Chapter 103 The emerge of the feeling

The two people were chatting, drinking wine, eating and enjoying the scene. It could be considered that they got half a day of leisure.

It happened that the heavens want to make fun of them. Just now, the sun was still shining. In a moment, dark clouds were everywhere. Gradually, the sound of thunders could be heard.

Shu Huan gazed in the distance outside the window and muttered, “It looks like it’s about to rain. Great!”

Gu Xiran held the cup of wine and smiled, “After the shower of rain, pearls will fall. Everywhere would be new lotus.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a flash of lighting that tore through the sky. Raindrops as big as a bean fell down. The momentum was extremely big. Instantly, it covered the ten thousand different sounds of the earth. She saw outside the window how the lotus swayed gently on the lake. The lotus leaves rolled and were all watery. There was also wind tainted with dust and raindrops that blew in from the outside. It made the both of them hurriedly close the window.

Although, they were very fast, they had been caught off guard by the rain. More than half of the table next to the window had been wetted. The dishes and wine were mixed with rain and dust. They couldn’t be eaten anymore. Even the clothes on their body were wet.

Two drowned rats looked at each other. They couldn’t help but laugh. They hurriedly went to change clothes and called Meijing and Huiyun to clean up the wine and dishes and to make tea.

This rain came fiercely but wasn’t long-lasting. When the two sat in front of the window again after having changed clothes, the rainstorm had become a drizzle. Meijing opened the window. Immediately, the refreshing coolness of the rain came in, making Shu Huan feel that the autumn heat of the morning had completely disappeared at this moment. She even sneezed two times.

Huiyun quickly handed her the tea and said, “Second young mistress, drink some hot tea to drive away the cold.”

Shu Huan was about to take over the tea when she suddenly heard Meijing who was standing in front of the window make a sound of surprise. She (SH) couldn’t help but look over and ask, “What is the matter?”

Meijing pointed outside the window and said, “Is that miss Zhang?”

Shu Huan looked over. Sure enough, two figures ran in the rain in the direction of Lotus Pavilion. It was just, they were a bit far away and their appearance couldn’t be seen clearly. However, the body shape and way of dressing truly looked like Zhang Hanfang.

Gu Xiran stood in front of the window and said, “Mood dampening!”

Originally, they wanted to enjoy the scene of the rain. However, after seeing the person one disliked, naturally, one would be unhappy. What was more, guessing from the way Zhang Hanfang ran, her intentions must be to come here at Lotus Pavilion to shelter from the rain.

Shu Huan also sighed, “What can we do about it? She is a guest. She wants to come to shelter from the rain, can we still drive her out?”

The unfortunate thing was why wasn’t Zhang Hanfang resting at Heavily Scented Building at noon? Why did she had to come out?

Gu Xiran frowned slightly and called, “Meijing.”

Meijing turned and answered, “What is second young master’s command?”

“Send them two umbrellas.”

Shu Huan was surprised for a moment. Then, she understood his meaning and laughed, “It is such a heavy rain. Their clothes must’ve gotten wet. Here is a bit far from Heavily Scented Building. I’m afraid that it’s useless to send umbrellas.”

“Useful!” Gu Xiran revealed a mischievous smile and said to Meijing, “If they insist on coming in to shelter from the rain, tell them that I’m at home. With how their appearances are now, presumably they will be afraid to meet people.”

Shu Huan thought about it and then looked at the people outside the window. They were a lot closer now. She saw that it truly was Zhang Hanfang and that maid who seemed to be called Mingluan. Both of them wore a thin gauze dress. Although, they were covered by clothes, but the clothes were tightly pasted around their bodies after being wetted by the rain. The shape of their bodies could be seen.

The appearance of the two of them now was naturally nothing in the eyes of Shu Huan and Gu Xiran. However, in the eyes of Meijing and Huiyun, it was really too shameful to meet people. Hence, they immediately understood the meaning behind Gu Xiran’s words. They smiled and rushed down to send the umbrellas.

At this time, Zhang Hanfang also wanted to vomit very much in her heart. In the morning, she didn’t get to see the scene where Xu shi made a scene with Shu Huan at the resort. She only heard about it from a maid who saw it. When she rushed over to look at the play, Shu Huan had long sent Xu shi away. There wasn’t even half a shadow left. She had rushed over in vain!

