Chapter 91 The emotional outburst

A green handkerchief was wrapped around concubine Yun’s hand. Pulling it, loosening it, loosening it and pulling it repeatedly a countless of times until the handkerchief was completely soaked in sweat.

Xiangqian came in, poured tea and sneaked a glance at the handkerchief in her (Y) hand. Then, she looked at her (Y) calm face, secretly sighed and said, “Concubine, have some tea to moisten your throat.”

Concubine Yun didn’t even look at her. Her eyes had been fixed on the outside. She said, “Put it on the table.”

Her voice was calm without any ripples, but inside her heart was already very chaotic like the handkerchief that had lost shape in her hand.

At the time of the incident, when Shu Huan ran out of Japanese Rose Building, she clearly saw heartache and worry on Gu Xiran’s face. Although, those emotions disappeared in a moment, but it was enough to make her lose all hope.

She had always known that Gu Xiran liked Shu Huan. She also took all that kind of tacit harmonious understanding and their intimacy that couldn’t be put into words into her eyes. She often paced back and forth painfully and couldn’t sleep at night. However, she had never lost all hope.

On the age, she wasn’t as young as Shu Huan.

On appearance, she and Shu Huan had their own merits.

On education, she couldn’t say that she had great erudition, but she had been involved in the zither, chest, calligraphy, painting and embroidery.

She only lost on the identity.

She believed that Gu Xiran only overlooked her good temporarily and forgot the gentleness he treated her with in the past. She knew that there was no man who wasn’t greedy for the beauty and who didn’t like to have wives and concubines in large numbers. The most important thing was that she didn’t want him to only favor her; she only hoped that his gaze could fell onto her once again. Even if it was only occasionally, it would be enough.

Hence, she schemed calmly and collected. Even if she failed again and again, she didn’t get angry or discouraged. She still waited quietly, hoping that one day his gentleness would come back…

Until today, she discovered that everything was her deceiving herself!

The thing that Gu Xiran felt for Shu Huan was not as easy as liking and he disdained to look back at her (Y)…

The handkerchief was clenched too tightly and hurt her hand, but this kind of pain was insignificant compared to the pain in her heart. Concubine Yun still wrapped and wrapped that handkerchief around her hand until she couldn’t wrap anymore. She stood up.

She finally saw the figures of Shu Huan and Gu Xiran appear in the courtyard. She hesitated for a moment and then went to greet them.

The storm she expected didn’t come. When Shu Huan saw her, her (SH) steps just paused. Then, she (SH) nodded at her and walked past her. She was dumbfounded and glanced at Gu Xiran. His eyes were fainter than before. There were no emotions. He moved away his gaze after just a glimpse.

The so-called turned a blind eye was presumably like this!

The heart of concubine Yun that had already became numb from pain began to hurt once again.

If they scolded or punished her, she would feel more relieved in her heart. Treating her faintly like this as if nothing had happened, truly made her feel at loss for what to do.

She stayed where she was when Meijing who went out to search for Shu Huan returned with her head hanging dispiritedly. When Meijing saw her, she didn’t smile like usual nor called “concubine” in a sweet voice. Instead, she looked at her (Y) with a strange gaze. Then, she lowered her head and pretended to have not seen her. She (M) quickly waked over. After a while, she (Y) heard the clear voice of Meijing from the main room…

“Second young mistress, you have returned!”

Shu Huan was sitting on a chair in daze. When she heard this, she raised her head and saw Meijing came at her happily. Her heart couldn’t help but warm up and smiled at her (M).

Meijing would’ve felt that it was normal if she had cried. After a short while, Meijing immediately felt that things were serious. The worry she had put down couldn’t help but raise again in her heart. She sneaked a glance at Gu Xiran. She saw that he stared at the ground. She didn’t know what he was thinking about.

There was a weird repressing atmosphere in the room. Meijing didn’t know what do. After she hesitated for a moment, she walked to Shu Huan and knelt.

