Chapter 97 The night of gentleness

Time flew quickly during a day of trouble. In a blink of the eye, it had become night.

After moving to Lotus Pavilion, the environment felt a bit unfamiliar and after everything that took place today, Shu Huan’s state of mind had changed a lot. Therefore, when she sat in front of the dressing table and brushed her hair after having taken a bath, she began to feel a bit uneasy.

Before, she had always been escaping. Now, after having realized her feelings for him, how should he face him when they share a bed?

This was really a question that would give people headache!

As she was thinking, she felt someone coming over. She looked up and saw the figure of Gu Xiran in the bronze mirror. He leaned over, put his chin on her hair and looked at the her in the mirror. His attitude was very intimate.

“Gu…Gu Xiran…”

“Mm,” The person behind her made a sound from his throat. It sounded amorous and tempting.

Shu Huan’s face burned, “I…I’m a bit uncomfortable…”

She already knew that they had a husband and wife relationship, but the original her was mentally apart from this world. The intimacy she had with him was also limited. In her heart, she still saw herself as an unmarried girl and thought that she would likely leave him one day.

Then, one day she found out that she didn’t have a choice anymore. Whether it was in the terms of love or in the terms of identity, her fate was entangled with his from now on. The relationship of husband and wife between them had to continue. Then…

“We didn’t seem to have dated yet, and…and had already become husband and wife…”

She really couldn’t adapt to such jumping of the emotions.

Gu Xiran smiled very enticingly, “I don’t mind to date while living as husband and wife.”


Shu Huan whispered a protest, “Very ambiguous words.”

“Not ambiguous…,” Gu Xiran whispered. His hand already wrapped around her waist. However, there was no other movements. He just hugged her silently like that. Looking at the bronze mirror, her face gradually reddened.

“You…” Shu Huan hesitated for a long time and finally asked, “You are good to me because I time-traveled like you?”

Gu Xiran was a bit surprised and looked at her uneasy expression. Suddenly, he laughed, “Because of you.”

Shu Huan frowned confusedly.

“Stupid,” He scolded helplessly. He hugged her tighter and said, “I was good to you because you are you and not someone else.”

Shu Huan’s heart sweetened and then felt embarrassed.

She was scolded for being stupid. Why was she still so happy? However, after a few moments, she didn’t have the mind to entangle in this question anymore because Gu Xiran suddenly lifted her and carried her to the bed.

“You, you, you…,” she was a bit panicked. “What are you doing…?”

Gu Xian smiled a bit evilly, “Sleep, ah. What else can I do?”

“We shouldn’t progress so fast…,” Shu Huan so sullen. In the morning, she was still broken-hearted and sad and hated him very much. At night, they were about to undress and be lovey-dovey; how could she adapt to such sudden change? The most important thing was that to do a certain thing, one needed to have the mood and a good atmosphere, alright. She didn’t want to say goodbye to her chastity on such a chaotic day.

Gu Xiran ignored her protest and threw her on the bed. Then, he leaned over to press the her who wanted to escape beneath him. That face with a teasing expression was pressed up closely against her face. His lips even softly rubbed against her lips. The distance between the two had been pulled to zero in an instant.

Smelling the faint agarwood scent from his body, Shu Huan was a bit breathless. Her heartbeat immediately quickened and said panicked, “Gu Xiran…don’t…”

Gu Xiran laughed extremely enticing, “Don’t what?”

Shu Huan was stumped for words and couldn’t answer.

Gu Xiran ignored her, reached out to explore her belt and began to push her clothes.

She truly panicked and became nervous. She cried out involuntarily, “Don’t do it…”

After she said that, she felt that her face was almost burning.

It happened that Gu Xiran’s hand didn’t stop. While he pushed her clothes, he whispered in her ear, “Don’t do what?”

This time, she was willing to choke to death instead of answering.

Who would’ve thought that Gu Xiran would laugh and whisper in her ear, “Wife, what are you thinking about? I only said to sleep; when had I said to do something else?”

Shu Huan whispered a protest, “Then, why are you taking off my clothes…?”

Gu Xiran slightly propped up his body. His finger gently stroked her hot cheek and put her scattered hair behind her ear. His actions were intimate and gentle, making her turn her head and didn’t dare to look at him.

He laughed teasingly, “Wife, if you don’t take off your clothes; do you want to sleep with your outer clothes on?”


Sigh, she was teased again.

This time, the face she had lost was nowhere to be found.

Shu Huan began to grind her teeth and said, “Gu Xiran, I hate you!”

“Mm.” Gu Xiran threw her outer clothing on the bed. Then, he found a comfortable position, hugged her and said, “You have to take it easy with the hate. We still have a lifetime. If you used up all the hate at once, then you can only love me to death in the future.”


When the face was too thick, even daggers couldn’t poke holes in it.

Shu Huan had decided to never bother with him again. She twisted her body, wanting to break free from his arms and roll to the corner of the bed to sulk alone. Who would’ve thought that Gu Xiran would hold her tighter and warned her with an amorous voice, “If you continue to move, what will happen next is at your own risk…?”

This was a very lethal sentence. Shu Huan didn’t dare to struggle again. she helplessly let him hug her and cursed him countless of times in her heart. However, with each curse she cursed him with, she panicked more. She was afraid that the curse would come true. In the end, she could only blame herself for being unlucky, held her fingers and be secretly dejected.

Seeing her fuming expression, Gu Xiran felt familiar and had a peace of mind…

It was great like this.

This was the her who he was familiar with during these days and not the one that he saw this morning on the bridge who was indifferent towards him and made him afraid and feel heartache.

He couldn’t help but smile. He turned his head and blew out the light on the bedside. Then, he quietly hugged her and closed his eyes.

To be able to hold her while sleeping again without having guesses and be afraid that he would lose her, this kind of feeling was truly great.

“Gu Xiran…”

Shu Huan couldn’t fall asleep for the moment. She had forgotten her own resolution to not bother with him again. She gently called his name in the darkness.

He answered in a low voice, “Mm.”

“What was your original name?”

He laughed, “It’s the same as the one you are calling now. What about you?”

“The same.”

“The appearance also didn’t change.”

“Right, right. You are also the same.”

“It’s great like this, otherwise, I truly can’t get used…”

His words obviously were pointing at something else. Unfortunately, Shu Huan didn’t get the hidden meaning. She still played with her fingers and said, “There is a mysterious feeling. I’m wondering whether the two original owners had time-traveled to our world.”

“That’s their business…,” Gu Xiran said. He grabbed her hand in the darkness and put a thing on the ring finger of her left hand.

Sensing a strange chain around her finger, Shu Huan reached out to touch it. She discovered that it was a ring. She was surprised for a moment. There as a kind of sweetness mixed with sorrow flowing in her heart. It made her almost cried out loud. Unconsciously, she buried her head deeply in Gu Xiran’s embrace….

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