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Chapter 83 Bewildered

When Huiyun went back to Japanese Rose Building to report on the completion of the mission, she was a bit absent-minded. Shu Huan only took it that Zhang Hanfang made her suffer and asked about it, but she (H) said that she (ZHF) didn’t. She only passed the important points of old maid Ding’s speech. Then, she said that she has a headache and retreated to her room.

Shu Huan was puzzled, but she knew that Huiyun was someone who had her own thoughts. If she had something that she didn’t want to talk about, even if you asked her, you wouldn’t get anything out of her. Hence, she (SH) also didn’t put too much attention on it. She let people go call in a tailor to make two set of new clothes for concubine Yun. Then, she let the kitchen cook birthday noodles tomorrow with a few good side dishes. As for the jewelries, forget it. Anyway, she didn’t have the intention to beguile concubine Yun. She only hoped that the two of them could live peacefully and not get involved with each other.

The day went by peacefully until night. Shu Huan was sketching the sketch of the twelve hairpins of Jinling with a charcoal strip on a bamboo paper. She suddenly heard Meijing report that cousin young master Zhang had come to visit. She couldn’t help but be surprised.

Nominally, Zhang Zirong came to Moon View’s resort to spend the summer vacation, but in fact, he would be away every few days. They also didn’t know where he went. In short, more than half the time, he was not at the resort. When he was occasionally at the resort, it was also lively at his place. If he didn’t invite some friends over to eat and drink, he would invite small operas to his Luminous Magnificent Pavilion and make many noises there. He never had time to come here.

If it was said that Shu Huan was intentionally avoiding Zhang Hanfang, then tonwards this Zhang Zirong, she seemed to have no idea that he existed. Therefore, when she heard Meijing report that he came, she was a bit surprised. It was then that she remembered who this cousin young master was.

Gu Xiran who was leaning on the bed and reading a book reacted faster than her. He dropped the book in his hand and said, “I will go meet him.”

Shu Huan who was about to get up sat back. Anyway, she had no interest in the members of Zhang family. It was the best if she didn’t meet them. She only called for Meijing to follow him out and make tea.

The soundproofing of the ancient houses wasn’t very good. The exchange of conventional greetings in the hall entered clearly to the bedroom. However, Shu Huan was too immersed in her sketches that she turned a deaf ear to those greetings. She didn’t expect that in just a short while, the hall turned quiet again. Then, Meijing came in with a dejected face. She didn’t say anything and just began to turn the suitcase.

Hearing the movements close to her, Shu Huan regained her senses and asked confused, “What are you searching for?”

Meijing muttered, “Looking for thicker clothes for second young master.”

Shu Huan was surprised, “Does he want to go out?”

Meijing asked angrily, “Didn’t second young mistress hear?”

Shu Huan shook her head.

Meijing said scornfully, “That cousin young master is not a good person!”

This maid had been indulged and became more and more daring. Really any word could come out of her mouth without taboos.

Shu Huan glanced helplessly at her and asked, “How did he offend you?”

“Second young mistress, don’t make fun of me. I’m just a small maid. How could my identity be worthy for cousin young master to make an offence?” While Meijing turned over the suitcase, she said, “When this cousin young master first spoke, some decent words came out of his mouth, saying that his little sister had been spoiled at home and had a temper. He asked second young master to bear with. He also apologized for miss Zhang…”

Shu Huan was puzzled, “Wasn’t it a good thing that he came to apologize for his little sister?”

Meijing suddenly blushed, “What is there good about that?! While he chatted, he mentioned about going with second young master to a drinking party with female entertainers. He also said that he had invited two sisters who knew how to sing at his place. He asked second young master to go over to drink and listen to songs.”

Only now did Shu Huan understand. She raised an eyebrow and said, “So, your second young master went to Luminous Magnificent Pavilion to have a drinking party with female entertainers?”

Meijing looked at her expression and nodded.

Shu Huan lowered her eyes and was silent for a moment. Suddenly, she grabbed the charcoal strip and continued to sketch her sketches.

Meijing wondered, “Second young mistress, are you not concerned?”

“Concern about what?” Shu Huan didn’t raise her head and said waning with interest, “It’s very ordinary that men have drinking parties with female entertainers, visit low-grade brothels and take in concubines!”

Meijing was stumped for words. After a while she finally said, “Not all of them are like that…”

“Mm.” Shu Huan nodded. “Most men from poor family are not on the list.”

But that was not that they didn’t want to, it was that they couldn’t afford to! Those born from bureaucrats and rich families, how many of them were not married and have concubines? Master Gu took in five concubines. Even Gu Xitian had two. This didn’t include the outside mistresses and maids to share a bed with. Everyone felt that it was normal. Even if Lin shi and Fang shi felt some resentment, in the presence of people, they would have to find a good explanation for their men’s lust…

It was to give birth to more offspring to carry the ancestral line!

Shu Huan rubbed her nose in disapproval. This was the era where the stallion was glorified! However, she also didn’t want to criticize. This kind of thing had been common since the beginning of time. Not to mention the ancient times, it was the same in the modern times. Expect that the former was doing it openly while the later needed to hide it.

It was impossible for men not to be lustful. They could have sex without emotional foundation as long as there was beauty. The only difference was that at the time when the desire and temptation was great, some people had the responsibility and self-control to control their physical impulses and, some people would succumb to the physical pleasure…

Meijing saw that she was lost in thought, she (M) thought that she (SH) took things too hard and mumbled advises, “It’s my fault for talking too much…second young mistress, don’t take this matter to the heart. Second young master is not such a person. He followed cousin young master to go have a drink is only to interact socially. It’s no big deal…moreover…”

Moreover, there was a beautiful and gentle concubine Yun, but they haven’t seen second young master spent the night with her…

It was just, it was not good for Meijing to say this because of her identity. She could only swallow back the words that were on the tip of her tongue.

Shu Huan casted her a glance and suddenly laughed, “Why are you worried for me? Don’t you still have to get the clothes for him? Quickly go!”

Wasn’t this to let her keep an eye on him?!

Meijing got excited, nodded immediately and said, “I will go immediately!”

While she walked, she thought that in order to not let the two masters just find any excuse to send her off, should she drag Huiyun with her? But if they were all gone and leave second young mistress alone, what about when she wanted tea or water and there was no one around…?

Shu Huan looked at her rushing figure and couldn’t help but shake her head.

What was this little maid thinking about?! She just didn’t want to continue on such a tangling topic and just used an excuse to send her away.

As for what kind of person Gu Xiran was, Shu Huan couldn’t see through him and figure him out. She was only sure that his character was still good. He absolutely didn’t hide from her that he would go have a drink with Zhang Zirong. What ulterior motive could there be? It was just like how Meijing said it. It was just a social interaction! However, what could this mean? He still had a concubine and it was still unknown how he would be in the future!

Even if he was not willing to take a concubine, it was unclear whether the household would force him to take a concubine!

And she, what right did she have to mind and restrict him?

The longer she stayed in the ancient times, the more she realized that her plan to leave Gu household was not realistic.

If the situation continued to be like this and if there was no mishap, Gu Xiran wouldn’t divorce her. Could it be that she had to sneak away and get the reputation of the runaway wife? Not considering whether she could sneak away and survive without money, she didn’t even know the way and have the connections to register herself into a household. Not to mention the other troubles that comes with it. There were some that she was able to think about and some that she didn’t even think about…

Shu Huan sighed and was perplexed.

Should she compromise with reality or struggle with idealism for a while…?

This was a difficult question!

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