Chapter 60 Each person has his own aspiration

First, she was bored for nearly a month at Gu residence. That place was full of people and it was also under the eyes of old madam, Shu Huan had no choice but to endure the boredom and be more well-behaved.

Before coming to the resort, she had fantasized that there was no one to control her here and that she would occasionally go out to relieve boredom. Who would’ve thought that Gu Xiran and Gu Xihe was busy with learning martial arts and didn’t have time to take her out? The maids didn’t dare to go out. No need to mention concubine Yun. When there was nothing going on, she (Y) wouldn’t even leave Japanese Rose Pavilion. She could stay the whole day in her room to embroider flowers.

As for the old maids that old madam sent to take care of Gu Xihe, they weren’t within her consideration. She was busy enough preventing them from reporting to old madam, how could she personally send herself over for a nagging?

Hence, when she heard that Gu Xiran said to go up the mountain tomorrow, she was over the moon. She called Meijing and prepared to go pack up things. However, she just walked to the door when she heard concubine Yun ask, “Go up the mountain? Second young master, can your body bear that?”

A person with such an identity as Gu Xiran’s would never pick a fight with another person. Learning martial arts was just to defend themselves. Although, these days he almost collapsed because of Du Qiu, but he still gritted his teeth and endured it. His physical condition improved significantly. In the past, he would pant even when he just walked a small way. Now, as long as he didn’t have to run, his heartbeat wouldn’t even accelerate.

Therefore, he smiled slightly, “It doesn’t matter.”

Concubine Yun was relieved, “Then, I will also go pack.”

Gu Xiran raised an eyebrow, shouted to stop her, “It’s better for you to stay here and look after the yard.”


Even if you used your toe to think, you would know how embarrassed concubine Yun was now. Shu Huan didn’t turn her head and quickly walked out. It’s better for them to solve their problem between themselves. She didn’t have to meddle in lest to not provoke resentment. However, no matter how fast she walked, she still heard Gu Xiran say, “The road to go up the mountain is not easy. It’s difficult to take care of so many people. The maids also don’t have to follow.”

Meijing walked behind her. after hearing this, she muttered, “Luckily, luckily.”

Shu Huan couldn’t help herself from laughing, “You don’t want to go outside?”

“I want to,” while Meijing talked, she looked at her expression and then continued. “But hiking is too hard. There isn’t even a road. There is only a path where only one person could walk to go up the mountain. Besides, there was rain the last few days. Perhaps the mud road hasn’t dried yet. If you step on it, it’s wet mud. If you aren’t careful and accidentally slipped…”

Speaking till here, her brows tightened. She said with worry, “Second young mistress, I think you should also beg second young master for you to not go. How great will it be to rest on such a hot day at home. Why should you follow them to go suffer and tire yourself? If you are truly very bored, you can wait till the fifteenth and let second young master take you for a stroll around the market in the village. That is a lot more relaxed and interesting.”

Shu Huan didn’t say anything and just looked at Meijing laughingly.

Meijing touched her face and wondered, “Did I say something wrong or is it that there is something on my face? What is second young mistress laughing at?”

“I laughed because…,” Shu Huan reached out and poked Meijing’s space between the eyebrows. “You are a through and through otaku girl.”

  • Otaku girl/boy: someone who stays at home all time typically spending a lot of time playing online games.

“Otaku girl?” Meijing pondered. Second young mistress always says some expression she couldn’t understand. She didn’t know whether she (SH) was praising or bashing her.

Meijing’s appearance was remarkable. At this moment, she looked cute when she had her brows frowned. Shu Huan couldn’t help herself from reaching out and squeezed her cheeks that still had a little bit of baby fat. She smiled, “Your family give you such good looks. Who would be so blessed in the future to be able to take you as wife?”

