Chapter 90 The silence

Shu Huan was also someone not easy to bully. After her identity was made in the open, there was no reason for her to endure the taunting of another.

She retrieved her hand immediately and said faintly, “Little cousin sister is joking! According to the rules, you call me cousin sister-in-law; it should be me who should gift you a gift of the first meeting.”

While talking, she touched that bracelet made of beeswax on Zhang Hanfang’s wrist and smiled, “Such a coincidence. I didn’t wear anything with me today when I went out, but I did bring a bracelet.”

While she talked, she took out a bracelet with the pattern of carved flowers from the purse she wore on her waist and gently put it in Zhang Hanfang’s hand, “It’s not something truly good. Little cousin sister, don’t laugh at me and keep it to reward people.”

Zhang Hanfang knew for sure that she (SH) couldn’t bring out anything worth much money, hence, the smile on her (ZHF) face became double as sweet. She rushed to look down to see what kind of shabby thing it was and then be picky and taunt her a bit.

She didn’t expect that she just looked, when the one who went blank was her. The taunting words that was on the tip of her tongue had also been swallowed back.

She grew up with brocade garments and jade meals. Even if her taste wasn’t very high, but she still had the eyes that knew how to appreciate a good. With one glance, she saw that the carving of the bracelet was exquisite and the material used was the top-grade Cow Horn agarwood. Although, it was not comparable to redwood, but compared to the beeswax bracelet on her wrist; one’s value was in the sky and the other on the ground. It was clear which one was better.

  • Brocade garments and jade meals: a life of luxury

She only thought about ridiculing others, but she was counterattacked without even a word by the other party. Her expression immediately turned bad.

Mingluan saw that she (ZHF) just silently stood there, she also got curious. She moved her head a bit over to take a look. In the end, Zhang Hanfang swept a glance over her, scaring her so much that her body trembled. She wanted to say something to please her and forced a smile, “This wood-carved bracelet is so dark. This slave…don’t see what is good about it…presumably, it isn’t better…isn’t better than sandalwood bracelet in miss’s room…”

She wasn’t as arrogant as Peiyu. It was hard for to say these praises and devaluation. Hence, she stuttered and confidence could absolutely not be seen. Fortunately, she wasn’t bold and confidence and still speculated, otherwise Zhang Hanfang would’ve lost a bigger face. However, even like this, Zhang Hanfang wasn’t lightly humiliated. The moment she opened her mouth, she reprimanded Mingluan, “Thing who has no knowledge! What nonsense are you sprouting?!”

After the boot-lick didn’t fell on the boot, Mingluan lowered her head with grievance and tears in her eyes. She didn’t talk anymore.

Zhang Hanfang still felt that it was hard to take. Her face was blue and white for a while. She put that agarwood bracelet back in Shu Huan’s hand and forced a smile, “Agarwood is only rare. It isn’t as good as what people say. I’ve disliked it ever since young. It’s better for cousin sister-in-law to leave it for yourself.”

These words were to strengthen her face. As long as no one exposed her, she would be able to let this matter pass vaguely like that.

It happened that Zhang Hanfang had a big brother who disliked her as much as she disliked him. He had to come over to cut the ground from under her feet. He laughed at the side, “You don’t like it? A few days ago when miss Lin had her hairpin ceremony and gave a feast; after you went there and saw the flower bracelet carved from Horn agarwood that eldest cousin sister-in-law wore, didn’t you talked about it often for a few days and even sent a servant to search in the shops? In the end, you found one that is not even as good as this one and the price was high. You pestered mother for a long time and she still refused to buy it for you. Now, someone was giving you one for free. I think you shouldn’t tweak so much and just accept it.”

The eldest cousin sister-in-law that he mentioned was no one else than Gu Xitian’s wife Fang shi. No need to ask about that flower carved bracelet from Horn agarwood. It was the one that Shu Huan sent as a gift. It was just that he and Zhang Hanfang didn’t know.

  • Shi: clan

Even if Zhang Hanfang didn’t know, she was already ashamed with the desire to die because of him. In her heart, she had crushed his bones and turned him into ashes countless of times. She said angrily with a crying voice, “What nonsense are you talking about?! I don’t like it is I don’t like it. What is so great about it? It’s only worthy to serve as an incense in the incense burner. It’s beneath my dignity to wear such a thing!”

The tone was like when one was unable to eat grapes and say that they tasted sour.

