Chapter 100 I don’t even have a copper coin

After all, Xu shi was someone who would make unreasonable scenes and act shamelessly in the marketplace. She wasn’t a lady of a wealthy family like Zhang Hanfang who also didn’t leave the house. The thickness of her face had already been practiced. She didn’t need anyone to give her a way out of the embarrassment. After she had discovered that crying was of no use, she was also straightforward. She put on her shoes as if nothing was the matter and got up from the ground in a single movement. She used the handkerchief to wipe the sweat that came out because of her cries and said, “So thirsty! Quickly bring me a cup of tea!”

  • Shi: clan

The speed of changing faces was so fast, making people unable to adapt. Meijing’s eyes almost fell out from watching her at a side.

Shu Huan smiled faintly and said, “Meijing, pour tea.”

Meijing hesitated a bit. She was afraid that if Shu Huan was left alone here, she wouldn’t be able to deal with such a hoodlum mother like Xu shi. However, when she saw her (SH) calm and not frightened face and thought that here was Gu household’s resort and that no matter how hoodlum Xu shi was, she was unlikely to go as far as to come to blows, did she promise and went away in panic.

Seeing that the little maid left, Xu shi let out a sigh of relief. While she fanned with the handkerchief, she sneered, “This Gu household really know how to train people. You haven’t married for long and even dared to not listen to me!”

“Right,” Shu Huan answered faintly. “Who let it that mother couldn’t beat me now?”

Xu shi was stumped for words. She discovered that she couldn’t get the upper hand when arguing with Shu Huan. Her expression became angrier. She simply threatened Shu Huan, “Being unfilial is a big felony. Are you not afraid that I will report you to the feudal office?”

Shu Huan rolled up her sleeve and reveal the faint scars on her arms and said, “Does mother have the face to go report?”

These scars had been left when the original owner was mistreated and beaten by Xu shi. She discovered that the medicine given by Ji Danqing last time was very effective, hence she asked for more and applied it often on the scars. However, it was very difficult to eliminate the old scars in a short time. Now, that they were exposed in the light, they still could clearly be seen.

Xu shi swept once over it a bit guiltily. She was reluctant to admit her mistake, “Those who are spared from the rod would become spoiled children. I also did it for your own good. Who let you not be obedient ever since young…?”

Shu Huan rolled down her sleeves and said, “Which family would use such a heavy hand while teaching children? My whole body has such scars. Some things, mother is clear about them in your heart. I’m also clear about them. There is no need to speak them out.”

Xu shi lowered her voice and blurted, “Anyway, beating children is the heaven’s law and the earth’s principle! When I report to the feudal office, the county magistrate would only ask about the crime of your disobedience of the parents and wouldn’t bother with how I teach my children.”

Shu Huan didn’t spoke and only slowly nodded.

Seeing her like this, Xu shi became smug again, revealed a flattering and fawning smile and said, “I brought you up and also can’t harden by heart to harm you. I only blurted that because I got angry because of you. Don’t put it in your heart. It’s better for you to quickly look whether you have money. Doesn’t matter how much you have. Just lend me a few for my family to spend this famine and torturing days!”

Shu Huan couldn’t hold back and laughed. She looked at her (X) from top to bottom.

Xu shi’s heart got nervous after getting looked by her and said angrily, “What are you laughing for?”

“I laughed that mother is not old but why is it easy for you to forget things,” Shu Huan said. “Didn’t I just say, if there is paying back after borrowing, it won’t be difficult to borrow again. When mother repay the money you borrowed last time, I will lend money to you again!”

Seeing Xu shi’s sudden change of expression, she laughed again, “As for whether mother wants to report me to the feudal office, I have no control over that. However, does mother know where the door of the feudal office would open to? Haven’t you heard of the saying “If you don’t have money don’t come in even if you are in the right”? Do I need to send someone to tell Gu household’s master to let him send an invitation to the county magistrate and say that you want to report his daughter-in-law and ask the county magistrate to take good care of you?”

This series of question made Xu shi speechless.

She (X) wasn’t in the right!

Not to mention that Shu Huan had already married and that there was no reason to take her husband’s money to supply her maiden family. Even if she hadn’t married yet, she (X) still had a husband and her biological children. It wouldn’t be Shu Huan’s turn to bear the burden of filial piety.

