Chapter 64 Little fourth flipped out

The washed clothes were spread out on the green grass for the sun to shine on. Butterflies flew all over them.

Shu Huan hid in the shade of a big tree. She leaned on the tree and ate the wild fruits that she picked while she chatted with Ji Danqing. From time to time, she would glance at the cliff. Although, Gu Xiran’s climbing speed wasn’t fast, but it was stable. Hence, she didn’t pay much attention to him.

At this time, the sun was clear and the wind well-paced. The hot sunlight couldn’t force itself into the shade. Shu Huan felt that a burst of coolness came from the forest behind her. It was cooler and more pleasant than hiding in the room on a hot weather. It was so pleasant that she felt sleepy. Finally, she still had cherries in her mouth when she dozed off.

When she woke up, the sun had already set. Gu Xiran was squatting in front of her. His hand pinched her cheek, shook it and said, “The sky had darkened. Wake up.”

Shu Huan opened her eyes at loss. Seeing the light of the golden red sunset poking from behind him, there were the lights in the color of the rainbow flashing on her eyes. This stabbed her eyes, making she close them slightly. Only now did she see that those lights spots were drops of water on his face. They rolled down with his every movements and radiated the colors of the rainbow.

She was awakened in daze at the beginning of her sleep plus with the sudden visual impact; she couldn’t help but stare at him blankly. Most people who studied painting were usually controlled by visuals. They had a unique attachment to beautiful things. She had to admit that the man in front of her was truly handsome. Although, his face was a bit thin, but he looked refined and elegant. With his deep and clear eyes, he had an outstanding and graceful charm.

She truly wanted to draw him!

However, if she had to paint him, she must use the ancient style to be able to preserve this bearing with concentrated ink…

At this point, her thoughts to learn Chinese painting style became more pressing. She didn’t prevent Gu Xiran from stabbing with his finger in the space between her eyebrows, “Why are you in daze? Get up!”

Her heart filled with the idea to paint him was gone without a trace. Shu Huan dejectedly rubbed the space between her eyebrows. When she stood up, she discover that Du Qiu had already made fire. He was roasting a string of quails that she didn’t know where he got them from and the beehive they poked down at noon. A few grasshoppers were resting on the washed leaves next to his feet. Although, she knew that both bees and grasshoppers were protein-rich food, her expression was still very dark, “Do we have…to eat insects at night?”

Du Qiu silently roasted the food. He didn’t make a sound. Ji Danqing pulled out a clean and peeled bamboo partridge that was stuffed with mushrooms and said laughingly, “You are lucky. We just caught this bamboo partridge. Otherwise, you really have to eat insects.”

Fortunately, fortunately!

Shu Huan sighed from relief. It was not her fault that she was afraid of insects. If there wasn’t this bamboo partridge and she didn’t want to be picky to provoke criticism and resentment, she would’ve braced herself and ate the insects.

When she had calmed down, she immediately discovered that Gu Xihe wasn’t here. She looked around for him. She saw that he was still hanging on the cliff. The speed that he moved down with was slow like a snail.


She was about to ask why Gu Xihe was still hanging there when she saw Gu Xiran gestured with his hand at her, “Don’t bother with him. That brat’s physical condition is better than mine. He is just afraid of heights. It would be fine if you let him hang a bit. See, just now when he looked down from the top of the cliff, he screamed as if he had seen a ghost. Now, he is a lot quieter.”


It turned out that Gu Xihe was afraid of heights. Then, could this method of Gu Xiran be considered shock therapy?

Shu Huan felt that he should use this method to cure his own fear of water!

While she let her imagination run wild, Gu Xiran threw a wooden hairpin at her and said, “Help me comb my hair.”

This wooden hairpin was also made from agarwood by her. It was a very simple and unadorned phoenix hairpin.

Shu Huan still didn’t know how to do difficult hairstyles after learning so many days, but she could do a simple hairstyle for Gu Xiran. She passed her hand through his hair. The feeling was cold. It was obviously that the hair had just been washed and it hasn’t dried up yet.

She frowned slightly and said, “It’s better to wait till the hair is dry before combing. You will get headache from wet hair.”

Gu Xiran was sometimes stubborn and didn’t listen to other people’s advice. “Loosen hair feel uncomfortable. It’s better to comb it.”

Shu Huan could only take a small wooden comb from the purse that she always carried and gently combed his hair.

She didn’t know whether it was because ancient people used pure natural cleansing products, Gu Xiran’s hair was in excellent condition and very black. The comb could pass from the top to the bottom without much struggle.

Shu Huan didn’t fully listen to him. She only bundled the hairs that hung on his forehead and cheeks with the agarwood hairpin. The rest of the hair was still scattered. Gu Xiran still felt uncomfortable, but he couldn’t take care of it himself. Therefore, he had no other choice.

Before, the sky was completely dark, Gu Xihe’s finally reached the ground safely. However, his face was in tears and snot and the way he looked at everyone was with resentment. It seemed that he truly got a shock. He stomped his feet and said furiously, “You all bully me! When I go back, I will tell old madam!”

Du Qiu looked at him but didn’t say anything.

Gu Xiran frowned and shouted, “Little Fourth…”

“Don’t call me. I will ignore you!” Gu Xihe stubbornly defied him. He said with hate, “You left me on the top of the cliff and came down alone. You wouldn’t care even if I had died. Why are you still calling me?!”

While talking, he turned his head and yelled at Du Qiu, “Bullshit martial master! You are obviously a murderer! I spend money on hiring you for you to teach me martial arts, not for you to murder me for money! Get lost, get lost, get lost! Tomorrow, pack up your things and get lost! Don’t let me see you ever again!”

After he vented his anger, he turned and ran into the woods. He also fiercely pushed Shu Huan who went to stop him.

Shu Huan hurt her ankle. It was very painful. The sky was already dark. If they really let Gu Xihe run into the woods, let alone that he got lost, perhaps he may encounter a large wild animal. It was very dangerous. Hence, she didn’t bother with her injury, got up and wanted to chase after him.

At this time, a figure passed by her. Then, a pair of hands reached out and took her into his arms. She raised her head and saw that it was Gu Xiran. He had his eyes lowered and she couldn’t see whether he was happy or angry from his face. However, the hand that held her used much strength. He also asked in a low voice, “Are you alright?”

Shu Huan shook her head. She turned and saw that Du Qiu dragged Gu Xihe back by his clothes and thrown him next to the fire.

Gu Xihe was flexible. After he rolled on the ground and got up, he still wanted to run. When Du Qiu went to catch him once again, he (GXH) punched, kicked and bit him. He used all tricks that he could use.

Du Qiu didn’t put these rascal moves in his eyes. Sharp-eyed and deft, he grabbed his arms and turned it. Gu Xihe stopped struggling and could only swear. However, swearing also needed energy. After climbing the cliff back and forth, he was exhausted. After he swore for a while, he felt his mouth got dry. Moreover, no one bothered to swear at him. He felt very unsatisfactory and gradually he became quiet. He only used eyes full of hate to glare at everyone present.

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