stable. Not only did he not hold onto her, instead he was brought down by the weight of her body.

One after another, the two fell into the water. A splash of water flew to everywhere.

The hot spring wasn’t deep. Shu Huan struggled for a moment before she stabilized her body and stood up. However, a pungent feeling spread upwards from her nose. This extremely uncomfortable feeling of drowning made her seem to have returned to the moments before she had time-traveled. The painful memories were interrupted by Gu Xiran’s embrace.

He wrapped her tightly like an eight-clawed octopus. He used so much strength that she could barely breath.

Shu Huan immediately remembered that she was naked. Two words came out of her gritted teeth, “Let go!”

“I don’t want to!” Gu Xiran simply refused, but the tone was different from his usual indifferent tone. It had some fright in it. He hugged her more tightly.

This is murder!

Shu Huan didn’t have time to care about being shy and barely said, “You…are nearly suffocating me to death…”

Gu Xiran hesitated and relaxed his hands a little. He urged, “Quickly come to the edge of the hot spring…”

This time, his voice shook a bit.

Shu Huan didn’t notice it. She quickly took two breaths. She wanted to push him away, run to the clothes that were at the edge of the hot spring and escape. It was just, she pushed him two times, but he didn’t move a bit. At this time, her eyes had already adapted to the darkness. With the help of the light from the moon and stars, she finally saw his panic-stricken look. She couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, “You…are afraid of water?”

Perhaps, it was Gu Xiran’s usual calm composure that left a deep impression on her. She also felt that her guessing was ridiculous after the question just left her mouth. However, the other party suspiciously closed his lips in a tight line. He looked at her with an ugly expression without a word. It was very different from the usual black-belly image that liked to tease her.

Gu Xiran was really afraid of water!

The truth made Shu Huan in disbelief, but she still very obediently took him to the edge of the hot spring while blushing. There was no other way. She couldn’t let him continue soak in the water while she was naked, right?!

Gu Xiran’s left hand touched the flat edge of the hot spring. He immediately showed a relieved expression. It was as if he had survived a calamity. However, his right hand was still shamelessly on her waist!

Shu Huan hurriedly urged, “Can you let me go now?”

Just now, he said I don’t want to. Now he said, “No.”

While he refused, his pair of eyes glanced downwards with no good intention, making Shu Huan overwhelmed with anger.

Why is this bastard not more afraid of water? It would’ve been better if he was so afraid that he fainted!

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