Shu Huan was a bit surprised, “What are you doing?”

Meijing lowered her head and said, “It’s my fault. I didn’t guard the room well. I ask second young mistress to punish me!”

Shu Huan pulled her up, “It’s not your fault.”

“No! It’s my fault!” Meijing retreated back two steps on her knees and refused to get up. “Before you went out you told me to wait for second young master to wake up and serve him to wash up, but I…”

She didn’t continue, but Shu Huan understood. If she (M) wasn’t present, it must be because someone used an excuse to send her away. But, what meaning did it have to continue to inquire deep inside of this? Some things could only happen if both were willing. Since Shu Huan had decided to discard it, she wasn’t willing to think about it anymore. It would only cost the feelings between them!

“Get up,” Shu Huan said faintly. “Pack up the things for me”

Meijing was dumbfounded, “Second young mistress, you…”

Shu Huan got up from the chair and said, “I’m tired of living here. I will move to another place!”

The thing that made her the most tired about this whole matter was that Gu Xiran and concubine Yun lost their heads without care for the place! Here was her bedroom. How could she continue to live here? How could she endure it here? This time, she had to move. It was the best if she could get the farthest away. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

Meijing panicked and wanted to persuade but she didn’t know how to persuade. She could only get up and looked at Gu Xiran with a gaze requesting for help.

Gu Xiran had his eyes closed at the moment. As if he seemed to know her helplessness, he said in a calm tone, “Do as your second young mistress has ordered. You and Huiyun go as well to serve her.”

Seeing that he has no intention to reconcile, Meijing was very shocked. The worry in her heart increased. After she hesitated for a moment, she asked, “Big sister Huiyun is also going? Then, don’t second young master need to leave someone to serve here…?”

Only now did Gu Xiran open his eyes and said faintly, “I will naturally also follow her over.”

Shu Huan had been tormented for the whole day. She was very thirsty. At this moment, she was holding a cup of tea to drink. Hearing him say that, all the tea in her mouth sprayed out and she almost choked herself to death.

“Gu Xiran!” Shu Huan’s tone changed. She put down the cup hard on the table. “Motherf*****, you are too shameless!”

The swearing that she had held back for a long time finally came out. To hell with the self-restraint! Bullshit the elegant demeanor! She didn’t want any of it anymore! She also could care less whether she would become a joke. Now, her emotions were boiling. She just wanted to growl!

Gu Xiran shook his head and looked a bit helplessly at her, “Not allowed to swear.”

Not allowed! Not allowed! It was again not allowed!

Who did he think he was?!

Shu Huan directly retorted, “You don’t have the right to bother with my affairs!”

“You are my wife. If I don’t bother with your affairs, who will bother with them?”

“Wife!” Shu Huan really became furious. “Wife, your ass! Don’t use this word to disgust me! You know very well what is between us. Could it be that you want the play-acting to turn into reality (fiction comes true/ fake marriage turn into a real one)?!”

Who would think that Gu Xiran would nod his head very seriously and say, “I want!”

Shu Huan went blank for a moment. Then, she picked up the teacup and threw it at him like a concealed weapon. “Then, when you are rolling back and forth with another person in my bed, why didn’t you think that I am your wife then?!”

The teacup went sideways, slammed in the wall and broke into pieces.

Gu Xiran looked at the mess and smilingly casted her a sidelong glance, “Did you see it?”

F***! This question was despicable, sinister, vulgar and shameless!

Wasn’t it enough that she had seen them with disorderly clothes and their faces full of spring (lust) in broad daylight behind closed doors? Could it be that it would only count if she knelt in front of the bed, observe in close distance and catch them in act?!

  • Spring is used in Chinese to describe sexual related things

Shu Huan almost vomited blood because of him. Just when she was thinking about what kind of vicious and sharp words she should use to attack him in order to express the anger in her heart, she saw that he suddenly got up and said to Meijing who had froze in place because of their quarrel, “Go! Go call Yun Yan!”

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