Chapter 89 Identity

Gu Xiran didn’t hold in and laughed.

Zhang Zirong was surprised at her boldness and swept smilingly over her, “Little girl is a bit unruly. Later, I should discipline you.”

She was in a bad mood. Cautiousness and patience had been thrown away. Shu Huan decided to follow her desires and be as unruly as she could. She gave him a roll of her eyes.

Although Gu Xiran laughed, his heart felt very uncomfortable after his wife was being coveted by another. When he heard Zhang Zirong say that, his eyes showed some displeasure. He slowly said, “No need to bother brother Zirong with disciplining. I will discipline her personally when we go back.”

While talking, he did as if no one was around, grabbed Shu Huan’s hand and wanted to leave.

Shu Huan subconsciously retracted her hand from his hand. The result was that he turned his hand and grabbed her hand again and tighter.

Forget it. There was no need to show their contradiction in front of others and let them make fun of it. Shu Huan let him hold her hand obediently.

Seeing that they were so intimate, Zhang Zirong opened his mouth and wanted to say something but hesitated. He patted his forehead a bit vexed.

It wasn’t easy for Zhang Hanfang to catch an opportunity of revenge. How could she let it go so easily? She panicked in her heart and recovered from the embarrassment. She shouted, “Stop!”

Gu Xiran stopped and laughed, “What more does little cousin sister have to say?”

“It’s nothing,” Zhang Hanfang sneered. “I just want to congratulate big cousin brother. This maid of yours is very capable. She even seduced my big brother.”

Such a bucket of poop was thrown to her (SH) head. If she continued to endure, she wouldn’t be human!

Shu Huan opened her mouth and said, “Does your big brother have the assets to let people seduce him?”

One sentence made Zhang Zirong’s mouth twitch, but he had asked to have the maid first. At this moment, he couldn’t defend himself.

Zhang Hanfang humphed once, raised her head and waited for Gu Xiran’s reaction.

Unexpectedly, Gu Xiran truly wasn’t a generous person. After he heard that, he revealed a foxlike and crafty smile. He circled once around Zhang Zirong and slowly nodded, “It truly is like that. I didn’t find anything where brother Zirong is better than me. On the height…”

Shu Huan took over the quickest, “You are taller than him!”

Gu Xiran’s lips raised to a beautiful arc, “On the body shape…”

“He has the back of a tiger and waist of a bear!”

  • Back of tiger and waist of a bear: tough and stocky

“On education…”

“Just now, he said himself that he is filled with sorghum and he is a troublemaker and incompetent!”

Originally, Gu Xiran still wanted to go one, but he saw that Zhang Zirong’s face had completely turn dark. So, he reached out, patted his (ZZR) shoulder and comforted, “Brother Zirong, pay no attention to it. We are just joking!”

“Right, right!” Shu Huan echoed, “If you take it seriously, you will lose!”

Zhang Zirong’s expression turned slightly for the better, but his stomach was still filled with displeasure.

Gu Xiran laughed again, “In fact, you are better than me on a lot of things. At least, your capacity for liquor is better than mine. You are more familiar with the red-light district than me. And you are proficient in eating, drinking and pleasure…”

“Enough!” Zhang Zirong couldn’t help himself from letting a fist fly over. “Are you praising me or deriding me?!”

Gu Xiran saw that he didn’t use full force on the fist. It seemed that he (ZZR) took his (GXR) body into consideration. Hence, he smiled, patted his (ZZR) shoulder lightly and didn’t spoke again.

Zhang Hanfang poured dirty water on Shu Huan was to see her getting scolded and punished and while she was at it, also look at the face of embarrassment and furiousness of Gu Xiran. Who would’ve thought that she saw none of that and had been ignored to a side? Seeing that the more they talked, the more the topic changed and she couldn’t even interrupt, her nose got crooked from anger.

She finally had the opportunity to interject, but when she opened her mouth, she happened to see Gu Xiran cast her a glance with a smile that was not yet a smile. Her heart couldn’t help but get cold…

She was truly a bit scared; scared that Gu Xiran and Shu Huan would use those deriding tricks on her. Then, she was afraid that she would even have the heart to die.