  • Shi: clan

After she came back and had lunch, she became more and more dejected after she thought about it while laying on the couch. She had missed the perfect opportunity to ridicule Shu Huan! When she heard that Gu Xiran and Shu Huan moved to Lotus Pavilion for no reason, she couldn’t lie down anymore.

To go straight to Lotus Pavilion and say some sarcastic comments didn’t seem appropriate. She could only bring Mingluan with her to walk in the vicinity of Lotus Pavilion in hope to encounter Shu Huan and pretend that they met by coincidence. She would take the opportunity to make some sarcastic remark and get her face back. Who would’ve thought that the heavens had to go against her? A good sunny day suddenly turned into a torrential rain. Moreover, there were no other places to shelter from the rain aside from Lotus Pavilion in the vicinity. She could only run to here full of grievances with her maid. She could care less about losing face now. She had to shelter from the rain first.

It wasn’t easy for them to run to Lotus Pavilion. When they were in front of it, they saw two maids come to welcome them with umbrellas. Meijing still had a smile and still looked quick-witted and clever. She put the umbrella in front of her and said, “This rain came suddenly. Second young master let me send the umbrellas down to let miss quickly go back with the umbrella to take a bath and change clothes. If you delay a bit more, you will catch a cold.”

Zhang Hanfang was surprised at first when she heard this. After she wiped the rain from her face, she got angry, “Get out of the way! The rain is so heavy. How do you want me to go back? Quickly go find clean clothes for me to change into first!”

Her reaction was not unexpected. Meijing sneaked a glance at her and said awkwardly, “Our second young master is here. Miss is now like this. I’m afraid that it is inconvenient to meet…”

Zhang Hanfang didn’t have the time to look at herself. Only after being reminded, did she come to the realization. She lowered her head. After she saw the state she was in, she shouted and hid behind Mingluan. It happened that Mingluan also discovered that she also wasn’t in a state to meet people now. She panicked and also wanted to find a place to hide. The master and servant were immediately in a mess.

Meijing held back her laughter and reminded, “Miss should go back quickly.”

Zhang Hanfang stomped her feet fiercely and let Mingluan take over the umbrellas. She turned and left. However, she just took two steps, when she subconsciously glanced back and happened to see Gu Xiran sitting in front of the window and poured the spoilt tea out of the window…

When he was doing this, he didn’t even look outside of the window. From the perspective of Zhang Hanfang, she happened to see his handsome side face. His eyes were lowered slightly and his lips showed a smile. His sleeves were turned up and down by the wind. It was charming as if a good-looking person came out of the dust. It made her involuntarily be in daze.

“Miss?” Mingluan noticed that her (ZHF) footsteps had stopped and called her (ZHF) puzzled.

Only now did Zhang Hanfang’s senses return. She only felt that her heartbeat was accelerating and her face burning. She didn’t dare to answer. She lowered her face and quickly hurried forward.

How could this be?!

How could this had happened?!

The sudden burst of feelings was so strong that even if she didn’t want to be aware of it, she couldn’t not be aware of it! However, her heart was extremely confused…

This wasn’t the first time that she saw Gu Xiran.

In the past, she used to look down on this sick and weak big cousin brother. She didn’t even want to look at him. She had bumped into him twice at the resort. Both times were unhappy encounters. She only had hate and anger towards him. However, now she just inadvertently looked back; how come there was such a strange feeling emerging and sprouting in her heart…?

Zhang Hanfang’s thoughts were a mess. She only walked with lowered head and didn’t even know that she stepped on the mud water.

Mingluan suddenly pulled her, “Miss, where are you going? Heavily Scented Building is at this side.”

Zhang Hanfang was surprised for a moment. Only now did she discover that she walked in the wrong direction. Her face burned even more.

Mingluan didn’t know why she was being like this. When she sneaked a glance at her (ZHF), she saw that her face was very red and thought that she had caught a cold and was getting fever. She panicked and said, “Miss, do you feel well? Should I go back and call some people over…?”

“Shut up!” She (M) hasn’t finished speaking yet, she was stopped about by the very impatient Zhan Hanfang who wanted to flip out.

Mingluan got a fright and didn’t dare to say more. She could only try her best to cover her (ZHF) body with the umbrella and run slowly with her (ZHF) in the rain.

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