Although, she was still young, but when she heard Shu Huan mentioning marrying people, Meijing’s face still got red and muttered, “Second young mistress shouldn’t make fun of people. You are the one who looks beautiful. Didn’t you see that second young master often looked at you in daze? I just hope that I could be half as blessed as you in the future and to marry a husband who pampers me like how second young master pampers you. I would be satisfied…”

While she talked, her voice gradually lowered. At the end, her voice was like the voice of a mosquito. However, her red cheeks looked more beautiful like a jade-colored peony that needed to be picked. It made Shu Huan want to tease her more. she laughed, “Since you talked so well of your second young master, why don’t I marry you to him?”

“How could that happen?” Meijing shook her head panicked. “Second young master only pampers you alone. Besides, although I’m a maid, I also don’t want to be someone else’s conc….”

Her looks were outstanding, so, she was a more prideful person. However, she was too straightforward and was afraid that Shu Huan would get angry. She hesitated and didn’t continue. Suddenly, she remembered master’s concubine Wen. Concubine Wen was a dowry maid of madam. In order to compete among the concubines and to win master over, madam removed the facial hair and trim the hairline of concubine Wen and let her become master’s. However, it didn’t take two years before master lost interest in her. He rarely goes to her chamber and she (M) didn’t know for what reason madam doesn’t treat her ( W ) well either. Her ( W ) days were…

  • Remove the facial hair and trim the hairline: describing when a woman married a man and had intercourse with him. In ancient times, women combed their hair differently according to their marital status. Hence, that saying.

The more she thought about it, the more she panicked. She didn’t care about anything else, raised her face and begged Shu Huan, “Second young mistress, I will serve you with all my heart and will never give you trouble. I only ask you to take pity on me and please don’t let me become second young master’s concubine.”

Shu Huan raised her eyebrows in surprise. She didn’t expect that Gu Xiran would also be tossed away like a pair of worn-out shoes. Was this the so-called “each person has their own aspiration”? The identity that Huiyun racked her brain to get was feared by Meijing like the demon.

Of course, she knew that Gu Xiran treated her well. However, it was so well that he got the praise of the public. This made Shu Huan ponder. She felt that she didn’t had any strong point to let him treat her differently. If it was because of her appearance, concubine Yun’s appearance wasn’t below hers and she had the virtue and weak appearance that people like….

The only explanation was that Gu Xiran’s vision was too bad. He didn’t want the pearl and jade but had to want her, this obstinate stone. She wasn’t undervaluing herself. Perhaps, in the modern time, her personality would be more liked than concubine Yun’s heavy and quiet personality. However, in the ancient times, her merit became her weak point. No matter how one looked at it, a woman who didn’t want to stay at home and do embroidery and who was always thinking about going out to have fun wouldn’t be the virtuous wife in the eyes of any ancient man.

Meijing didn’t know what she was thinking about. Seeing that she (SH) was in daze, she (M) thought that she had made Shu Huan angry. She quickly grabbed Shu Huan’s sleeve, “Second young mistress, I was wrong…Madam said that as a maid, the most important thing is obedience. In the future, I will do everything you let me do and never act on my own initiative. You…don’t be angry…”

Shu Huan came out of daze because of the pull of her sleeve. She raised her eyes and looked at Meijing. Her (M) whole face wrinkled into a bitter gourd. She looked lovely and pitiful. Her (SH) heart couldn’t help but feel warm. She pulled away the hair behind her (M) neck and said, “If you want to say something, just say it out loud. It’s quite good like this. I am not angry and I also wouldn’t force you to do something you don’t want to do. Be like this also in the future. Keep your original nature.”

Meijing nodded hesitantly. She was very skeptical that Shu Huan said this to comfort her. It went without saying, which owner in this world like a maid who always says “no”?

“Still thinking?” Shu Huan laughing and pushed her. “You reminded me that I can’t wear embroidered shoes to go up the mountain. It will be so miserable if I slipped and rolled down. Quickly, go find a right pair of boots for me and also get one clothing of a manservant. I don’t want to climb the mountain wearing a long skirt.”

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