Chapter 96 Retain

Ji Danqing walked slowly to Gu Xiran and revealed an elegant smile.

“This humble one doesn’t understand. Where did second young master get that notion?”

Gu Xiran casted him a sidelong glance and said, “Didn’t you say to congratulate me?”

Ji Danqing smiled, “Shouldn’t it be congratulated when second young master’s concubine got pregnant?”

It was hard for Gu Xiran to be stumped for words, but to find his (JDQ) mistake, he truly couldn’t find it. When he was thinking, he heard Ji Danqing say, “Seeing that second young master is so angry, could it be…?”

Gu Xiran looked at him helplessly, “What?”

“Could it be that the child is not second young master’s…”

“Talk less nonsense! There is no such thing at all!”

Ji Danqing shook his head laughingly and said, “What is second young master about? This humble one meant that perhaps that child is not a child that second young master wished for.”

There were two meanings about why he wouldn’t wish for the child.

Firstly, he didn’t want Yun Yan to become pregnant at this time. After all, the main wife had married him not a long time ago. If the concubine got pregnant; that would be a matter that would sweep the main wife’s face.

The second meaning was vaguer. Gu Xiran immediately narrowed his eyes and asked, “Are you making fun of me this time?”

Ji Danqing smiled helplessly, “Second young master has misunderstood again. This humble one didn’t mean that.”

His eyes were undisturbed and his expression was as gentle and elegant as ever. He didn’t show a bit of that he (JDQ) was mocking him (GXR). Gu Xiran had the feeling that his fist landed on cotton. He couldn’t help but also be helpless.

It was rare to see Gu Xiran stumped for words. Shu Huan couldn’t help but laugh and came out of the inner room. She greeted Ji Danqing and said, “Doctor Ji, I have something I want to ask you.”

Ji Danqing had become closer to them and didn’t need to be so cautious anymore. He picked a chair and sat on it. He tidied his clothes and said gently, “Please, go on.”

Shu Huan said, “Does doctor Ji also have knowledge about fragrances?”

Otherwise, how would he had recognized that a few other fragrances that could make people calm were added inside the Sweet Dream incense of that day.

Ji Danqing was someone who would understand by just giving a bit of a hint. One didn’t have to use much effort while talking with him. The moment he heard that, he laughed, “It couldn’t be said that I know very much, but I know a bit. The most important thing is that the formula was leaked out from me. Hence, the moment I saw it, I knew.”

These words came very faintly from his mouth, but Gu Xiran and Shu Huan were greatly surprised after having heard that.

Gu Xiran frowned slightly said, “Why do you prescribe such a formula?”

Ji Danqing was extremely calm, “My reputation is well known. All kinds of people come to seek medical treatment. The sick seeks medicine, this humble one would prescribe. As for whether it was the physical illness or mental illness, this little one will not inquire.”

He was a famous doctor of Jingtian city. His skills were naturally extraordinary. Thinking about the potency of the his (GXR) past medication, Gu Xiran’s face turned dark, “You are truly a benevolent doctor!”

Ji Danqing could hear the slight sarcasm in his words, but he still smiled softly, “An illness can be cured, a life cannot.”

The meaning of this was too deep, making people slightly startled. Fortunately, Meijing came in with tea. The topic was suddenly changed.

After chatting for a while, Ji Danqing lowered his head and drank some tea. He suddenly said, “In fact, today I came to say my goodbyes to second young master and mistress. After staying here these past few days, I have been treated with great courtesy and also was able to be idle for a while. However, the Mid-Autumn festival is approaching. My old servant also had sent people to urge me to go back a few times. I also think it’s time to go back.”

  • Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated on the 15th of the eight lunar month. Mooncakes, a rich pastry typically filled with sweet-bean or lotus-seed paste, are traditionally eaten during the festival.

Shu Huan was a bit surprised and asked, “You are going to leave now? Mama Du isn’t fully recovered yet!”

“She is already alright. If she takes two more doses according to the prescription and pay attention to her health in the future, she would be completely healed by late fall.”

Shu Huan was still dejected, “I haven’t finished learning to paint yet. If you leave, I will have no one to ask advice from.”

Ji Danqing smiled gently, “The future is long. I will still have to go to the residence in the future. Why don’t I look for an outstanding painter and recommend him to go to the residence for second young mistress? It would be the same then.”