In addition, when commoners hear the word ‘official’, their legs would tremble in fear. Even if someone dragged her to the feudal office and pushed her inside to go report, she wouldn’t dare to take a step inside. Now, she was only bullying her stepdaughter for being weak and timid and bluffing. How would she know that Shu Huan who seemed a bit different from the past, in fact had truly changed souls and was now also bluffing to scare her (X)?

After being silent for a while, Xu shi couldn’t see whether she was joking or not and softened her tone, “I was joking with you. Why do you take it so seriously?”

Shu Huan saw through her fierce appearance while she (X) was cowardly at heart and said, “I don’t have much cunning plots. I take everything that goes into my ears serious. Hence, it’s better for mother to make less of such jokes!”

Xu shi let her (SH) degrade her (X). She also didn’t say anything. Seeing that her (SH) expression had calmed down, she probed to haggle over the price, “The family is truly going by one meal and worrying about the next meal and is waiting for money to save us! I also don’t want much. How about two silver liang?”

Shu Huan refused resolutely, “I’m also in difficulty. All the maids of the resort needed to be rewarded when they went to pass a message or sent things. I didn’t bring in a dowry and the monthly allowance of last month had been borrowed by mother. Isn’t it that my money is exhausted and that I’m also poor? Not to mention two silver liang, I don’t even have a copper coin!”

Xu shi’s face was bitter, “Then, you should at least give me the money to hire a carriage.”

If she (SH) gave her the money to hire the carriage, wouldn’t she take advantage of this to come every few days for money to hire the carriage?

Shu Huan turned her eyes, didn’t look at her and said, “There is a carriage at the resort. I will let the driver take you back.”

Xu shi still wanted to say more, but Meijing had already returned with tea. She also brought Huiyun. The two maids stopped after they walked to Shu Huan. One guarded her (SH) from the front and the other from the back.

Looking at this, if she made any more fuss, Shu Huan would surely call two servants to force her out.

Xu shi angrily took over the tea from Meijing. After drinking it all at once, she dumped the tea leaves and didn’t even return the cup. She put it in her sleeve, turned and left.

The two maids were stunned and were speechless.

If asking didn’t work, steal openly!

The thing she stole was from Gu household!

Having such a mother, even if it was a stepmother, it was very shameful!

Shu Huan laughed coldly and shouted, “Huiyun!”

At such times, Huiyun became more cautious and quickly responded, “This slave is here.”

“Last time, I lost something in my room. Did you find out who stole it?”

Huiyun was surprised for a moment and then answered, “Answering second young mistress, I haven’t found out yet.”

Shu Huan raised an eyebrow and said, “Then go investigate! Losing something is a small matter, but one couldn’t indulge the thief to let him/her get used to stealing! Go say to the porter that if he found out who went out with stolen items, he didn’t need to ask question. Immediately tie the thief up and bring him/her to the officer. How many beatings the thief should receive, let him/her receive it. No matter who he/she is, he is not allowed to plead for him/her!”

When Xu shi heard her say that she (SH) had lost something, she stopped in her tracks and listened. After she (SH) had finished, she (X) lowered her head and looked at the cup in her arms. She trembled slightly as if she was holding a hot potato. She immediately took out the cup, turned and put the cup down on the tea tray held by Meijing before she turned again and left.

“Meijing,” Shu Huan called. “My mother doesn’t know the way. Don’t let her walk to the wrong place. You go send her out.”

“Yes!” Meijing answered and hurried to keep up with Xu shi.

One couldn’t not send out such a person. Who would know what she would put in her sleeves along the way?!

Xu shi felt much hate in her heart. However, it happened that Shu Huan was unmoved by force or persuasion. She was also helpless. She could only gloomily and angrily follow behind Meijing.

Seeing that the two people were getting farther and farther away, Shu Huan finally breathed a sigh of relief. She said in a low voice to Huiyun, “Go tell the porter, next time when my mother come, don’t need to inform me and also don’t let her in.”

Huiyun had long known that she looked like she had a good personality, but that was because she was too lazy to care. If you truly annoyed her, she was not someone anyone could bully. Hence, she (H) wasn’t the slightest bit surprised. She immediately and docilly promised.

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