Chapter 88 Dream on

Sure enough, the arrogance of Zhang Hanfang was invincible!

That biological big brother of hers was defeated after blocking her for a few rounds. His clothes were being grabbed by Mingluan under her instructions. She went through the rockeries. Soon, she passed the end of the rockery.

She didn’t expect that there would be someone at this side of the curved bridge. When she saw Shu Huan standing on the fence, she was scared out of her wits. When she discovered that the person looked familiar, Zhang Zirong was also behind her.

“You…,” Zhang Hanfang pointed at Shu Huan with surprise. Then, she looked at Zhang Zirong, “You two…”

She was the clearest about her brother’s morality. If she discovered him alone with another woman, only one association would appear in her mind. And, the one in front of her had a special identity. She wasn’t an ordinary maid. She was Gu Xiran’s pampered maid!

She couldn’t speak for a moment and just stood there in surprise.

Shu Huan was disheartened with the incomparable tragedy of her life. She had decided to listen to fate. Because of that, she felt peaceful. She looked once smilingly at Zhang Hanfang and exchanged a polite greeting, “Such a coincidence. Miss Zhang also came to enjoy the lotus?”

Now, she wasn’t the maid of last time. Instead, she was Gu household’s second young mistress. Naturally, she should have the demeanor of the host.

Zhang Hanfang regained from the shock and said overbearingly, “Quit acting! What are you doing here secretly with my big brother?”

Shu Huan frowned, “Miss Zhang, please be more prudent when you speak. I’m enjoying the scenery here. What did it have to do with your big brother? Please, don’t carelessly put me in the same line with him. Even if you don’t care about your brother’s reputation, you need to care about your own reputation. No matter what, such an unreasonable speculation shouldn’t come out of the mouth of an unmarried girl!”

Last time when Zhang Hanfang saw her, she (ZHF) was angry because of her (SH) neither servile nor overbearing and calm attitude. Now, she was stumped for words by her sharp words. She was about to flip out when she heard Zhang Zirong faintly say, “Right, little sister, that mind of yours that isn’t contaminated with any dirt shouldn’t have these thoughts. How sad would mother be when she got to know this?!”

“Quit using mother to pressure me! Since you two dared to do it, then, don’t be afraid that people would talk about it!” Zhang Hanfang raised an eyebrow and looked contemptuously at Shu Huan, “Truly an eloquent maid. Last time, my big cousin brother protected you and said that I have no right no meddle with your Gu household’s members. This time, I caught you seducing my big brother. Could it be that I still can’t teach you a lesson? Mingluan! Come here and tell her how those not well-behaved fox maids were taken care of!”

After Mingluan was being called, she looked like she was in a difficult position at Zhang Zirong. Then, she looked at Shu Huan and advised, “Miss, it’s better we return…”


What answered her was a slap in the face. Zhang Hanfang said angrily, “I raised you for nothing. Biting the hand that feeds you!”

Mingluan covered her face and didn’t dare to argue nor cry. Tears were only in her eyes and she felt very grievanced.

After Zhang Hanfang finished scolding, she turned her hand and wanted to give her another slap with the back of her hand. However, this time, Zhang Zirong grabbed her hand, “Aren’t you done causing trouble? Here is not at home. If you don’t feel that it’s shameful, I feel that it’s shameful!”

“Let go! What did it have to do with you if I slap my maid?!”

Zhang Zirong threw her hand away in disdain and said, “Do you have a brain or not? She was persuading you for your own good and you still beat her!”

Zhang Hanfang sneered, “She did it for you alright.”

Shu Huan saw that these two people wanted to quarrel again without care to whatever place they were, she felt a headache!

If it was normally, she would be happy to watch at a side and only take it as entertainment. But, she truly wasn’t in the mood today. She only wanted to go to a quiet place. She knew that the heavens wouldn’t let people’s wishes come true. Instead, she lost the quietness she longed for. However, since the two of them were happy quarreling, then, it had nothing to do with her. It was better for her to take the opportunity and slip away!

She just turned, but she didn’t expect her sleeve would be pulled from behind…

Although, they had entered autumn now, the weather was still hot. The sun was piercing during the day. Hence, she still wore the gauze dress of the summer. The material was very thin. After being pulled hard like this, she heard the sound of the sleeve being thorn. A big hole had been teared from the sleeve.

Immediately, it was silent.

Zhang Hanfang was apparently startled. She didn’t expect this to happen.

Shu Huan frowned slightly. She raised her hand and looked at her torn sleeve. She revealed a self-mocking smile.

Before, she didn’t understand how even a weak girl in the wuxia novels could easily tore off their clothes to bandage a wound. Now, she understood. The ancient clothes were exquisite, but they were not strong enough. Especially, such material as gauze which could easily be torn.

Although, she understood, she still run her hand lightly over the sleev. Then, she turned smilingly back, looked once at Zhang Hanfang and said, “Miss Zhang, your strength is really not ordinary. It isn’t that you had practiced, right?”

As long as it was a girl, regardless of how she looked like or what her temperament was, they wouldn’t want to be sturdy, well-build and strong. Hence, this sentence said with a faint tone and full of sarcasm was more destructive than any scolding and humiliation. It made that always arrogant face of Zhang Hanfang turn red, then white and then pale. She was extremely embarrassed.

She couldn’t argue that she was delicate and weak because that half-torn sleeve was still in her hand…

After the initial shock, when he saw that always pretty and arrogant face of his little sister reveal a completely different look for the first time since ever, Zhang Zirong couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed while holding his belly. The more he laughed, the louder the laughter was. Not to mention that he was rocking back and forth. Even his tears fell. Even that maid Mingluan wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. Her face wrinkled and looked strange.

While he wiped his tears, he panted from laughing, “I didn’t know you were so strong…this sleeve had been torn by you…don’t blame me later for it. I don’t have such strength like you…”

“You two…,” Zhang Hanfang was very annoyed. Shee threw the half of the torn sleeve to her feet and stepped on it. Then, she cried, “You all teamed up to bully me!”

It was a lot of fun at this side. No one saw that someone was approaching.

Suddenly a calm voice came in, “Who is so bold to even dare to bully my little cousin sister?”

The tone was obviously full of tease.

Shu Huan’s heart jumped and subconsciously lowered her eyes.

When Zhang Hanfang heard this voice, she hated it so much that her teeth became itchy. However, it happened that she was in an awkward situation right now. Just the thought that what had happened just now had fallen into Gu Xiran’s eyes, she felt even more embarrassed. She could care less about taking revenge now. She only wiped her tears with her handkerchief and while she was at it, hide her face from shame.

When Zhang Zirong saw Gu Xiran come over, he became more enthusiastic. He hurried over to greet him and said laughingly, “Great, great, great! Xiran, you came just in time! This little girl of your household is so interesting. Let’s make a deal. I will redeem the slave contract of those two sisters who sang last night in exchange for this maid. What do you think?”

The trouble in front of her was caused by this master who thought himself to be infallible. If it wasn’t because of him, Shu Huan might’ve been hiding in a corner where no one is at now. She would be venting her pent-up frustrations. How would she be entangled by Zhang Hanfang and how would she be caught by Gu Xiran? Moreover, this morning she just got up early, didn’t comb her hair seriously and just made a simple hairstyle for herself. She was also not dressed in the clothes of a maid. Could it be that she looked so much like a maid to let this guy say words like exchanging people without any shame?

Thinking like that, Shu Huan got angry. She screamed dejectedly, “Dream on!”

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