Chapter 115 Little cousin sister, please conduct yourself with dignity

Tonight was the full moon of the fifteenth day of the month. Don’t know on which family the autumn would fall.

Because the custom here was to burn the incense and worship the moon, they prayed silently in their hearts. Shu Huan hoped that her thoughts could be felt by the relatives who are far away in a different time and space. It was the best if they don’t grieve anymore and no longer worry about her.

Next to them, Meijing earnestly wished, “Worshipping the moon, wishing for second young master to sail with the moon overhead and climb to the status of a deity. Wishing for second young mistress’s appearance to be as beautiful as Chang’e and to be round and full as the moon.

All the frustrations had turned into nothing after hearing her wishes.

Shu Huan couldn’t help but laugh. She raised her head and said, “I don’t want to be round and full like the moon.”

Moreover, here was not the age where being fat was considered beautiful. It was the best to be fit.

Meijing was startled for a moment and then thought about how Shu Huan would walk and lie when her bodyshape was as round and full as the moon. She also couldn’t help but laugh, “I often hear people say this when they worship the moon. I didn’t think deeply about it.”

Gu Xiran listened at the side and just laughed. After that, he let Meijing call the other maids to come worship the moon to ask for auspiciousness and for the liveliness of it.

Looking at the maids laughing and chatting, Shu Huan also felt her mood become better. Just when she raised her head to look at the moon that was hanging in the sky, she suddenly felt Gu Xiran wrap his hand around her and whispered, “Do you want to go outside to enjoy the lanterns?”

“Now?” Shu Huan was surprised. This time, if it was calculated according to the modern times, it was almost nine o’clock. In the ancient times, it was already deep in the night.

“The custom here is that on every Mid-Autumn, the Lantern Market doesn’t stop,” Gu Xiran laughed. “If you want to go, it’s not too late now. It’s just that the countryside can’t be compared to the city. The lights aren’t so brilliant.”

“Go! I’m going!” Shu Huan felt excitement. Since, she couldn’t go back to the modern times, then she would regard this life as a rare trip to the ancient times. After all, not everyone would get such an opportunity.

Gu Xiran laughed, “If you want to go, then be quicker. Go back and put two thicker clothes on first. The wind is very cold outside.”

Shu Huan ran away as he was speaking. When Meijing saw that, she eagerly chased her and said, “Second young mistress, take me with you. I also want to go!”

“Hey, call Shang Xin. She is the most familiar with here. With her, we won’t be afraid to get lost.”

As the two talked, the two ran away. Gu Xiran looked at their backs and smiled.

At this time, Zhang Hanfang had finished teaching the maid a lesson. She was about to return to Heavily Scented Building full of anger. When she passed here, she happened to see Gu Xiran standing under the moon and smiling with his hands behind his back. His posture was long and straight. His clothes moved with the wind. With the bright moon behind him, he truly looked like someone from a painting.

She unconsciously became dazed while looking at him.

Gu Xiran’s appearance was handsome. No matter where he stood, he would be a crane in a flock of chicken. Plus, the fact that there were only few times that unmarried girls in ancient times would get to meet people and they had nothing to do all day long, it was inevitable that they would have imaginations. Once their emotion sprouted, they had no other place to vent it and could only keep it in their hearts. Hence, it was easy for the emotion to grow and they would be deeply in love.

  • A crane in a flock of chicken: way above common/ stand out.

At this time, Zhang Hanfang had fallen into the Mara of love.

“Is there something, little cousin sister?” Gu Xiran was already aware that Zhang Hanfang was walking to this side. He only pretended that he didn’t know and wanted to ignore her. Unexpectedly, she stopped in her tracks and only stood there in daze.

After being called by him, Zhang Hanfang’s senses had returned. No matter how arrogant and haughty she was, she was still an unmarried girl after all and was afraid that her feelings would be seen through. She was immediately embarrassed and lowered her head. Her voice softened and elegantly and gently called, “Big cousin brother…”

This shy, timid and using her fingers to twirl the clothes appearance made Gu Xiran startled. His voice immediately became even fainter, “It’s late. If there is nothing, little cousin sister should go back to rest.”

