Chapter 56 The misunderstanding

While the two were deadlocked, a dragonfly flew out of the grass and flew two times around the rack of Japanese roses. Then, it flew to them.

At the same time, there was a sound of footsteps. Gu Xihe shouted loudly, “Who was screaming? What had happened?”

Gu Xiran’s face instantly turned black. He shouted, “Stop! You’re not allowed to come over!”

However, he shouted a bit late. Gu Xihe’s figure was already looming on the edge of the fence of Japanese roses. There was a lantern in his hand and he was rushing over to this side, “Second big brother, is it you?”

Looking from where there was light to where it was dark, one couldn’t see anything. However, Gu Xiran still panicked. He let go of Shu Huan, went to the shore to find her clothes that were not far away and brought them over. He didn’t care whether they would become wet and put them directly on her body. He wrapped her whole body and put her behind his back.

Gu Xihe didn’t hear his answer and thought that something really had happened. He took two steps to this side.

After Shu Huan had been tightly wrapped did Gu Xiran sigh from relief. He said with a black expression, “Why did you come?”

Gu Xihe was baffled. He didn’t know why Gu Xiran was so angry, “I was catching dragonflies behind the Japanese rose fence when I heard someone scream. So, I came over to see what had happened…”

Halfway through the words, he discovered that Gu Xiran’s figure looked very bloated in the darkness. It looked like…

Gu Da was surrounded by many concubines. Although, Gu Xihe’s thoughts were pure and innocent, but there was a limit. He suddenly slammed his head with his hand and came to a realization.

It turned out that there was not only his second big brother here!

Before Gu Xiran shouted to drive him away, he tactfully ran away. While he ran, he said, “Continue, continue. Do as if I’ve never been here.”

Although, he said that, but he couldn’t help but guess who the woman with second big brother was. Anyway, it wouldn’t be second sister-in-law or concubine Yun. They didn’t have the need to scream. Could it be that second big brother took a fancy on some maid and took action while taking advantage of the night…?

Thinking till here, Gu Xihe suddenly became depressed.

Now, he still quite liked Shu Huan, this second sister-in-law who didn’t pay particular attention that skirts didn’t have to move when walking and that she shouldn’t reveal teeth when laughing and who liked to play with him. He didn’t want to see her become like his mother Lin shi who was unhappy every day and whose whole heart was only thinking about how his father was with that and that concubine and how she should teach the newly favored concubine a lesson. Or, when a certain concubine changed her taste, she would be thinking whether that concubine was pregnant or something like that.

  • Skirts didn’t have to move when walking and that she shouldn’t reveal teeth when laughing: he probably meant that Shu Huan didn’t care about the etiquettes.
  • Shi: clan

Let’s not mention the small trouble of Gu Xihe. Let’s talk about when Gu Xiran and Shu Huan climbed to shore in a sorry state and lit the lanterns, they discovered that the whole body of the other party was wet. The summer clothes were thin and light-colored. Now that they were pasted tightly to the body, nothing was blocked…

Gu Xiran gazed at her in secret. He found out that her figure was graceful and curvy. It seemed that it wasn’t so much like a bean-sprout as he had imagined. He was beginning to hesitate whether he should find a chance to eat her now or that he should raise her for a few more years.

Shu Huan immediately noticed the change on his body. After being blank for a moment, and then realized what was going on, her face immediately reddened. She swore, “Pervert Gu.”

After she swore, she turned and ran. She didn’t even care about taking a lantern and went all the way to Japanese Rose Building in the dark. Fortunately, she didn’t bump into anyone. It was just that it was very uncomfortable with the wet clothes pasted on her body. When the wind blew, she sneezed twice. When concubine Yun made ginger soup for her, that manner and hesitating expression made her (SH) a bit dejected.

Of course, she didn’t have an easy time this night. When Gu Xiran had returned, she was already pretending to be asleep on the bed. However, she couldn’t control her mind from recalling what had happened. The more she thought, the more she couldn’t sleep. In the end, she discovered that Gu Xiran who was lying next to her also didn’t sleep. He turned several times and finally got out of the bed quietly.

She heard the squeak of the door and the small bang when it closed. Shu Huan didn’t move and lay in the dark for a long time.

Even after an hour, he didn’t return. In the middle of the night, the only place he could go was presumably concubine Yun’s, right? She turned and lay flat on her back. She stared at the roof for a while. She suddenly laughed bitterly. Why did she felt a sense of loss at something that was to be expected? Since she couldn’t make a decision, it wasn’t a bad thing that someone else could make a decision for her…

The facts proved once again that some things weren’t the same as what you thought.

Early in the morning, when Shu Huan went out of the room with dark circles, coincidentally she saw Gu Xiran came out of the study. This person said to her refreshingly, “Good morning.”


Shu Huan really wanted to die. For what did she toss about in bed for the whole night?! What puzzled her more was; why was Gu Xiran so good to her? Wasn’t having three wives and four concubines seen as normal in the eyes of ancient men? That he was cold to concubine Yun didn’t mean that he couldn’t sleep with concubine Yun, especially when she hadn’t fulfilled the duty of the wife.

There was a small guilt mixed with some unclear emotions in her heart. She sighed privately and revealed a forced smiled, “Good morning.”

Gu Xiran looked at her up and down. He suddenly laughed, “Last night, no one fought for the bed with you. You must’ve slept well, right?”

Was he asking intentionally?

He must be asking intentionally!

Shu Huan looked in the mirror. Her face was pale like a ghost and the dark circles were very obvious. She didn’t believe that he didn’t see. However, for her pitiful self-esteem that was about to be ruined and disappear, she forced herself to say, “Very…very good…”

Gu Xiran laughed more freely and recklessly.

Shu Huan suddenly felt her anger drain. She could no longer pretend that nothing was the matter. She also didn’t dare to look at his eyes that were clearer and brighter than usual. She lifted her skirt, turned and ran. She ran faster than last night when she was in a sorry state.

Of course, there was also things that happened outside of Gu Xiran’s expectations. He didn’t know that his young fourth little brother was so sensitive to the passion under the moon. Hence, when he returned from a walk around Japanese Rose Building, he inadvertently heard the conversation between him and Shu Huan under the Japanese rose fence. His handsome face immediately darkened again.

Gu Xihe was very gossipy, “Second sister-in-law, why are the circles around your eyes so dark? Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

Shu Huan tried to cover up with mumblings, “I…I slept well…so well that it couldn’t be better…”

“You are lying.”

“I am not…”

“Don’t cover up. I know everything.”

Shu Huan’s voice went eight decibels higher. She asked full of doubt, “You know everything? How is that possible?”

“That’s right,” Gu Xihe tiptoed and patted her shoulder full of sympathy. “All men are like that. Look at my father and my eldest big brother. In short, it’s better to accept the situation and move on. In fact, this matter is no big deal.”

“What does this have to do with your father and eldest big brother?” Shu Huan became more suspicious, “What do you know?”

Gu Xiran lowered his voice mysteriously, “Isn’t it what happened at the hot spring last night? I saw second big brother embracing a…uh, second sister-in-law, don’t you know all about it? Why is your face red like this? Hey, don’t run…”

He was just about to chase her, when he suddenly felt that the sunlight above his head was covered by a dark cloud. Then, a cold and gloomy voice sounded, “Brat, are you tired of living?”

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