Chapter 92 The search

Meijing had never seen Shu Huan flip out. She had long lost her soul. When Gu Xiran ordered her, her soul hasn’t returned yet. She asked blankly, “What?”

Gu Xiran retrieved the smile on his. His eyes turned solemn and said, “Call Yun Yan here.”

Only now did Meijing understood. She quickly ran out with a belly full of doubts to go call concubine Yun.

Shu Huan was also puzzled and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Could it be that he thought that she hasn’t lost enough face today and wanted to call some more people to watch her perform the lioness from Hedong roars?

  • The lioness from Hedong roars refers to a shrewish wife or a henpecked husband

Gu Xiran seemed to understand what she was thinking. He turned his gaze and said, “Don’t worry. Your female prestige of just now had long been heard by those on the outside.”

Shu Huan felt embarrassed. She lost half of her anger. She sat on the chair to observe what would happen next!

Concubine Yun quickly followed Meijing inside with lowered eyes. She didn’t speak and knelt in front of Shu Huan first before she said, “Yun Yan knows my wrongdoing. Asking second young mistress for punishment.”

In this era, the status between a wife and a concubine was very clear. If Shu Huan wanted to punish her, let alone that Shu Huan caught her mistake, even if there was no reason, she would have to bear with the punishment and also couldn’t show the slightest dissatisfaction. Hence, the smartest approach was admitting her mistakes.

Unexpectedly, Meijing didn’t make it clear that the one who called her in wasn’t Shu Huan but Gu Xiran. Therefore, she (Y) heard him say, “Talk!”

The word was short but the imposing tone of the word was unquestionable.

Concubine Yun was startled for a moment. She lowered her eyebrows, “Second young master, what do you want me to say?”

The key to this sentence lay in the two words “you want”. It’s meaning was though-provoking.

Gu Xiran narrowed his eyes slightly. He truly got angry in his heart, but his tone was even fainter, “I don’t like to repeat myself. It’s best you put away those strategies and schemes in front of me.”

Concubine Yun’s heart hurt. She forced away her tears and said, “Second young master, Yan truly doesn’t know what you want me to say.”

“Very well!” Gu Xiran nodded his head slightly and didn’t look at her anymore. He said to Meijing, “Search! Bring two people and search her residence. Bring every unfamiliar thing you see to me.”

“Yes!” This time Meijing reacted quickly, turned and left.

Concubine Yun paled, but she still knelt very straight and didn’t move.

Shu Huan glanced at her and glanced at Gu Xiran. She seemed to have come to some understanding in her heart. Her eyes showed some deep thoughts.

The room was quiet for a while. Even the sound of breathing couldn’t be heard clearly.

They came to stay temporarily in the resort. They didn’t bring much. It was natural very easy to search for something. Not long after Meijing was gone, she returned with a few paper bags. She put them on the table and said, “Second young master, I didn’t see any unfamiliar things in concubine Yun’s room. Only these few bags of medicinal herbs. I don’t know what they are used for.”

Gu Xiran swept a glance at those paper bags. He didn’t bother to go identify the and asked concubine Yun directly, “What kind of medicinal herbs are these?”

Concubine Yun answered calmly, “They are the medicinal herbs that second young master used in the past. Yan thought that it was better to be prepared just in case and felt more at ease by bringing them.”

Gu Xiran smiled faintly, “I have to thank you for your careful consideration, then.” (He said this with sarcasm)

Concubine Yun’s voice carried a sorrow that was not easy to detect, “This is what Yan should do. It’s not worthy of second young master’s gratitude.”

Gu Xiran nodded and was silent for a while.

Was this the so-called big thunders but small rain?

Shu Huan almost wanted to throw a glance at him that said she looked down upon him, when she suddenly heard him say, “What? You still want me to wait?”

Wait for what?

Everyone was confused.

Fortunately, he opened his mouth quickly again, “Do you want to take out the things on your body or do you want me to let Meijing search for them?”

Concubine Yun’s body shook slightly. She hesitated for a moment, then took down the purse on her waist and took out everything piece by piece.

