Chapter 69 Inadvertently peeping at a bath

The herbs that Ji Danqing found were very effective. The swelling of Shu Huan’s ankle had disappeared the day before. When she stood up and walked early in the morning, she didn’t feel much pain. Hence, she urged Gu Xiran to let’s go home.

It wasn’t that she wanted to go back to the resort, but it was because when they went out, they had said that they would only stay for one night. Although, Gu Xiran later added that they may delay for a day or two, but today was already the fifth day after they went to the mountain. If they don’t go back, presumably those old maids and maids would lose their cool and report to old madam.

Of course, the little girl that they caught last night was also one of the reasons that she was eager to go back. When the sky was beginning to become bright, she had already taken the girl to a secluded place to check her. She discovered that there were countless of wounds and injuries on her body. Only a few were old injuries. Most of them were bruises from falling and scratches. The most serious wound was the wound in her lower leg. It already festered and formed pus. Half of the lower leg was swollen and gave off a rotten smell.

When Ji Danqing heard Shu Huan talk about the wound, he couldn’t help but shook his head, “It should be really hard on her. She was so seriously injured and still ran so fast last night. However, if this leg is not treated in time, presumably, in the future…”

He didn’t continue but the meaning was obvious.

Shu Huan had used all tricks, but she couldn’t get anything out of the girl. She didn’t know her name or where she lived. She decided to first bring her back to the resort and treat her injuries before they decide the next step. Anyway, Gu household supported many idlers. If there was no place for this girl to go back, she would just take her as a maid.

They didn’t expect that the moment the girl heard that they wanted to bring her back down the mountain, she panicked and scrammed like a rabbit. Her speed was very fast. If Du Qiu wasn’t here, no one would be able to catch her. With Du Qiu here, her resistance and struggles were powerless. Soon, she was caught and brought back. It was just that they spent a lot effort by going down the mountain with her.

When they almost reached the foot of the mountain, they were surprised to see Ranmo and Diyan coming with people to search for them. When they (R&D) saw them, Ranmo was overflowed with emotions and his tears fell. He said while sobbing, “Fourth young master…fourth young master, you finally came down the mountain…You really made tis little one anxious…”

Diyan also cried, “So great. Fourth young master didn’t die…”

He hadn’t finished crying yet when he was kicked by Gu Xihe who said angrily, “Who died?! I’m living very well. Don’t curse me for nothing!”

Even Ranmo fisted him two times, “Do you know how to talk?”

It turned out that when Shu Huan and the others didn’t return after the planned date, the people of the resort truly got anxious. They just feared that it was false alarm and didn’t dare to go report to old madam. Until today, concubine Yun couldn’t wait any longer. She let Ranmo and Diyan go up the mountain with people to find them and see why they delayed. After that would she decide whether she should send people back to report to the household.

Alright, they let people get anxious for nothing. However, Shu Huan didn’t feel any guilt this time. She turned to look at Gu Xihe and saw him lower his head dejectedly.

She couldn’t be blamed for being pushed and having injured her ankle!

With Ranmo, Diyan and the others coming at their rescue, they could take turns to carry that little girl. The journey went a lot smoother. The group returned quickly to Moon’s View resort. When concubine Yun and mother Du heard the news, they rushed out to greet them. Their faces were full of relief.

Without taking a break, Ji Danqing brought the little girl back to Bamboo Pavilion. However, she cried and struggled. Shu Huan could only accompany them and kept comforting her, “Doctor Ji is a good person. He will treat the injury on your leg. Don’t be afraid.”

The girl didn’t speak and still cried, but she reached out and tightly grabbed Shu Huan.

Shu Huan immediately understood her and quickly said, “Rest assured. I will stay with you. It may hurt a bit when the injury is being treated, but if you don’t treat it, it will affect your walking in the future. Hence, it must be treated. Please, believe us that we wouldn’t harm you.”

She didn’t know whether the girl had understood or not, but the crying voice obviously turned weaker. However, the strength that grabbed her (SH) had doubled.

Shu Huan sighed. The wounds of the outside were easy to treat. After treating the wound and medicine was applied, the wound would heal in a fee days. However, the psychological trauma was difficult to cure. This girl seemed to have received a big psychological blow. For someone to survive for so long on the mountain, she must be traumatized. Otherwise she wouldn’t not talk no matter what.

It was after noon when they returned to Moon View’s resort. When Shu Huan came out of Bamboo Pavilion, the moon was already in the sky and the sky was full of stars. The whole day, she only ate two snacks. However, when she looked at the process of the treatment, her stomach turned. Although, she was hungry, she didn’t have any appetite. She only felt very exhausted.

She raised her head, took a few deep breaths and said to Meijing who walked next to her, “Go and choose a quick-witted and diligent maid to take care of that child. When she woke up, make some porridge for her, but don’t let her eat too much. I will go to the hot spring to take a shower. After you are done with the task, bring me some clean clothes.”

Meijing promised and went away.

Shu Huan walked in the direction of the hot spring. It wasn’t convenient to bathe in the mountain. She hadn’t bathed for so many days. Now, she felt that her body was sweaty and dirty. She couldn’t stand it anymore and just wanted to take off her clothes, jump in the water to wash herself thoroughly.

However, she didn’t expect that in the hot spring that only had been used by her nearby Japanese Rose Building, there was someone soaking in it now. Looking at that graceful back, it was a girl! Unfortunately, when she wanted to retreat, that girl heard footsteps and turned around…

The moonlight was bright like mercury pouring down in torrents.

Shu Huan clearly saw that clear as ice and clean as jade appearance of that girl. Going down the neck, the shoulder, down the shoulder was…

  • Clear as ice and clean as jade: spotless

Eh… This situation was too embarrassing. If she looked more, her eyes would be pricked!

She quickly turned her head and wanted to apologize, but that girl was faster than her. She hugged her body and screamed. Her voice was like an ice blade and hurt her (SH) eardrums. Then, there were rapid footsteps outside of the rose fence. This girl was still screaming, “Get out! Get out!”

Someone unfamiliar dressed like a maid rushed in. When she saw Shu Huan, she let out a cold breath. She didn’t beg for forgiveness or reproach and only fiercely grabbed Shu Huan by her hair.

That girl wept behind them and said ruthlessly, “Let two people block her mouth and beat him until he is death!”

  • He and she sound the same in Chinese. Only when written would one know the difference.

Shu Huan’s expression immediately darkened.

The body of women of this era was precious. Not even a little could be leaked outside. She didn’t look at it deliberately. Moreover, the both of them were women. It didn’t matter if she saw it. Was it so grave that she needed to be beaten to death? Aside from this, there was a more important issue. Who was this woman? Inexplicable, she was in her private hot spring. She didn’t hold her accountable yet for tainting the water, why did the other party have the courage to punish her first?

She was angry, but when she was dragged outside of the rose fence, she suddenly realized the reason that girl would be so agitated. After she returned, she went to Bamboo Pavilion and hadn’t gone back to Japanese Rose Building. Hence, she was still dressed like a manservant. That girl presumably mistook her for a manservant. It was normal for her to be agitated and angry after her body was seen by a man…

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