He insisted on leaving. Shu Huan lowered her head and thought for a moment. She was also helpless. She could only look at Gu Xiran to see whether he had something to say.

Gu Xiran said, “How about you stay for one more month? I still have to inquire many things from you. When we return to the city together, it would also be cheaper.”

Ji Danqing was a bit surprised, “Is second young master not returning to the residence for the Mid-Autumn Festival?”

“I will let little fourth go back first. As for me…,” Gu Xiran smiled slightly. “Is it not that I haven’t fully recovered yet? The environment of the resort is elegant. Even if it wasn’t for the summer vacation, it is a good place to nourish the health and recover of a disease. Not to mention, there are still many siblings at home who would make the elders happy. It’s nothing, if I was missing.”

Scornful! This guy had become addicted to pretending to be sick! However, when she heard that they didn’t need to return to Gu household for the time being, Shu Huan still felt happy.

Ji Danqing was still thinking and said, “This…”

“Stay for one more month. If there are people who are seriously ill and couldn’t wait, trouble the shopkeeper to tell them to come to the resort for the medical treatment.” Gu Xiran laughed, “Otherwise, doctor Ji’s front yard would be as busy as a marketplace. You wouldn’t be able to be idle anymore.”

“Right!” Shu Huan also helped, “Stay for a bit more. The autumn air is very cool. We could make two more trips to the mountain. There should also be more of those wilds fruits and the rabbits should’ve gotten fatter…”

Even thinking about it would make people drool!

Sometimes, people would be in such a contradiction. The daily supply of food of the hospital was quite a lot. It was also bought with the money of the public account and it was not necessary to spent Shu Huan’s comfort money. However, the food piled up in front of her was not rare anymore.

Ji Danqing was presumably someone who liked to be idle once in a while. Hearing how they tried hard to retain him, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “Alright. Then, this humble one would be thick-faced and stay one more month!”

After finishing talking about the matter, Ji Danqing stayed for a while more. Seeing that the maids were busy moving things to here, he stood up and wanted to return to Bamboo Pavilion.

Gu Xiran sent him out. Suddenly, he lowered his voice and asked, “Can I ask you for a prescription?”

Ji Danqing was surprised. He reached out his hand out of habit to check his (GXR) pulse and asked, “Why? Is second young master not feeling well?”

“That’s not it. My body is very well!” Gu Xiran cased a glance to inside of the room, pulled him a bit farther away and said, “That the body is too well is also a troublesome matter. I say, can you write a prescription to avoid a pregnancy for me?!”

It was obviously a very embarrassing request. However, when he said that, he was very calm.

Ji Danqing couldn’t help but laugh, “Second young master truly is different. Usually, people come asking for prescriptions to get pregnant. You are the first one asking for a prescription to avoid a pregnancy!”

He wasn’t exaggerating. The ancient people put much importance on heirs. Not mentioning families who could afford children. The wive and concubines would work hard and try hard to get pregnant. Even families who couldn’t afford children; when the wife got pregnant, most of them would wait till the day of birth to see whether it was a boy or a girl. If it was a boy, raise him. If it was a girl, sell her. The places that would use prescription to avoid a pregnancy would only be the imperial palace and the brothels. However, these places had their own secret prescriptions. There was no need for them to ask for it.

Gu Xiran was also helpless and borrowed a sentence from concubine Yun, “Just to be prepared.”

The self-control he had in front of concubine Yun didn’t work on Shu Huan. He didn’t know how long he could endure sleeping and holding each other every night like that.

When Ji Danqing saw that his whole face showed dejection, he couldn’t help but smile, “Right, it’s safer for woman to get pregnant after twenty.”

He was a doctor and knew about this.

Gu Xiran didn’t want to discus this kind of problem in detail with others. He casted Ji Danqing a glance and asked, “Give me an answer. Are you going to give it to me or not?”

Ji Danqing had always been good at listening to another people’s advice. He immediately replied, “Give!”

Shu Huan was in front of the window at this moment and happened to see the two whispering outside. Although, she didn’t know what they were talking about, but she suddenly saw Gu Xiran reveal a very unique smile. She didn’t know why, but her heart felt uneasy…

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