Chapter 71 Hopelessly entangled

When handling matters, one should leave some leeway. Shu Huan no longer thought about making her identity known at this moment.

Zhang Hanfang was a granddaughter that old madam watched grow up. Naturally, her place was heavier than her (SH) in old madam’s heart. Moreover, there would inevitable be interactions between relatives in the future. There was no need to make things too stiff between them. Zhang Hanfang would get to know her identity some day, but it was the best if it was not now and also not made known by herself.

As for whether the other party, after getting to know her identity would understand that she already left some leeway and wouldn’t mention this matter anymore, was not something that she could control. She had to be in the right first. In the future, she would counter every trick. No one would be able to pick her fault by them. Even old madam would be clear about her concession.

Thinking till here, Shu Huan didn’t want to argue with her even more. She only said,” I will go get my punishment at second young master’s now. Miss should go back and rest!”

Having said that, she turned and left. She wanted to escape from this quarrel.

Who knew that Peiyu harbored hard feelings? Therefore, she sourly instigated, “Miss, is she saying that you can’t meddle in Gu household’s affair?”

Zhang Hanfang only took Shu Huan as a maid. She had long been dissatisfied with her attitude of not fawning, not obeying, not currying favor and also contradicting her. After Peiyu said that, she felt that she had lost face and angrily yelled, “Stop!”

Who would bother with you?!

Originally, Shu Huan was walking fast. Hearing her yell, she run.

Thirty-six stratagems, retreat was the best stratagem. If she couldn’t afford to offend, then, she could dodge, right? She didn’t believe that a lady like Zhang Hanfang who cared about style when walking and sitting would chase after her!

  • Thirty-six stratagems, retreat was the best stratagem: if everything else fails, retreat.

The unfortunate thing was that Zhang Hanfang didn’t chase after her, but there were others who would. At this time, that little maid already brought nanny Guan and two guards of Zhang family. Seeing that their miss was stopping a servant, they didn’t ask what the matter was and chased after Shu Huan. While chasing, they also raged of anger, “Are you deaf? Our miss said for you to stop!”

She was about to die!

These people are not finished yet?!

Shu Huan was afraid that after she was caught up with, she would be tangled for a long time by that Zhang Hanfang again. Therefore, she ran even faster.

Fortunately, Japanese Rose Building was not far away. She will reach it if she run a short distance. Moreover, Gu Xiran was afraid that she would fall when walking at night. He very considerately hung lanterns every few meters. Even if she run now in the dark, she could move like an escaping rabbit. In fact, this road was rather tortuous. She stumbled a lot and it happened that behind her butt, there was one girl and two men. They were like wild gooses flying to the south. Lined up they formed the letter “Z” …

The only dejected thing was that her ankle hadn’t been completely healed yet. After tiring for a whole day, she was exhausted. Hence, the safety distance was shortened bit by bit and she was soon caught up.

At this time, a small figure appeared in the front of the road. When Shu Huan took a closer look, she was overjoyed. She rushed over, grabbed that figure and said, “Good Meijing, block a moment for me.”

Meijing came to send her clothes. She was puzzled when she saw Shu Huan full of sweat from running. Just when she wanted to ask what had happened, Shu Huan already ran to her. Then, the three people that chased behind her also caught up. Seeing that she (M) was blocking in the middle of the road, they reached out and impatiently pushed her. She was pushed to the side of road like a spinning top. Only now did she realize that second young mistress was running to escape!

Heavens! Where did such daring servants came from to dare to be rude to second young mistress?!

She got anxious and shouted “hey” a few times. She wanted to call those people back. However, no one bothered with her. She could only stomp her feet and followed suit.

Shu Huan didn’t know what happened behind her. She just ran away. Her heart just let a sigh of relief when she saw that Japanese Rose Building was in the front, but those two guards rushed to her one after another. They blocked her road and forced her to stop. Immediately afterwards, nanny Guan also caught up. She bent over to gasp for two breaths and then twisted Shu Huan’s arm without a word. Then, she said, “Walk! Follow me back to see miss!”