Zhang Hanfang only took it as if he was concerned about her. She quickly raised her eyes and asked full of hope, “I…I heard that you are going to watch the lanterns. Can you bring me with you?”

Nanny Guan was someone experienced and wasn’t as ignorant as Mingluan. Seeing her miss like this, her heart skipped a beat. Only now did she understand why she (ZHF) was so quiet and had been sitting in daze often these past few days. And also often sighed while looking at the two ordinary oil paper umbrellas.

“Miss…,” She was anxious to stop Zhang Hanfang from making a fool out of herself. Gu Xiran had already taken a wife and Zhang household would absolutely not let a well-matched miss become a concubine. This love could absolutely not blossom and had to be cut off as soon as possible.

However, her words couldn’t reach Zhang Hanfang at all at this moment. Hearing her (G) speak, she (ZHF) didn’t even bother with her. She only looked at Gu Xiran and asked pleadingly, “Big cousin brother, alright?”

Of course not right!

He very much wanted to hide from her!

Gu Xiran smiled faintly and said, “There are many people at the Lantern Market. It’s easy to get lost. I can’t afford to be responsible if something goes wrong. Please, little cousin sister, it’s better for you to go back!”

It happened that Zhang Hanfang didn’t understand a tactful decline. Unable to restrain her emotions, she grabbed his sleeve, “I will follow you carefully and bring two more maids. I won’t get lost!”

Gu Xiran’s patience was limited. Seeing her foolish pestering, he truly became impatient. He pulled back his sleeve, put on a solemn face and said unhappily, “Little cousin sister, please conduct yourself with dignity!”

Eight simple words hit Zhang Hanfang like a hammer on the heart. Her face immediately reddened.

In the age of a match made by the parent’s order and on the matchmaker’s words, young girls whose heart had been stirred by love wouldn’t have the courage to declare the love in most of the cases. It was also the same for Zhang Hanfang. Moreover, she was a proud person and the other party had some unhappy encounters with her. She wouldn’t have the idea to voice out her feelings to a man who had a wife. She didn’t even think that she and Gu Xiran could be each other’s sunshine. She just obeyed her instinct, unconsciously wanted to get closer to him and also unconsciously revealed the silly and shy behavior of a young girl in love.

  • Be each other’s sunshine: in love with each other

After being yelled at by Gu Xiran did she get startled and sweated from shame and embarrassment. She realized that she unknowingly let her mind be known. She immediately had the feeling of wanting to die!

“Miss…,” Nanny Guan tried to speak again. “Let’s go back…”’

Mingluan held her swollen face and also said, “Right, right. The wind is fierce outside here. Miss had just become a bit better from catching a cold a few days ago. It’s better to return sooner and rest.”

In fact, this time they didn’t have to persuade. Zhang Hanfang had no more face to stand in front of Gu Xiran. It was just that she hadn’t woken up from the blow just now. Hearing them say that now, she felt more ashamed and unable to show her face. Naturally, she wanted to save face first and said with a sharp voice, “It’s big cousin brother who has to be careful with your words. If this is spread out, others would think that I’m unruly!”

Gu Xiran didn’t spoke and only looked at her smilingly with a raised eyebrow.

Although, Zhang Hanfang spoke the words with confidence and arrogance, but her heart felt uneasy. She couldn’t stand being stared at by him, took out a handkerchief, put it in front of her face and ran away while sobbing.

This scene happened to be seen by Shu Huan who had worn more clothes and who had brought Meijing and Shang Xin with her. She was only slightly surprised and didn’t ask anything. She said, “I’m ready, let’s go!”

Gu Xiran smiled, took her hand and walked two steps in the direction of the main door. Only now did he cast her a sidelong glance and asked in a low voice, “You have nothing to ask me?”

Shu Huan was confused, “Ask what?”

“Zhang Hanfang.”

“Her?! Didn’t she run away in tears after being made angry by you?” Shu Huan said automatically, “As for what outrageous and brainless thing she did that caused you to make her run away in anger, I have no interest in, lest to spoil my mood!”

As for the other thoughts he thought that she would have, she didn’t have them at all. No matter how bad Gu Xiran’s taste was, he wouldn’t go as far as to provoke that little cousin sister who was like a nemesis who came from Sparta, who always did unfitting things and spoke unfitting words!

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