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Chapter 86 The mental disparity

Japanese Rose Building.

Two maids who did heavy manual work were sweeping the courtyard. They saw Shu Huan return running in like the wind.

Xiangqian was sitting on the porch feeding the birds. When she saw Shu Huan, she stood up panicked, went in front of her (SH) to block her and said, “Second young mistress…”

Shu Huan didn’t have the mood to bother with her. She directly bypassed her and rushed to the main room, lifted her leg and kicked the door with force…

The door shook because of the kick, but it didn’t open because it was locked from the inside.

Shu Huan couldn’t hold her temper and kicked two more times with her feet. While she kicked, she shouted, “Gu Xiran, get out!”

The movements were a bit too big. The maids who were scattered around had gathered together. They were a bit alarmed. They didn’t know why the always good-tempered second young mistress was so angry. They looked around. They didn’t see maid Meijing who always followed second young mistress. They could only set their confused gaze to the also personal maid Huiyun.

Huiyun bit her lips and didn’t speak. Thousands of thoughts went through her mind, but she didn’t go persuade and also didn’t know how to persuade. She could only look at how Shu Huan kicked the door fiercely. Only Xiangqian was very anxious. In the end, she had no way and knelt in front of Shu Huan. She begged, “Second young mistress…don’t be angry…”

Shu Huan went blank. She didn’t realize yet why she knelt when she heard the door get opened. Then, a faintly sweet fragrance came from the inside. Concubine Yun stood behind the door with a hanging head. She said, “Second young mistress…”

Her voice was different from usual. It was a bit hoarse. Although, there was panic in it, it couldn’t help but reveal some frailness. She (SH) saw how her (Y) long eyelashes trembled, how the tip of her brow overflowed with emotions and how from head to toe, she showed a seductive appearance. How could Shu Huan not understand? She suddenly took two steps back and realized why Xiangqian blocked her and knelt in front of her.

Shu Huan rushed back to interrogate Gu Xiran about the simplified Chinese characters. How could she know that she would encounter such an awkward situation? The situation in front of her was beyond her expectations. She stood there and stared blankly at concubine Yun. She didn’t know how to react.

Until when Gu Xiran appeared from behind concubine Yun and called her lightly, “Little Huan…”

Her body shook and she regained her senses.

Gu Xiran’s voice was also hoarse. When she looked at his usually clear eyes, they were now so deep that she couldn’t see the bottom of it. Plus, his messy clothes showed what had happened…

Huan, your ass!

Shu Huan was almost swallowed up by the sudden rush of anger. She couldn’t utter a word, turned and ran…

She was afraid that the moment she opened her mouth, she wouldn’t be able to contain her emotions and let the shameful tears fell in front of everyone.

It was alright if she was angry. Why did she had to feel hurt and sad? She didn’t know and also didn’t had the time to think about it. There was only one thought that repeated in her heart…

What the f*** had it to do with her?!

They were originally two people who didn’t know each other.

What the f*** had it to do with her whether he had time-traveled or not?!

What the f*** had it to do with her whether he had something to do with concubine Yun?!

What the f*** had it to do with her whether he was mocking her ever since the beginning?!

Gu Xiran frowned and wanted to chase after her but was blocked by concubine Yun.

Concubine Yun bent over, picked up two pieces of paper and handed it to Gu Xiran. She said timidly, “Second young master, this is what second young mistress had left…

Gu Xiran took it and looked at. It was the painting where he had written the poem on by impulse. He didn’t know why it became two pieces. His five fingers couldn’t help but clenched together. His heart suddenly felt painful.

Shu Huan also didn’t know where she was running to. She only wanted to be farther away from Japanese Rose Building. She run straight into a road blocked by a lake. She leaned against a peach tree to caught up her breath. Then, she slid down against the trunk, sat on the ground and buried her head in her knees.

After the extreme ups and downs of her emotions, her heart was frustrated!

All along, she had been wondering about why Gu Xiran would be unconditionally good to her. So good that she couldn’t be indifferent to it; so good that it influenced her choices; so good that even though she knew she shouldn’t, but her heart was still moved…

Until when she saw the three simplified Chinese words on the painting, she thought that everything was answered. Hence, she couldn’t contain her ecstasy and excitement and also couldn’t contain the gloominess of being deceived for so long. She rushed back to interrogate him. She didn’t expect to see such a scene!

A man who had always been so good to her actually rolled in the sheets with another woman behind her back and in her bedroom!

The mental disparity was too big!

Especially at this time!

She thought that she had found someone she could rely and trust on and that she no longer needed to sway anymore. She thought that she could stay at Gu household peacefully and that she had the reason and courage to face this world that didn’t belong to her!

The scene of just now gave her a heavy blow and turned everything into a farce!

Shu Huan raised her head slightly and took a deep breath. She narrowed her eyes desperately trying to hold back the tears that almost rushed out of her eyes.

She didn’t want to cry!

She didn’t want to cry for her own stupidity!

He only was good to her because it was his duty. He didn’t promise her anything. What right did she have to get angry and resent…?

The tears hadn’t been completely repressed. She suddenly felt a pain in the back of her head. She didn’t know what kind of thing hit the back of her head. So, the tears that she had half repressed burst instantly out of her eyes.

“Woo…,” A whimper that couldn’t be stopped came out of her throat.

Shu Huan wasn’t in the mood to see what had hit her. She put her head back into her knees and cried loudly.

Anyway, the tears had already fallen. No matter how she struggled, they wouldn’t go back. She might as well cry refreshingly. Maybe, her heart would feel more comfortable after she had cried.

“Hey, it couldn’t be, right?!” A magnetic male voice rang on the top of her head. “You have just been hit by the pit of a peach. Do you have to cry so miserably?”

Shu Huan didn’t expect that there were people here. When she heard a voice, she raised her head by reflex. She looked through her tears. She only saw a white robe through the dense peach branches.

Her mood was already not good. She got more annoyed after being hit by someone with a peach pit. How would she have the patience to guess the identity of that person? She only felt that she was very unlucky. She couldn’t even find a quiet place to cry. At the moment, she didn’t care if she would lose face or not. While she cried, she said, “I’m annoyed, don’t bother me!”

“Hey!” The person on the tree jumped down. “Little girl is not old, but the temper is not small!”

Little girl!

That person used a frivolous tone making these words have an amorous feeling. It made Shu Huan’s body tremble and she almost vomited what she ate last night…

F***! I don’t know you at all. Why do you pretend that we know each other well?!

She was too lazy to talk to this kind of person who took amusement in being corny. Shu Huan carelessly wiped her face with her sleeves and wiped away her blurred vision. She didn’t even spare him one glance, stood up and ran to the bridge in the middle of the lake.

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