Gu Xiran urged, “And your sleeves.”

This time, concubine Yun didn’t hold back. After she took out the small bag hidden in her sleeve, she lowered her head. The tears fell.

The dry ground was quickly stained with tears. The room was silent again.

Gu Xiran bent over to pick up the bag on the ground. He threw it on the table and said to Meijing, “Take these things to Bamboo Pavilion.”

Meijing vaguely understood some things and didn’t dare to delay. She grabbed the tea tray, put those things on it and brought them away.

“Also!” Gu Xiran shouted to stop her. “Take the incense burner in my room with you. Let doctor Ji identify what kind of incense was burned inside.”

The last sentence, he said it word by word while he stared at concubine Yun. Every word seemed to carry an invisible pressure. Concubine Yun couldn’t hold it in anymore and sobbed, “Second young master, no need to bother…I will say it…”

The opportunity should be grasped by oneself. If she pushed it away with both hands, it would be difficult to get it back!

At this time, Gu Xiran was cold and indifferent. He turned a deaf ear to concubine Yun’s words. He only said to Meijing who froze there and didn’t know what to do, “Still not going?”

Meijing took the tea tray and ran. Concubine Yun fell to the ground and couldn’t stop her crying sounds.

Someone crying in front of her face felt very awkward. Shu Huan moved a bit uncomfortable. This thing was closely related to her. She had no reason to speak up for concubine Yun. Moreover, she was truly tired of her (Y). Looking at this situation, no matter how the situation had happened, concubine Yun certainly played some tricks. Since she had the courage to do it, she didn’t have the courage to admit?

Meijing returned quickly. When she entered, the way she looked at concubine Yun was complicated. She hesitated for a moment and then put the tea tray on the table. She said, “Doctor Ji said that among these herbs, there were some that second young master used to eat. There were also some…”

Gu Xiran narrowed his eyes, “Speak!”

Meijing was so embarrassed that she wanted to die, “It’s…miscarriage prevention medicine…”

Fortunately, Shu Huan didn’t drink water this time, otherwise, she would spray it out once again. However, her disappointing gaze turned to Gu Xiran and she sneered, “Could this be considered, playing with fire and get burnt?!”

It happened that Meijing added oil to the fire, “Doctor Ji said…congratulations second young master…”

After she said this, she wanted to cry. It was not her who voluntarily wanted to say this. It was Ji Danqing who wanted her to pass this message. As a maid, she mustn’t conceal anything when passing a message. This was the rule of Gu household.

“Truly need to congratulate second young master!” Shu Huan suddenly stood up. She didn’t want to look at this farce anymore. She went straight to the door. She didn’t expect to be grabbed by Gu Xiran. He smiled bitterly, “Not mine…”

Ji Danqing very well played!

He had always known that this doctor wasn’t as simple and harmless as he showed on the surface. However, he didn’t expect that the cold humor he (JDQ) occasionally showed would bring calamity to people. It made Gu Xiran got the impulse to sharpen his sword and battle with him (JDQ).

Before today, if Shu Huan had encountered such a thing, she would only hide her emotions in her heart. However, now the situation was different. She also didn’t have to hide anymore and expressed her anger, “Let go!”

If he let go, it would be that she was so close yet worlds apart. Gu Xiran naturally would ignore her and only said dejectedly to concubine Yun, “Give me an explanation!”

One couldn’t hide this kind of thing. Shu Huan could misunderstand, but Gu Xiran would not be unclear. Concubine Yun couldn’t afford to bear the crime of engaging in an illicit sexual relationship with another. She could only choke with sobs, “That medicine…I just prepared it…I’m not…”

The words were said intermittent and vaguely, but the meaning was very clear.

Shu Huan was shocked for a moment and was still hesitating whether she should leave determinedly when she heard Meijing rushed to say, “Second young mistress, lessen your anger. I haven’t finish reporting yet…”

TLnote: I am highly suspicious that Meijing had turned into a black-belly

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