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Chapter 75 Doesn’t remember anything

It’s too shameful to be kicked out of bed!

When Gu Xiran lay on bed again, he was choked with gloominess. He was even doubting whether Shu Huan was pretending to be asleep. Otherwise, that kick wouldn’t come at such a bad timing. If it wasn’t because he have to dodge, he might’ve not fallen out of the bed! He looked at her from all sides, but couldn’t find any signs of her pretending to be sleeping. He could only take it that he was out of luck.

He was a bit angry. He wasn’t angry that Shu Huan didn’t let him take advantage. He was angry that even in her sleep she was subconsciously rejecting his touch. Could this be her true feelings towards him?

Gu Xiran’s face darkened completely after just pondering about it for a short moment. It happened that the one beside him was ignorant of all of these, making it that while he felt that she was very hateful, he also felt helpless. In the end, he could only loathingly reach out his hand, strongly held her waist and pull her over to hold her while he slept!

Poor Shu Huan didn’t know that someone tossed and turned her while she was in the land of dreams. The most pitiful thing was that she didn’t know that Gu Xiran already labeled her with the tags “pig” and “waiting to be slaughtered”. Because she slept while being hungry, she was gnawing on a pig’s trotter in her dreams. She didn’t know that she had became a pig’s trotter just now and had been gnawed by someone for a long while.

This night was destined to be dejected.

Aside from Shu Huan who was in a deep sleep, many people couldn’t sleep soundly this night.

There was no need to mention Gu Xiran’s intertwining.

Concubine Yun had been idle recently and had the habit of taking a nap. She didn’t sleep so early in the night. She was admiring the moon with a few maids and cool off in a shade. They faintly heard some of the tossing movements in Shu Huan’s room. Especially that word “pain” couldn’t help but let people’s imagination run wild. Naturally, she couldn’t sleep while thinking about it.

Zhang Hanfang had lost face in front of so many people. after returning, she wrote a big “Gu Xiran” on a rice paper. Because she didn’t know the eight birthdate characters of Gu Xiran, she estimated them and then threw the rice paper at nanny Guan to let her fiercely beat it!

  • Eight birthdate characters: year, month, day and hour. Everyone one of them is written in two characters.

Nanny Guan’s face was swollen like a pig’s head and still had to beat the villain with the sole of the shoe. She couldn’t speak up about her hardship.

The unluckiest one was presumably Peiyu. Zhang Hanfang vented all her anger on her. Although, she (ZHF) didn’t expel and sold her (P), but she (ZHF) let her suffer twenty beatings, retrieved her identity as a personal maid and dispatch her to do heavy manual work.

The sun rose and the moon had disappeared. It was a new day again.

Shu Huan woke up early in the morning. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Gu Xiran was still asleep, but his forehead was bruised. It was like someone hit him with a brick. She couldn’t help but wonder. She pushed him and said, “Wake up, what happened to your forehead?”

Gu Xiran had been awakened by her push. He opened her eyes and looked at her. Then, he turned and went back to sleep.

She still had the face to ask!

Could it be she truly didn’t feel anything last night?

“Hey, wake up!” Shu Huan pushed him once again, but this person threw a fit and pretended to sleep. She got up, opened the door and called Meijing to bring the water to wash up.

The strange thing was that Meijing seemed to be in a very good mood. She kept laughing when she looked at her (SH). When she (M) met her (SH) puzzled eyes, she (M) pretended that nothing was the matter and lowered her eyes. She even brought one more basin of water to wash up.

Shu Huan laughed and said, “Second young master is still sleeping. Why did you bring two basins of water?

Meijing’s answer was even more strange, “Second young mistress is not going to use it?”

“Me?” Shu Huan touched her face. “My face isn’t so dirty, right? Do I have to use two basins of water?”

Meijing tongue was tied. In the end, she didn’t say anything and brought one basin of water out. When she came back again, Shu Huan couldn’t help but frown slightly, “What is going one? Your mind seemed to be elsewhere today.”

“It’s, it’s nothing…,” Meijing handed her the toothbrush to block her (SH) doubts. However, after being silent for a while, she couldn’t help herself and said, “Second young mistress must’ve been tired last night. You should’ve rested more. Why did you wake up so early in the morning?”

Shu Huan was unconcerned. She rinsed her mouth and washed her face with a fragrant soap. After she had washed, she said, “Last night, I slept early. When I woke up, I remembered that I still needed to handle many matters. So, I got up.”

Meijing lowered her head and muttered, “The body is more important. If there is something, second young mistress can just call us. Why bother to do it yourself?”

Shu Huan saw that her expression was strange and became more confused, “Are you keeping something from me?”


“Don’t say no! You are not someone who can hide things. I can already see it!” Shu Huan interrupted her. “What is going on?”

Meijing hesitated for a long time before she said with the voice of a mosquito, “In fact, it’s nothing. It’s just that last night…we all heard it…”

Shu Huan stared at her blankly, “What did you hear?”

“The…the…movements in your room…”

After Meijing said this sentence stuttering, her face reddened. This was not something she, a maid, should say. Even if she had heard it, she should’ve pretended as if she heard nothing. However, Shu Huan had always been good to her. Hence, she also felt close to Shu Huan and would concern herself with Shu Huan’s matters.

Moreover, being maid was a low life. It was impossible for them to not understand the affairs of life like unmarried girls. Before being sent to Plum Flower Pavilion to serve Shu Huan, Lin shi let an old maid teach her about the matters of the bedroom. Therefore, she and Liangchen understood a bit more than Qiaoyun and Huiyun who had been serving Gu Xiran from before he married.

  • Shi: clan.

This bit more of understanding let her see that Shu Huan and Gu Xiran haven’t consummated their marriage. She was also puzzled. She would’ve let the matter go if second young master didn’t like second young mistress. However, the two people were obviously very close. Why haven’t they consummated their marriage?

The only explanation was probably that second young master’s body wasn’t well. This was something she had no power over. She could only worry for second young mistress in secret. She didn’t expect that she unexpectedly heard some movements last night. She thought that the rice finally became cooked rice. She felt relieved for Shu Huan and couldn’t help but beam with joy.

  • Rice became cooked rice: the deed is done

While she was being shy and happy, Shu Huan was confused, “The movements in my room? Last night, I fell asleep the moment I touched the bed. I didn’t hear anything! Right! did that miss Zhang come with people to cause trouble? When I woke up, I saw that second young master’s forehead is bruised. I was about to ask you!”

Meijing when blank after hearing her say that and said, “Miss Zhang? She hasn’t been here…”

Shu Huan was also surprised, “Then, where does the bruise of his forehead come from?”

Meijing shook her head, “I don’t know!”

When the two people were staring at each other, they heard a chuckle. Gu Xiran raised the canopy and sat up. His shoulders shook slightly. It was obvious that he was trying hard to hold his laughter, “You…you both are talking about different things and actually could talk for so long…”

He truly couldn’t hold it in any longer!

Just now, he was pretending to sleep. Firstly, he was throwing a fit because he had lost face. Secondly, it was because he felt that even if Shu Huan was asleep, she should at least have a vague impression about what had happened last night. He wanted to see how she would react. He didn’t expect that she didn’t remember anything and asked Meijing how he injured his forehead. It truly made him helpless and also feel some disappointment…

Why couldn’t she remember it?

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