Chapter 76 The resentment

Meijing saw that Gu Xiran had woken up and thought about how he heard everything that she had just said. She was very embarrassed, screamed once and fled the scene.

Shu Huan still didn’t know what was wrong. She felt more confused after being laughed at by Gu Xiran. Although, she was confused but the object that was being ridiculed was herself. She still felt embarrassed. Her face slowly reddened. She said through gritted teeth, “What did I say wrong? What’s so funny about it?”

When Gu Xiran heard that, the laughter that he barely held in became reckless again. He laughed so hard that Shu Huan was about to throw a vase at him. He barely held back his laughter and pointed at his forehead, “Do you want to know how this bruise came to be?”

Shu Huan nodded.

Gu Xiran put on the outer clothing, got up and left a sentence, “You hit me.”


Shu Huan’s first reaction was…

“Nonsense. I was obviously asleep. How can I hit you?”

Even if she had the heart to hit him, she didn’t have the gut to. When she went to bed in the past, she had to hold a copper incense burner; that was also a bluff. She really couldn’t throw that heavy stuff on Gu Xiran’s head.

Gu Xiran smiled and casted her a sidelong glance. He didn’t explain. When he was at the door, he shouted, “Meijing, where did you run to? Quickly bring the water for me to wash up.”

Afterwards, no matter how Shu Huan asked, Gu Xiran just looked at her and smiled. He resolutely refused to tell her the details about his humiliation. She could only frown and guess about what had happened.

The key was the movements in the room that Meijing mentioned and the bruise on Gu Xiran’s forehead that was said to be caused by her…and also two basins of water to wash up…Meijing’s amorous performance…

In the era that Shu Huan lived in the past, it was very difficult to find someone completely ignorant of sexual relationships. Naturally, she was also not innocent to that point. Therefore, the more she thought about it, the more her expression darkened. No matter how she deducted, it would develop in the direction that was not suitable for children. But she obviously didn’t feel any abnormality with her body. What drove her mad was that she didn’t remember anything.

She only knew that the moment she lay on bed last night, she fell asleep. When she opened her eyes, the sky had become bright. If something really had happened that was not suitable for children, she couldn’t be in such a deep sleep that she didn’t fell anything. Moreover, when she looked at Gu Xiran’s action, she knew that the matter wouldn’t be like that. He didn’t show that he had any guilty conscience and only showed weirdness.

Thousands of small hands seemed to be scratching her heart. The feeling of being kept in the dark was truly uncomfortable. In the end, she caught Meijing and interrogated her, “What kind of movements was there in my room last night? Tell me in details.”

Meijing looked at her expression and knew that she had to answer. She braced herself and said, “Second young mistress said that it was very itchy…”

Itchy? Were there mosquitoes?

“Second young mistress said no…”

Shu Huan looked very suspiciously at her (M). Did she (SH) really say that?

The last sentence came. Meijing said awkwardly, “Second young mistress also shouted pain…”


Why did it feel amorous like she welcomed her desires when she listened to that?

Shu Huan was completely speechless. She raised her head, looked at the sky and muttered, “The sky is so bright.”

Although, Meijing didn’t know why she suddenly cared about the weather, but she still blurted, “Right, ah. Today, concubine Yun even said to take out to clothes to let them dry in the sun.”

Shu Huan didn’t listen to what she was saying. She only continued to mutter to herself, “It would be great if it rains.”

Meijing asked puzzled, “Why? Does second young mistress think that the weather is too hot?”

“No…,” Shu Huan said dejected. “If it rained, then there will be a thunder to simply kill me with a strike.”

While talking, she covered her face with both hands…

No matter what had happened last night, in short, she had lost a very big face because Meijing had said: we have all heard it.

This was a sentence that made her very resentful.

The whole morning, Shu Huan closed herself in her room and refused to go out. She also didn’t go ask Gu Xiran. She only looked at him with that gaze full of resentment that followed him like a shadow.

The time to burn an incense stick, the time to make tea, an hour had passed…

Gu Xiran whose face had always been thick as a city wall and who would be unperturbed at all times, finally, he was crushed under her gaze. He wiped the sweat on his forehead, faked two coughs and said, “I will go to Du Qiu’s…”

His forefoot just stepped out in a sorry state, Meijing came in and persuaded her, “Second young mistress, the weather is so good. Don’t stuff yourself in the room. Let’s go out to relieve boredom.”

Usually, she wouldn’t try to persuade Shu Huan like this. However, Shu Huan’s mood was obviously gloomy. This terrified her and made her think that she said too much before. Now, she was trying her best to make up.

“Go out?” Shu Huan bent over the table and narrowed her eyes. She said, “It’s enough if I just throw my face in the room…”

Meijing lowered her head in sadness, “It’s all my fault. I talked too much.”

“It’s not your fault,” Shu Huan bit her teeth secretly. She could only blame Gu Xiran. Surely, he must’ve messed around with her last night. Otherwise, how would she say such strange things in her dreams?

However, even if she was gloomy, she still did the things she had to do. She thought for a moment and said, “Go inquire about the movements of miss Zhang and then go to Bamboo Pavilion to see how the injury of the girl that I brought back yesterday is. If doctor Ji says that she could be moved, then let two people carry her to Japanese Rose Building and let her live with you in your room.”

When Meijing saw that she wasn’t angry at her, her mood brightened. She promised and went out.

Shu Huan said behind her, “If you see Ranmo, let him come over.”

After Meijing left, she was alone in the room. She had nothing to do. Remembering the aromatic herbs, she brought back from the mountain, she took them out and sorted them. Fortunately, they had dried these aromatic herbs on the mountain. Hence, even when they had been enclosed for a night, they didn’t go bad. There was still a faint aroma on them.

Just when she wanted to go find brush and paper, suddenly a strange feeling entered her heart. Only when she thought carefully about it, she remembered that it was Gu Xiran who let her sort these aromatic herbs. Immediately, she threw the aromatic herbs on the ground as if she had been bitten by a snake.

She didn’t have the hobby to abuse herself. Why after she had lost her face, she would gladly and diligently help Gu Xiran do things? However, when she lifted her feet to stomp these aromatic herbs, she hesitated again. She felt that it wasn’t very good to vent her anger on the innocent aromatic herbs. Besides, these things may be very useful. If these things were ruined by her in a fit of anger, perhaps she would botch things up…

Thinking it through, Shu Huan wanted to cover her face and cry again.

She hated her lack of toughness and decisive personality.

No matter what, she couldn’t go to the extremes while doing things. Now, thinking about it, Zhang Hanfang who she met last night was living more to her (ZHF) heart’s desires than her (SH). However, if this living more to one’s heart desires was established by trampling the pride and even the life of others and reveal one’s repulsive countenance, then, she would prefer to not live as her heart desires.

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