Chapter 110 Get out

After this one sentence, the owners also clamored. They all accused Gu Xiran for being malicious to hide the person and would bring out any disfigured maid to fool them.

They had seen Shang Xin before, but they didn’t interact with her all the time like Jiang Haitian. It wasn’t strange that they couldn’t recognize her or deny that it was her because of their interest. However, that Jiang Haitian denied Shang Xin’s identity was enough to see to what extent his black-hearted heart was.

Gu Xiran looked at him with narrowed eyes. He suddenly laughed and said to Shang Xin, “You said that you are Jiang Yuqing, but your uncle says that you are not. What to do then? If we can’t prove your identity, I will have to pay them a lot of money.”

Originally, Shang Xin only felt grief when Jiang Haitian didn’t want to recognize her. She truly hadn’t expected that her uncle was shameless to this extent. After she heard Gu Xiran say that, her grief turned into fury. She took two steps forward, pointed at Jiang Haitian and said, “You don’t want to recognize me, your niece; I don’t want to recognize you as my uncle even more. However, my name Jiang Yuqing was given by my father. You don’t have the right to deny it!”

Jiang Haitian smiled, “Little girl, don’t joke with me anymore, alright? My big brother doesn’t have such an ugly daughter!”

Shang Xin got so angry that she almost cried, “Jiang Haitian, do you still have a conscience? Did you forget how you promised my father before his death to take care of me? In the end, your so-called care was to sell me. Now, because of money, you even lie with your eyes open and don’t want to recognize me!”

Jiang Haitian’s expression stiffened a bit and said guiltily, “I only recognize my niece. You are not my niece!”

Shang Xin took a deep breath and didn’t continue the argument. Her eyes turned sad and she said, “I remember that when my mother was still alive, every winter, she would do needlework under the lamp every night till it was very late. At that time, I wasn’t thoughtful and kept pestering her to go sleep. Every time, she would coax me, telling me to be well-behaved and to listen to her because if she didn’t finish the winter coat before when it began to freeze, her brother-in-law would suffer from the cold. However, the winter coat that she sewed with her heart would often appear in less than three days inside the clothing store.”

Jiang Haitian felt more and more guilt. He opened his mouth and wanted to interrupt her, but she didn’t even spare him a glance and continued, “My father was a scholar who didn’t get selected repeatedly. He was just a weak scholar who couldn’t work in the field, but he had to provide for four mouths. He could only leave early and come back late at night after he went to write documents for countless of people and teach people how to read. He even lowered his image to go do odd works at people’s homes just for a bit more money to buy some pig offal from butcher Lu at the west of the village.”

Talking till here, her furious eyes turned to Jiang Haitian, “He worked so hard just because of his little brother who did nothing all day, who always complained that there was no food at home and blamed his big brother for ill-treating his little brother. And, when he always eagerly went home with meat, he didn’t saw a little brother who came to greet him with a grateful smile, but a home that had been emptied when he was not there! Tables, chairs, brushes, clothes; all the things that could be pawned had been stolen. It was so much that one year with a very cold weather, even his bedding had been pawned by his little brother. He could only wrap himself in a single coat, curl up into a ball and slept while shivering”

Living in such an environment for years made Shang Xin sensible and mature at an early age. She had hidden a lot of things in her heart that she didn’t spoke out, but that didn’t mean that she had forgotten about them. One matter after another, one after another recollection; she didn’t have to recall them. They came out of her mouth like that because she had wanted to say them a hundred, a thousand times already. However, Jiang Haitian was her elder. She could only endure and didn’t go blame him.

Now, the situation was different. He didn’t recognize her. She didn’t want to recognize him even more!

“Sometimes, when I just think about it, I would feel so much hate! Hate my mother for being stupid and hate my father for being foolish. Why did they had they to condone such a brother like you?! They should’ve been fiercer to people like you by leaving you on the streets to let you make a living by begging, look at how you die from hunger and cold, and that no one would collect your bones in the wilderness!” At the end of the speech, Shang Xin’s words became vicious and was close to a curse. Even her gaze and that ghostlike face of hers revealed a hatred to the bones. It made Jiang Haitian feel a chill to his bones. He could only lower his head and avoided her gaze.

Shang Xin raised her chin and said proudly, “Jiang Haitian, if you are sure that I’m not your niece, then raise your head, look me into the eyes and deny one more time!”

“I…,” The moment Jiang Haitian confronted her eyes, the hatred that seemed to want to tear him into pieces made him turn his face away.

Shang Xin looked at him once with disdain and said, “I knew that you were someone selfish without courage! Do you want me to still say some other matters in front of people? For example, the night I escaped from home and the rod to light the fire that I threw into kitchen…”

She hasn’t finished yet, Jiang Haitian panicked and stopped her, “No! Don’t say it! Don’t say it!”

Shu Huan also hurriedly said, “This is enough. No need to talk more about this.”

After listening to all of these, the owners were confused. They didn’t know why a rod to light the fire would made Jiang Haitian so panicked. He got so panicked that he unknowingly admitted Shang Xin’s identity. Shu Huan and Gu Xiran had speculated about this. They knew that this was the matter that Shang Xin find it that hardest to speak about. They didn’t expect that she would hate her uncle so much to want to make this matter public.

She couldn’t make it public!

Of course, she couldn’t make it public!

If this kind of thing happened in the modern times, it was enough to let people point fingers and gossip about it for the whole life. Not to mention in such a conservative era!

Gossip was sometimes the sharpest blade to kill someone. Moreover, one wouldn’t even see blood.

Shang Xin was stopped by Shu Huan. She took a deep breath and calmed down her emotions. Then, she gracefully walked to the owners and said with some impatience and arrogance while she scanned them, “Did you all hear? He had admitted! If you still want to say that I’m not Jiang Yuqing, then take me back to the village to see whether the villagers would recognize me!”

“This…,” The owners felt that they were in a difficult position. What would they do with a disfigured little girl? No one would want to buy her. Wouldn’t it be a loss if they take her back and had to give her to eat?

When they were still hesitating, Gu Xiran stood up and shook the slave contract in his hand. He said, “I sent the person in your hands. The slave contract is here. You can deal with it however you want! Alright, Meijing, take the money and sent the people out! As for you…”

He gestured with his hand at Jiang Haitian who had his head lowered and was frozen on spot. He said, “Come over to write a certificate of indebtedness. If you are illiterate, then, let your niece write it. You can put a handprint on it. Then, this is over. You then can also get out!”

After he finished, the owners suddenly caused a storm of protest. They once again prevented Meijing from taking the money. Looking at their attitude, they seemed to want to use force and grab the money. They even wanted to grab the money that Gu Xiran threw inside the wicker basket.

“Do you take me for dead?” Gu Xiran raised an eyebrow. “You are still at my Gu resort and dared to be so presumptuous? Truly giving your face, but you don’t want it! Servants, threw this group of hoodlums outside!”

When the voice just fell, the housekeeper of the resort and the servants who had silently gathered in advance outside, rushed inside with rods and clubs. Of course, the one who was at the front was martial artist Du Qiu. He didn’t talk at all. He went forward, grabbed the thin man by his collar and threw him outside the hall. He didn’t feel satisfied after throwing him outside. He also kicked that man fiercely on his buttocks and kicked him till outside the resort like kicking a ball. The other owners had also been beaten that they screamed for their mothers. While they hugged their heads and fled to outside.

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