Chapter 93 The truth

The matter turned a thousand times, giving people a headache!

After all, she hadn’t grown up in such a complicated environment. Shu Huan truly couldn’t understand why concubine Yun would prepare for miscarriage prevention medication in advance. However, she was somewhat dejected at her judgement. Sure enough, many things weren’t as how they appeared and that what you see and hear was not always the truth. At this moment, she was also curious about what Meijing still had to say. Therefore, she temporarily ignored those complicated emotions in her heart that she didn’t understand and stopped her footsteps.

Meijing hurriedly put the tea tray in front of her, pointed at the incense burner and said, “Doctor Ji said that the incense in the incense burner is Sweet Dream incense. However, this kind had a few ingredients that would make people feel calm and the effect of hastening the sleep was also better than those sold outside.

Usually, when Gu Xiran was asleep, concubine Yun would habitually burn such Sweet Dream incense. Shu Huan was already very familiar with the aroma. Before, when concubine Yun opened the door, it was the same sweet aroma that came from the room. Hence, she was very puzzled to why Gu Xiran would let doctor Ji identify it and she also didn’t understand why concubine Yun would be so afraid of this to take the initiative to confess.

She thought for a moment and then said, “Continue.”

Meijing picked up a small bag that was resting on the corner of the tea tray. That was what concubine Yun had previously taken out of her sleeve. She hesitated and said, “Inside here is loaded with a few ordinary herbs. Usually it’s used to alleviate internal heat. It’s just…after drinking it and smelling that Sweet Dream incense, there…there would be a strong aphrodisiac effect…”

A sentence was said stuttered. The face of Meijing turned hot and didn’t dare to look at anyone.

Concubine Yun tried to suppress her sobbing sounds. She really wanted to completely disappear, but there was no possibility that such a wish would come true. Soon, she heard that close yet distant voice of Gu Xiran, “Do you want to say what happened next yourself?”

The tone of the question was unquestionable.

Concubine’s head almost pressed on her chest. She used a faint and wooden tone that even she was unfamiliar with…

She knew that Gu Xiran went to a drinking party last night, but she didn’t know whether he got drunk or not. Until this morning, she got temped when Shu Huan, before she went out reminded her (Y) to bring a hangover soup for Gu Xiran when he wakes up.

She had already been taken in Gu household for more than a year. Before, Gu Xiran was ill. She had the mind (to consummate the marriage), but he was weakly. Now, his body was getting better each passing day, but there was Shu Huan. He no longer spared any glances at her. She also got anxious. A childless concubine could be driven out of the residence any moment. She could even be sold or gifted to another. Her fate would be worse than Huiyun’s. Hence, she got tempted. When she came to the realization about what she was doing, that soup to alleviate the heat was already done.

The chance of getting such an opportunity was extremely low. She harbored the thought that Gu Xiran was only treating her coldly temporarily. Plus, today was her birthday. According to Gu Xiran’s temperament of the past, he would coax and make her happy this day. Moreover, usually when Shu Huan went out, she would return at wushi (11.00-13.00). Under the circumstances where the time was right and the conditions were favorable, she wanted to make a bet. Even if she couldn’t get back the affection that Gu Xiran had for her in the past, it would also be great if she could get pregnant. At least, she didn’t have to fret anymore in the future and worry while trembling in fear that she would be driven out of Gu household.

Therefore, she drank the soup first. Then, she sent Meijing away to go watch the tailor make the clothes. Finally, when she entered Gu Xiran’s bedroom to light the Sweet Dream incense, she took the opportunity to knock over the ink slab to wake him up. Conveniently, she handed him the hangover soup. It was said to be a hangover soup. After drinking it, the hangover and headache would ease.

Concubine Yun narrated woodenly, “I thought I was lucky… Second young master was drunk and after he drank the soup, I let Xiangqian burry the dregs of the decoction in the ground under the flowers. The incense inside the incense burner was also the Sweet Dream incense that I always used. Second young master…wouldn’t realize that I have slipped some things in his soup…”

After listening to this, there was no sound in the room. Only the whining of the autumn cicada could be heard.

Shu Huan was dumbfounded.

Meijing frowned.

Gu Xiran let out a sigh or relief and shook his head.

Last night, he came back late. Although, he wasn’t dead drunk, but he still got a headache. Not to mention that he hadn’t slept enough, and he heard Shu Huan remind concubine Yun to bring in hangover soup. Therefore, he took the soup in daze and drank it. Then, he continued to sleep.

Concubine Yun put a large amount of the Sweet Dream incense in the burner. Plus, the windows and door were closed. The decoction took effect quickly. In his dreams, he had a feeling of a burning desire. It was inevitable that he would dream about some “spring” things. Then, he felt a smooth and agile hand wander around his body and even sneaked into his clothes.

Under the effect of the decoction, he couldn’t tell whether this was the reality or a dream. Until when he felt someone rush into his embrace and put the soft and hot lips on his neck did he suddenly got awakened by the shock. When he opened his eyes and saw that it was concubine Yun, he was so shocked that his body was full of cold sweat that lessened the effect of the decoction.

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult for a man to refuse this kind of active throwing oneself into somebody’s arms. Moreover, he was drugged. The feeling of his body was extraordinarily keen and his desire was almost strong enough to swallow his self-control.

Fortunately, it was just almost!

He somewhat knew about those hesitations and struggles of Shu Huan of these past few days. He also knew that with her identity as someone who had time-traveled, she would be unable to accept two women sharing a man. If she could accept it, it would be because she was forced to compromise by the survival pressure of reality, but she would be depressed for her whole life and she would certainly regret it one day; or she would completely abandon her feelings for him, only regard him as an unfamiliar passer-by and be indifferent to the existence of concubine Yun.

The feelings he put onto Shu Huan were more than he knew about. No matter which one of the above situations it was, it would be a fatal blow to him. Moreover, Shu Huan’s chances of accepting two women sharing a man was so low that it was negligible!

The him who liked to have everything under his control immediately woke up under such circumstances. He would not succumb to his desire and spent the next half of his life in regret and pain. What was more, he instantly realized that concubine Yun had tampered with his body. To him that was an extraordinary shame and humiliation. It would be strange if he endured it!

However, it seemed that the heavens liked to cause trouble for him. He just pressed down his torrent desire and wanted to shout at concubine Yun to let her retreat when Shu Huan kicked the door with imposing manners. What followed was panic and awkwardness. Finally, when the messy clothes fell into Shu Huan’s eyes, he knew what it looked like. Aside from feeling morose, there couldn’t be other feeling.

Until when Shu Huan ran out angrily, heartache immediately filled his heart. However, to be truthful, an uncontrollable rapture rushed through his heart after he became certain of her feelings. It was just, the rapture didn’t last for long. When he found her and finally faced her alone, he discovered that no matter how he explained this matter, it would be like he was trying to cover up and make the matters worse. At that moment, he truly wanted to kill someone.

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