“Let go!” Nanny Guan was big and sturdy. The strength she used to twist people’s arm was very great. Shu Huan frowned from pain.

Being yelled at by her, nanny Guan was startled for a moment. She looked closely at her and discovered that she was a girl. She immediately raised her hand and gave her a slap. She also scolded, “Thief maid, did you eat the gut of a leopard? The more I shout, the harder you ran. Follow me now to miss to receive your punishment!”

Shu Huan’s arm was twisted. It was inconvenient to dodge. Although, she avoided being hit on her face, but the slap fell on her neck. There was a burning pain coming from there. She immediately got angry, lifted her foot and slammed it down. Nanny Guan had been stepped on and was forced to let go. She immediately bent down, hugged her leg and screamed.

Shu Huan didn’t look at her at all, turned around and looked at the two guards in front of her, “Make way!”

When the guards saw that she was so bold, they didn’t know who she was relying on and hesitated.

Nanny Guan immediately shouted, “Drag her back!”

The two guards were just about to do that when they heard a lazy and low voice, “Who do you want to drag back?”

Nanny Guan looked up and saw that it was Gu household’s Gu Xiran. Although, he was somewhat different from when she saw him in the past, but the outline of his face didn’t change that much. Hence, she could still recognize him. She softened her voice and smiled, “This maid offended our miss. I want to take her back to receive her punishment. I didn’t want to alarm second young master. I apologize for my offense!”

While talking, she still wanted to reach out to drag Shu Huan. She said, “Second young master, go back and rest. We will leave now.”

Gu Xiran narrowed his eyes slightly and said faintly angered, “Who is your miss? Who are you?”

Nanny Guan’s hand stiffened in the ar. After being blank for a moment, she laughed, “Second young master you are an eminent person that has a short memory. Our miss is your paternal little cousin sister. I am miss’s nanny. That’s right, you went out for many days and didn’t know that we are here.”

Gu Xiran came to the realization and nodded, “Zhang family’s little cousin sister? I remember!”

Nanny Guan sighed of relief and smiled fawningly, “That is right! That is right! We are from Zhang household!”

Hearing her answer, Gu Xiran raised an eyebrow, “Then, I have to hear. How come your Zhang household’s people would manage my Gu household’s maid?”

Nanny Guan didn’t expect that he would ask such a sharp question in a blink of an eye. She immediately choked on her words. It happened that she truly didn’t know how Shu Huan had offended Zhang Hanfang. She could only say vaguely, “No matter what our miss is a guest. It’s not good to slight her. She…she dared to disrespect our miss. After disrespecting, she didn’t apologize and run…”

These words were obviously to point out for Gu Xiran that they are the guests and that he should respect them!

Shu Huan was in the right now and she also had been irritated by that slap. After hearing that, she became angrier. How would she leave a leeway for this nanny? She said, “If I don’t run, should I wait to be beaten to death by you?”

While talking, it was as if she wished for the world to be in chaos and pushed away the two guards. She went to Gu Xiran and pulled her collar down, “Second young master, look. This was given by her just now. It’s swollen!”

Gu Xiran looked down and saw that her neck was red and swollen. He felt much heartache. The way he looked at that nanny Guan was more unfathomable.

Nanny Guan remembered that Gu Xiran had always been a softy who didn’t care about the affairs of the world. She didn’t expect that after not having seen him for a few years, he became strong and would cause people to feel fear. She was puzzled. When she saw that gaze look over, she didn’t know why, but she shivered. She said nervously, “Second young master, why don’t you first ask her…how she had offended our miss…”

Gu Xiran tilted the corner of his lips slightly. He reached out and tidied Shu Huan’s collar. He said faintly, “She is asking me to ask you how you had offended that miss Zhang.”

His tone was casual. There wasn’t a trace of joy or anger in it, but the intimacy in those words was obvious. So, everyone’s mind was filled with thoughts. Even Meijing who just caught up and wanted to speak closed her mouth.

With second young master here, there was no need for her to meddle in!

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