  • Unable to eat grapes and say that they tasted sour: criticize something good because one can’t have it

No one continued on what she was saying and only looked at her silently.

There was a feeling that they were looking at her as if they were looking at a monkey…

Zhang Hanfang was extremely proud. How could she stand this? She couldn’t stand it anymore, fiercely stomped her feet, turned and ran away.

“Miss…,” Mingluan hesitated a moment and then hurriedly chased after her.

Shu Huan only counterattacked as self-defense. After she made Zhang Hanfang so angry that she ran away, she didn’t feel that there was something happy to be about. She only sighed from relief. Finally, she didn’t have to be entangled any longer with this bratty and spoiled miss. However, when she lowered her head and saw the agarwood bracelet, she suddenly laughed. Very well. It seemed that she encountered someone who liked face and would go through sheer of hell for it. Occasionally, that would be a benefit. At least, this time, she saved an agarwood bracelet.

She put the agarwood bracelet on her wrist and looked at Zhang Zirong. She felt that this person wasn’t as hateful as his little sister. Just now, she teased him together with Gu Xiran, but he didn’t get angry. She couldn’t help but feel some good feelings towards him. She smiled slightly at him and said, “I’m sorry about just now. They were all jokes. Don’t take them too seriously.”

Zhang Zirong shook his head and said, “It is me who should apologize. Before, I didn’t know…”

He didn’t continue, but everything was clear.

Shu Huan lowered her head and sighed. She also didn’t say anything more.

At a side, when Gu Xiran saw them talking like that, he felt a bit jealous. There were signs that his expression would turn dark.

Zhang Zirong was tactful and smiled, “I will go take a look, lest my little sister went crazy and threw things again.”

After he said that, he left. Only Shu Huan and Gu Xiran were left on the curved bridge.

The strong feeling of loss and sadness returned again.

Shu Huan didn’t want to bother with this person next to her. She leaned on the bridge to look at the fishes and lotus leaves in the lake. She completely ignored his existence.

After being silent for a while, Gu Xiran slowly asked, “Do you want to listen to the explanation?”

Shu Huan’s lips twitched, “No need!”

Gu Xiran lowered his eyes and didn’t say more.

The kind of thing like explanation should only be done when the other party was willing to listen. Otherwise, it would be like he was covering his faults. At this moment, Shu Huan was very mad. He knew that she was unwilling to listen. His question was just a surplus.

Gu Xiran sighed lightly. He put his hands behind his back, stood next to her and accompany her to see this picturesque scenery. It was just that there was an unexplainable and unclear melancholy in his heart.

Silence was a very strange state.

Sometimes, it would let people feel embarrassed. Sometimes, it would let people constrain or repress their emotions. Sometimes, it could also let people feel calm.

Shu Huan’s emotions had changed many times this day. Shock, joy, anger, sorrow, fidgety…

The ups and downs of her emotional state made her very tired. Until now, listening to the birds in the distance, feeling the blowing wind that was a bit warm but also had the moisture of the lake and after she took two deep breaths, did she feel her emotions ease down and became calm as the lake with an occasional ripple. She felt a bit grateful towards Gu Xiran’s tactfulness.

The person next to her would let her get angry, would tease her into embarrassment, would make her speechless and would make her sad like today, but nothing that he did would make her hate him…

Fortunately, this kind of person who would let her be helpless, unable to hate nor dislike him was destined to not belong to her. Otherwise, she would be at his mercy for her whole life. Would she be able to live then?! However, that she could think it through didn’t mean that she could let go. If she wanted to get relief, it would take time…

This was also the only thing that she had plenty of at the moment!

Shu Huan took a deep breath, raised her head, narrowed her eyes and looked at the sky in the distance. She laughed mockingly at herself.

Gu Xiran took her expressions deep in his eyes. Suddenly, he got inexplicable panic and involuntarily reached out to hold her hand.

Shu Huan was startled and looked up at him. She retrieved her hand without batting and eyelid, turned and said, “I’m tired. Let’s go back.”

In the end, she still had to go back to Japanese Rose Building. Where else could she still go now? The roads around her had been cut off. Even if the outside were full of thistles and thorns, the without choice her would still need to get out and make her way in the world.

Looking at her whole demeanor that showed rejection and how she turned without hesitation…

Gu Xiran’s hand was empty. His heart also followed to be empty.

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