Chapter 74 Stealing a kiss

She found another hot spring and cleaned her whole body. Shu Huan was so sleepy that she didn’t eat. The moment she returned to her room and touched her bed, she fell asleep. As for the requite that Gu Xiran talked about, she had long completely forgotten about it in her extreme sleepiness.

Only she had forgotten it, but there was someone who hadn’t.

Gu Xiran returned to the room in high spirits to collect his debt. The result was that he saw Shu Huan sleeping soundly while holding the blanket. His smiling face immediately sank.

Beyond the mark!

Originally, he wanted to see her red face from being in panic and in a predicament. Now, he couldn’t see anything because she was asleep. He couldn’t bear to wake her up after seeing her sleep so soundly, but not waking her up, he would feel dejected.

Gu Xiran stood silently under the light of the lamp for a moment. Suddenly, he felt that his worry about his gains and losses and his hesitation was very funny. He shook his head, blew out the light on the window, took off his outer clothing and went to bed.

The night of the summer was stuffy. The window of the room was half-opened. There was a green gauze in front of the window. The moonlight penetrated inside through the green gauze and spread a fine silver light on the floor.

His eyes had adapted to the darkness. Gu Xiran was able to use the glimmer of the moonlight to look at Shu Huan’s sleeping face that was gentle and peaceful. He couldn’t help himself from using his index finger to touch the outline of her face. When his fingertip stopped at her slightly pouted lips that was soft like petals, he unexpectedly became fond of that unique sensation and didn’t want to withdraw his finger.

Such a contact was light. Shu Huan was sleeping soundly and didn’t feel anything. However, when he couldn’t help himself from using his fingertip to gently rub her lips, she frowned slightly.

Gu Xiran didn’t know what kind of mentality he had. Anyway, he felt that it was interesting when she frowned and got angry. It was like looking at a baby trying to pretend to be calm and serious. There was a kind of intense and comical contrast. Every time, it would give him the urge to take her into his arms and pamper her.

There hadn’t been many opportunities and now, the time was right and the conditions were favorable…

His heart and mind were at war. The strength of the fingertip rubbing her lips couldn’t help but become greater.

In her dreams, Shu Huan felt that there was a bug crawling back and forth on her lips. She was stirred into impatience. She couldn’t help but sweep with her hand, turned her body and muttered, “Hateful.”

Gu Xiran was startled and then he smiled.

She was originally sleeping facing upwards while holding the quilt like a big tortoise whose four legs faced the sky. Now, she slept with her face facing him. Her body curled up like a languid and lovely cat.

A tenderness that was like water overflew over him. It entangled his heart soft like silk leaving no more gap in his heart. He emptied his mind and no longer thought about anything. He obeyed his instinctive reaction and desire. He pulled away the quilt in Shu Huan’s arms and took her in his arms.

The faint fragrance of her hair mixed with her seemingly non-existent body-odor was like the refreshing and pleasant scent of early summer.

Gu Xiran tightened his embrace.

He had already lost too many things, but as long as he could hold her tightly, it was as if he owned the world…

Shu Huan didn’t like to not hold onto anything when she was sleeping. Hence, when he pulled away the quilt, she naturally reached out and held his neck. Then, she twisted her body twice and went more into his arms. Sound asleep, she continued her beautiful dream.

There was an idiom that could describe her actions to the fullest…

Throw oneself in somebody’s arms.

But why was she throwing herself in his arms while being asleep…?

Gu Xiran’s body stiffened. He felt that it was funny. Originally, he wanted to secretly take some advantage of her while she was sleeping. The result was that he let himself feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

He subconsciously touched his nose. Fortunately, he didn’t exaggerate to the point of having a nosebleed. However, when he looked at her quiet sleeping face, he felt dejected.

This was too unfair.

She was sleeping sweetly there while his blood vessels swelled wide

  • Blood vessels swell wide: to be excited

Immediately afterwards, he got mischievous thoughts. He probed her waist and gently drew circles with his fingertip.

Shu Huan’s body immediately trembled and vaguely muttered, “Itchy…”

Gu Xiran endured his laughter. His five fingers went back and forth on her waist.

Shu Huan didn’t wake up, but when one was being harassed in the dream, the body would have a natural reaction. Suddenly, there was the sound of her giggling. Then, she turned her body and slapped away that disturbing hand of Gu Xiran. She also muttered, “Itchy…don’t…”

Afraid that he wouldn’t get to play anymore if he woke her up, he hugged her well-behavedly for a moment. He only rubbed her hair gently with his lips. He felt a tingling sensation, but after a while, he remembered that her neck was swollen because of nanny Guan’s slap. He couldn’t help but caress it while he felt heartache.

He didn’t expect that Shu Huan just happened to twist her body to change her sleeping position. The gently caress became a heavy touch, making her frown and say, “Pain.”

The word “pain” was said louder than her mutterings of before. It startled Gu Xiran. He thought she was woken up by him. He quickly retrieved his hand. However, she just said that and didn’t wake up from her sleep. He didn’t know what she was dreaming about, but her eyebrows gradually unfrowned. A smile also gradually appeared on her face.

Sleeping so soundly. Truly a pig.

Gu Xiran didn’t know whether he was glad or disappointed. He lowered his eyes and saw that her lips were at hand. He couldn’t help himself from putting his lips on her lips and nibbled them.


Shu Huan muttered something he couldn’t understand. Gu Xiran began to slowly nibble her lips and sucked them gently. It was extremely gently and lingering. But when the kiss deepened, he gradually couldn’t control his desire and he even deliberately wanted to wake her up. Hence, the strength he kissed her with became greater. From gentle, the kiss became wantonly brash. Half his body also pressed on her.

He really wanted to kiss and embrace her like this for a whole life without letting go…

The kiss was too passionate. Even in her dreams, Shu Huan felt that her body was turning hot and her chest stuffy. She was a bit breathless. However, her sleepiness was too deep and glued her consciousness together. No matter what, she couldn’t break free from the darkness. She couldn’t open her eyes even when she was caught between sweetness and pain.

Both of them were in the state of extreme struggle.

Gu Xiran was indulged in the sea of his desires, and Shu Huan was trapped in the deep sleepiness that she couldn’t escape from…

The struggling seemed to have lasted for a long time and it also seemed short like just a moment.

Shu Huan suddenly reached out to push “the big stone” that pressed on her body and made her suffocate.

She immediately felt light again and her breathing became extremely comfortable.

However, the good times didn’t last long. “The big stone” seemed to have grown hands and feet and tried hard to climb on her. Naturally, she didn’t want to be pressed again. Hence, she kicked very hard with her leg…

Gu Xiran was originally already squeezed to the side of the bed by her. After being kicked by her, he fell.

After a sound, Shu Huan was shocked and slightly opened her eyes. However, she only saw the faint moonlight coming through the window. Then, the consciousness that she hadn’t recovered yet had been taken away again by her deep sleepiness. She continued to sleep.

After a short while, a white figure climbed in a sorry state up from under the bed.

“Damn…,” Gu Xiran rubbed his forehead. He looked at the deeply asleep Shu Huan and felt that even scolding her for being slow like a pig, it would be an insult to the pig.

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