Chapter 111 Using violence is the right way of the king

Trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing rice used to lure it!

  • Trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing rice used to lure it: trying to get advantage only to end up worse off

Facing Jiang Haitian’s cries and beggings for mercy, Gu Xiran wasn’t moved at all. He let Shang Xin write the certificate of indebtedness and then threw the certificate of indebtedness and the red ink paste in front of Jiang Haitian. He said, “Did you see clearly? Fiver silver liang. I didn’t claim a cent more from you. Put your handprint!”

Jiang Haitian refused at first, but he heard the miserable cries of the owners when they have been kicked out. When he raised his head, he saw Du Qiu standing next to him with an unfathomable expression and who asked, “Do you want me to help you?”

He shivered involuntarily. He didn’t even dare to answer, put his handprint on the certificate of indebtedness and delivered it with a shaking hand to Gu Xiran.

Gu Xiran took it over. As he looked, he smiled and said, “Good. The handprint is put quite beautifully! Remember, you did this voluntarily. I didn’t force you.”

Jiang Haitian almost cried and said, “Yes…yes…I did it voluntarily…”

Shang Xin didn’t want to go look at this ugly him again. She humphed once, walked to outside and said to those badly battered owners, “Leave! What are you still doing here? Are you waiting for the feudal official to come catch you?”

“You…,” That thin man held a swollen face that just had been beaten up by a servant. He felt disgusted when he looked at that face of Shang Xin. He couldn’t care less about anything else and shouted towards the hall, “Wait, wait! This master from Gu household, I still have something to say!”

Gu Xiran slowly stepped out and looked at him with a smile that was not yet a smile and said, “If you have something to say, say it quickly. If you need to fart, out with it!”

That thin man had been choked by him that he was about to roll his eyes. However, when he saw Jiang Haitian being dragged out by Du Qiu at the collar, he knew that if he didn’t say it now, he wouldn’t have another opportunity. He could only endure his anger and said, “When this girl had been sold to us, her face was fine. Now, that she was disfigured like this, who should we sold her to? No, you have to compensate our loss!”

Gu Xiran didn’t answer yet when Shang Xin went forward and pointed at Jiang Haitian. She said, “My face was ruined by him. He said that he couldn’t let you get an advantage. What does it have to do with Gu household? Don’t put the blame on anywhere!”

Jiang Haitian was rubbing his buttocks while he stood up when he heard this. He truly panicked, “Yuqing, you shouldn’t say this recklessly. When had I ruined your face…?”

Shang Xin strongly interrupted him and said, “On the night that I escaped from home! You were drunk and used a burning stick to burn my face!”

“You…you are lying…”

She spoke forcefully with justice. Jiang Haitian couldn’t counter argue to that.

Shang Xin laughed in disdain, “Even if we go to a feudal office, I will still say this!”

In fact, she hadn’t lied. That night when Jiang Haitian wanted to commit that animal matter, he had indeed said such a thing…

Ruining you is better than to let those people get advantage!

Every word still rung in her ears. It was such a humiliation that she wouldn’t be able to forget for life!

The owners had often gambled and played with this Jiang Haitian. They naturally knew his character. When they heard the tone, it truly seemed like something he would say. Moreover, he panicked just now at the mention of the rod to light the fire. It could be seen that Shang Xin didn’t lie. Hence, the anger that they held in for a long time finally broke out. They vented all the anger with their fists and kicks on his body.

Jiang Haitian was surrounded and beaten by the group of people. Gu Xiran and the others were looking indifferently at a side. They felt that he deserved it.

Facing with such a brazen and shameless person, if you talk reason with him, you would only let yourself die from anger. Using violence was the right way of the king!

It didn’t take long before Jiang Haitian’s head was beaten into a pig’s head. The eyes that were originally still quite big was so swollen at the moment that they barely could be opened. When Shu Huan saw this, she was afraid that they would kill him and quickly said, “Enough, you guys. If you want to beat more, go beat outside. Don’t kill him here!”

The thin man still felt that his anger wasn’t vented. He fiercely kicked Jiang Haitian once more and also spit on him. When he turned to face Gu Xiran, he revealed a fawning smile, “Master, this is all a misunderstanding. We apologize. Don’t take it to the heart.”

Gu Xiran raised an eyebrow, looked at him and humped once but didn’t say anything.

He continued awkwardly, “Master, can we discuss about this? This little girl had become so ugly. Even if we bring her back, we wouldn’t be able to sell her! Why don’t you do a good deed and buy her again?”

Gu Xiran began to cherish words like cherishing gold and only said, “How much?”

The thin man was a bit not accustomed to his straightforwardness. He was blank for a moment and then turned to look at his companion. They exchanged a few glances. Only then did he probingly extend two fingers.

“Two liang?” Gu Xiran smiled. “Alright!”

That thin man hurriedly said, “Master, don’t joke around. Can two liang buy a person?! It’s twenty liang.”

They were already in such a weak spot like this and were still thinking about extorting money from him!

Gu Xiran had also become speechless towards these people, humphed once and said, “Du Qiu, send out the guests!”

Du Qiu promised and went forward to drive the people out.

The group of owners began to shout….

“Then, ten liang! Ten liang should be fair, right?”

“Eight liang, eight liang!”

“Seven liang is also not bad!”


This time, a clear voice inserted in the shouts and said, “Five liang!”

The owners went silent, turned and looked at Shu Huan who had spoken.

Shu Huan was too lazy to bother with them and said, “Five liang. To sell or not is just one word. If you don’t want to sell, then get out!”

In fact, selling an ugly girl for five liang was not a loss. However, the problem was that they had suffered a big lost when they competed for the price. If they truly re-sold Shang Xin now for five liang, they felt somewhat unwilling.

Shu Huan sneered, “Second young master, they are unwilling! We should also not force them. Let’s leave the silver to buy another maid!”

If they still struck a pose now and didn’t sell, perhaps, they wouldn’t even be able to sell her for one liang when they take her with them!

The thin man hurriedly said, “Sell! We sell! Five liang. Pay with one hand and get the person with another.”

Shu Huan ignored him and said, “There are also two slave contracts. Hand them over first!”

The owners had no choice but to hand over the slave contracts. Only now did Shu Huan held in her laughter and handed the certificate of indebtedness that Jiang Haitian just put his handprint on. She put on a straight face and said, “Here is your money. Keep it well, don’t lose it!”

When the owners saw that it was a certificate of indebtedness, what’s more, it was a certificate of indebtedness by Jiang Haitian; what use did it have? Even if they chased him for a whole life, they may not be able to get it back. There was an uproar immediately. They chased after her to get back the slave contracts and shouted that they don’t want to sell anymore.

“Everyone present is a witness. A transaction is not child’s play. Can one go back on one’s words like you?” Shu Huan was too lazy to bother with them again. She took the slave contracts, grabbed Shang Xin, turned and left.

Meijing laughed and quickly followed.

Behind them, there was immediately the sounds of kicks and fists. The servants beat them again and intended to throw all these owners out.

So tired! Gu Xiran yawned lazily. He also planned to leave and only said, “You should clean up this rubbish slowly. You have to let them remember, that if they want to come cause trouble again next time, tie them all up, take them to the feudal office and arrest them for trespassing!”

“Yes!” The servants shouted formidably.

The owners couldn’t stop him from leaving and watched them leave. Then, the unrelenting sticks came down. If they didn’t want to be beaten to death, they could only hug their heads and fled to outside.

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