Chapter 87 Enemies on a narrow road

The water of the artificial lake at Moon’s View resort came from the big lake outside. The water was very clear. There were rockeries piled up in the middle of the lake. Both sides of the lake interlinked the curved bridge.

Shu Huan liked this kind of landscape the most. Usually when she had nothing to do, she would come here often to walk or sit under the shade of the flowers or lean on the parapet and gaze into the distance. She could spend half a day leisurely like this. However, now she wasn’t in the mood for entertainment. She only wanted to find a quiet uninhabited place to cry freely.

The rockery in the middle of the lake was the best choice.

No one would see her when she went into the gap between the rocks. Although, the place was small and because of the strange stones, she couldn’t roll and make an unreasonable scene, but it was more than enough to hide here and cry.

The annoying thing was that the person behind her followed her like a shadow. Shu Huan just got into the gap between the rocks when she discovered that this person was also trying to squeeze in.

Shu Huan’s patience had been wiped to zero, “Get out! why are you following me?!”

That person still laughed and apologized, “Alright, it was wrong for me to hit you with the peach pit. Don’t be angry, alright?”

It was again this kind of tone full of amorousness and pampering!

Shu Huan nose almost got crooked because of anger. She had seen people act familiar, but she hasn’t seen people act so familiar. One had to know that this was in the ancient times where men and women shouldn’t touch each other! If another person heard this, she wouldn’t be able to explain even if she had hundred mouths!

Her anger was suffocated in her heart without being able to vent it and this hateful person kept entangling with her. Seeing that he was about to get into the gap, Shu Huan didn’t have any scruples. She lifted her leg and fiercely kicked that person out. “Get far away from me! If you continue to come inside, I will kick you so that the next half of your life, you can’t live alone independently!”

Outside, the voice of drawing air and holding in pain could be heard, “Well…played…”

Who didn’t know how to flip out?!

After being time-traveled to such ghostly place where she didn’t have anyone to rely on, in order to integrate and to live peacefully, she was forced into pretending to be calm and indifferent. Every day, she had to endure. She had long endured so much that she wanted to vomit blood!

She also wanted to flip out unrestrained for once! However, aside from that truly black-bellied Gu Xiran, the other people’s identities were below her. If she flipped out, it would seem like she was bullying them. It would look like she was causing troubles unreasonably. When she thought about that, her interest waned. Now, she happened to bump into this one who didn’t have eyes and it happened to be at the time where her mood was the lowest. She wasn’t Buddha, how could she still endure?

After she kicked, her intention to cry diluted a lot. She found a suitable position to sit and wanted to calm down alone. Fortunately, that person on the outside didn’t continue to harass her. After he had complained twice, there were no more movements.

Presumably, he was gone!

Shu Huan guessed this, but she was too lazy to go confirm.

In front of the place where she sat was a half-foot wide gap. A soothing wind blow in from there. She could also look at the scene on the other side of the lake. It was quite pleasing as if she returned to the time when she was a child playing hide and seek with her friends. She always liked to hide inside the closet and quietly looked out through the gap of the doors. There was a long-lost familiar feeling and let her tight emotions feel temporarily relieved.

However, the good times didn’t last long. She soon saw Zhang Hanfang appear on the shore of the lake. There was also a maid following her. She couldn’t see the appearance of the maid clearly because she was far away. She didn’t know if it was that arrogant Peiyu. It made her doubt that she hit the evil today. Otherwise, why would she encounter bad situations and meet hateful people in such a quick succession?!

The worse thing was still coming.

She thought that it would be alright if she pretended to not have seen the hateful people. How would she have known that Zhang Hanfang would walk on the bridge. After a short moment, she heard Zhang Hanfang’s voice not far away, “Big brother, what are you doing here alone?”

Big brother!

It turned out that that guy hasn’t left yet!

Shu Huan rolled her eyes gracelessly at the sky. Sure enough! Only members of Zhang family would not have eyes like this. Otherwise, how could they be siblings? They had traits that would make people hate them!

She shrunk her body more to the inside because she didn’t want to let the person on the outside discover her existence. Then, she heard Zhang Zirong said laughingly, “The scenery here is not bad!”

The voice of Zhang Hanfang obviously contain sarcasm, “Rare! You also have the refined attitude to enjoy a scenery alone!”

“That is right. Little sister, you are elegant. I as your big brother can’t be too tacky, right?”

“It’s a pity that the best scenery would be ruined in your eyes!”

“There is no other way. Who let our mother be biased?! When you were born, you were of great talent and great erudition. When you see wind, flowers, snow and the moon, you just have to open your mouth to spit out splendid poems. When it was my turn, I have only sorghum left. No matter how she looked at me, I’m a troublemaker and incompetent. Aside from spending my time in drinking and pleasure, I can only idle about and enjoy a scenery. I have no time to care if it would be ruined or not!”

Zhang Hanfang was provoked by his obvious irony, “You…”

“What? You want to say again that I’m bullying you? Go tell mother, ah! I’m waiting!”

The more Shu Huan listened to it, the stranger she felt. It turned out that these two siblings weren’t as amiable as she had imagines. They even quarreled!

At this time, a weak voice interrupted them, “Miss, didn’t you get up early because you wanted to pick some lotus leaves to make lotus porridge? I see that the lotuses over there are very good. Let’s go!”

Presumably, the maid was afraid that their quarrel would escalate, so, she quickly changed the topic. However, after hearing that, Shu Huan’s heartbeat quickened. Then, she heard Zhang Zirong laugh, “Mingluan, I haven’t seen you for a few days and didn’t expect that you became more pretty.”

Naturally, a maid couldn’t answer to that. Shu Huan heard Zhang Hanfang say angrily, “Do you still have the image of a big brother? You actually flirted with my maid in front of me! Out of the way! Don’t block my road. I want to go over!”

Oh no! Oh no!

That they quarreled, Shu Huan just took it as listening to something lively. It was irrelevant. However, now Zhang Hanfang said that she wanted to go over; over to where? Of course, it was to go through the rockery to the other side of the curved bridge. It carried out precisely the uneasiness in her heart.

If it was found out that she was inside the rockery, it truly couldn’t be explained clearly!

Shu Huan didn’t dare to listen anymore. She quickly tried to get to the other side of the rockery. She wanted to beat them at it first. She still heard Zhang Zirong block her, “These clothes on little sister are newly made, right? It would be a pity if they accidentally got dirty and tear off while you went through the rockery. I think it’s better for you to go around and go from the shore!”

Zhang Hanfang got crabby, “Why should I listen to you? I won’t listen to you! Out of the way!”


“Out of the way!”


While the two siblings were quarreling, Shu Huan finally got out of the rockery and got to the other side of the bridge. But this didn’t mean that she was safe. Instead, she entered a dilemma.

The curved bridge as the name implies the bridge had many curves like a dragon. After turning for a thousand time, she stood at this part of the bridge. If she didn’t move, there were rockeries blocking. The people on the other side wouldn’t be able to see her. However, if she took a few more steps and follow the turn in the curve of the bridge, she would be easily seen! What Zhang Hanfang would think after she saw that a person suddenly appeared on the bridge was self-evident.

Shu Huan raised her head quite speechlessly and looked up at the sky.

How boring should god be? Why did he always have to go against her? Just now, she remembered how she played hide and seek as a child. Now, he immediately wanted to remind her of the excitement of playing hide and seek.

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