Seeing her like this, Gu Xiran smiled slightly. He kicked that half torn sleeve on the floor and asked, “Little cousin sister, do you still have something to say?”

Zhang Hanfang had a sore point towards that half torn sleeve. She immediately forced a smile, “No…no…”

For the first time in her life, she showed weakness. After she finished speaking, she bit her lower lips in annoyance.

Shu Huan was still angry at her slander. Before leaving, she left some words, “When we meet next time, I hope that miss Zhang could leave some moral while speaking. Otherwise, don’t blame others for not leaving any face for you!”

“You…,” Zhang Hanfang was so angry that she almost vomited blood. All the scruples had been thrown away. She twisted the silken handkerchief in her hand fiercely. She glared at Gu Xiran and asked, “Letting a maid contradict me like this, is this your Gu household’s way of showing hospitality?”

“If you didn’t slander her innocence, I believe that she would be very polite to you!” Gu Xiran’s gaze turned mockingly. “Moreover, who is a maid? According to the rules, you will have to call her cousin sister-in-law!”


The lethality of this sentence wasn’t small. It was like thunder had hit Zhang Hanfang. She went blank on spot.

Zhang Zirong’s state wasn’t much better than hers. His brain was also in a mess.

Even Mingluan who had been pretended to be invisible had widened her eyes in surprise. She stared secretly at Shu Huan…

Gu household’s second young mistress!

Looked a bit childish!

A light green colored gauze dress. The workmanship of the fabric was very refined. However, the color of the dress was extremely light and would also let the person appear extremely plain. Only that pair of bright eyes, beautiful lips and the small ruby earrings made her appear a bit eye-catching. Aside from that, she only had an unremarkable agarwood hairpin and didn’t wore any other jewelry.

This kind of person who presented herself without any make-up truly didn’t look like Gu household’s second young mistress!

Mingluan sneaked a peak at her miss and discovered that Zhang Hanfang worn jewelry on every place she could wear jewelry. Although, she didn’t like the tacky silver and gold, but there were a lot of jade and jewels. With her every movement, they made “dingdang” sounds and looked very gorgeous and resplendent.

This was the daughters from rich family that she (M) was used to seeing!

In fact, not to mention Zhang Hanfang, even the jewelries on herself was more than Shu Huan’s.

As the saying goes, don’t worry about not knowing the goods, but about comparing them!

  • Don’t worry about not knowing the goods, but about comparing them: a goods/ person’s true value can only be determined through comparison.

Humans were also the same. Mingluan was comparing. Zhang Hanfang was also comparing herself with Shu Huan. After this comparison, she revealed a faint smile. The smile was somewhat sweet and elegant that people couldn’t help but have a good opinion about her. However, the moment she opened her mouth, she would ruin the bearing of a well-bred young lady that she rarely showed. Instead, it made people feel that she was repulsive.

She said, “I almost forgot! Cousin sister-in-law came from a poor family. Naturally, you don’t have much dowry. It made me have an error in judgement and mistook you for a maid! Cousin sister-in-law, if one doesn’t know, one is not guilty. If I was rude in the past, don’t take offense.”

While talking, she looked smilingly at Gu Xiran, “Big cousin brother, your Gu household has boxes filled with gold, why didn’t you let people made some head ornaments for cousin sister-in-law? Today, it was me who mistook her. We are relatives. This matter would pass if I apologize. I am afraid that tomorrow, someone else will mistook her and would ask cousin sister-in-law to bring tea and pour water. Wouldn’t it then let cousin sister-in-law suffer grievances?”

Before, they didn’t know Shu Huan’s identity, Zhang Zirong wouldn’t mind Zhang Hanfang’s impoliteness. Now, hearing her talking like this, he frowned and yelled at her, “Hanfang!”

“I cannot bear to see cousin sister-in-law suffer grievances and seek justice for her!” While Zhang Hanfang talked, she warmly grabbed Shu Huan’s hand and said, “If big cousin brother is stingy and didn’t want to let people make jewelries for cousin sister-in-law, I still have some jewelries from a few years ago. Although, they are a bit old, but they are better than the ones maids wear. If cousin sister-in-law doesn’t mind, then I will gift them to you.”

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